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Winter fun for the whole family

Let's go back to childhood together. Be sure to spend the weekend with the children. And for a great mood we need snow and the desire to surprise and be surprised. Winter fun for kids is just a myriad number. From the most famous, which are tried on themselves, in our childhood, to the newfangled games with special adaptations.

Snow Architects

On the street about zero degrees Celsius and snow onknee? Forward - to build fortresses, castles and wigwams. With all your family, with friends, collect your snow structure in parts. For those who want to maximize their resemblance to Eskimo dwellings, they even came up with gambling tips. It remains only to fill in the form of snow and get the perfect cold brick.

As a rule, such massive "construction"the whole yard is going to, but the joint creation is kept much longer, because everyone took part in its creation. And all very worried that the temperature still a little bit less negative, and all managed to play enough in a snow cover.

On such huge buildings at home time andforces, so with small children it is better to limit snowmen or good animals. Do not spare accessories on them. Turn around, it is only necessary to find the old branches and the sculpture will come to life before your eyes.

Throw a scarf around the neck of a snowman, grab a carrot and a fairy-tale character from a good Soviet multicolor already before your eyes.

Even the youngest kids adore angels. Do not deny yourself the pleasure. Dress appropriately, leave the fur coat at home and do not be afraid to leave footprints in the snow of a family of angels. When will it be possible to lie in the snow, as if they were not their own children?

Two and three-year-olds like to play inPathfinders. Guess together which bird left traces on the smooth snow cover. The child will like to study the prints of his own boots and how funny the tracks of cats and dogs are mixed up. Let the father or you protopate the path yourself, the acroha will try to pass clearly on your tracks, getting on prints.

Excellent develop the logical thinking of the labyrinths. Of course, for a good job you'll have to find an unclean pad, but after a heavy snowfall, it's not such a problem, especially if you leave the street right away.

Small winter battles for boys

Boys will surely appreciate snowvoynushki. Dads should not be left behind, so often we find time for stupidity. It's time to put on the mittens more conveniently and teach the son of accuracy in shooting snowballs.

Perhaps nearby there is a suitable wall for shelling or a tree.

If the snow is well sculpted, you can try using snowballs to dazzle the panel. Start with simple geometric shapes, and tamuzhe how it goes.

Children usually like different faces and ridiculous squiggles.

Ice fairy tale for princesses

Refined girls can prepare for the winterwalks with moms. Frozen houses in the refrigerator, various ice figures. As the forms are quite suitable pasochki. If the street is a good minus, you can make a hole in the figures and pass the tape. The time of life of the ice decoration will be short, but it will definitely cause delight in the little girl.

Fill the balloons with water and apply tostreet, leave for a while, and then burst them. Children accurately evaluate the ice balls. It will be more interesting and unusual if the water is tinted - in the end you will see colorful round-shaped snow on the snow.

By the way, about paints. Color water can be poured into a bottle with an atomizer and handed to the child. Of course, it's not about a one-year-old baby. Let the children decorate the snow around. Now it will seem to everyone that the snow cloud was not usual, and an enchanted snow has passed.

An old, but such a favorite entertainment!

Do you think we have forgotten? Well, of course! The main winter classes are ahead. Sanks were, are and will be the most fun winter fun. If there are snow-covered hills, mounds, mounds nearby, the child will spend hours on them, and do not even try to take them home. If the crumb is still small or just afraid to roll off the roller coaster, do it together. Will be joyful to all. Tie the rope and roll the wheels around the house. Now on sale there were sleds with a pusher. This is certainly much more comfortable for mom. You can see the baby in front of him, watch him, and move along the sidewalks easier. But for the most indispensable regular sledges. If the child is already an adult, then you can ride on ice caps, but then take extra care about safety.

For the most active

Skiing, perhaps, is more suitable for resorts orspecial trails. By the same not all children can stand on them, which can not be said about the use of the women. But nevertheless, and on skis it is possible to drive, if there are suitable conditions and the person, capable to train correct driving on them.

But the rink can be arranged almost anywhere. And if nature has not submitted it to you, then a few buckets of water and a couple of hours will solve the problem.

What can be steeper than moving off a latch innew overalls from the icy mountain! You probably remember your childhood, and now your children are also rushing from the hill, and without really stopping, rather climb back to repeat the spectacular descent.

Pirate Treasures

At any age, the child will evaluate the treasure hunt. The older the baby, the more difficult it is to hide the gift in the snow. You can use an ice surprise. Following the example of figurines, freeze berries or pieces of fruit inside them. Let the kid be surprised by the summer presentation from the winter-winter. If your child also has a birthday in winter, then, under favorable weather, God himself ordered to arrange a real quest. Draw the tasks on the snow, write using the puzzle rods. In order to read the message, you'll have to climb the hill, but what you will not do to win.

In many cities there are pine forests or plantings. You can feed the hungry squirrels with nuts. Watch for changes in nature at the same time. Show the child clearly how nature falls asleep for the winter.

In the winter evening, arrange on the street the islands of warmth. Blind snow lanterns. It is enough to take a few candles from home. Can be the most ordinary, you can big. Depending on the size of the "lamp" and its structure. Blind snowballs and build a cone from them, and place a lighted candle inside. Show the children how beautifully the light reflects the flame. Wait for an imaginary fire. Remember the fairy tale "12 months" and tell the child about the snowdrops. You can search them together, suddenly a miracle will happen, and you will find flowers on a winter day.

Children really enjoy this time of the year. We have something to learn from them. Play with your children, show them the best every day. The snowy season will be a real discovery for your child, if you do it a little.

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