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Care of household appliances

Proper care of the washing machine

For any good housewife is not greatThe news is that the washing machine needs a walk-in. After all, in the typewriter there is a scum from time to time and if you do not leave it, you can remain without help. In special stores on the shelves you can always find a means to care for the machine. A means of scale, which once a couple of months is poured into a special hole in the typewriter, is put on a temperature regime of 90 degrees, without linen and some other detergent. Also, prudent housewives often buy special washing powders in advance, where a component that removes scales and softens water is contained. Some consider the contrary, that the washing powders from scale and special means from the salts on the engine machines do only worse, thinking that together with the corrosive effect of salt, the means also have a disastrous effect on the engine of the washing machine.

There is one simple, economical andA proven method of getting rid of scale, if you do not trust the purchased funds. This is citric acid. Yes, yes, the most common one we use in the kitchen. For this, we need only 200 grams of acid once a year. No tricks, you can also drop it in the hole in the typewriter, select a mode of 90-95 degrees, and let your machine wash it (without linen) for one and a half or two hours. By the way, citric acid is also a great way to deal with scale in your kiddie.

To ensure that the machine has served you for a long time, alsoSeveral simple rules should be followed. Before washing things, one always needs to check if there is anything lying around in your pockets. If things have zippers or fasteners, they must be closed so as not to damage the surface of the washing machine. The machine must be wiped dry with a soft cloth and open the drum, allow the machine to dry thoroughly to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odor and the appearance of unnecessary bacteria and fungi. The latter can also successfully settle in a box, where you usually fall asleep powder, conditioners for washing or other emollients. Therefore, after each wash, this drawer must be pulled out, well washed, you can also use a special brush for cleaning the holes.

How to properly care for a coffee grinder

First, before cleaning and washing the coffee grinderIt is necessary to disconnect it from the electrical network. Secondly, cleaning the equipment you need to produce a little wet and clean towel. This kind of household appliances does not accept water, since it is electrical equipment. Care should be taken to wipe the blades of the machine gently and dry.

Before each subsequent use, it must always be remembered that the coffee grinder must be cleaned of old grains, as this can substantially spoil the taste of the coffee.

Try not to let equipmentWorked more than a minute. Remember that for a good and long-lasting operation of a coffee grinder, you can not fill it with a very large amount of coffee beans. Use the machine to grind only the coffee beans, and not other foods, for example sugar.

Blender care

If your kitchen is "settled" blender, then youvery lucky. After all, with his help, you can cook mashed potatoes, mousses, creams and even chop the ice, nuts and greens for a few minutes. In modern blenders, there is often a self-cleaning function. You prime the blender's capacity with warm water, turn on the start - and voila, the technique itself cleans and cleans! Well, what if not everyone is so lucky with the model of the blender and he does not have this function? There is an exit. It is necessary to simply fall into a common sponge and dishwashing detergent. With the help of the last you can wash all the blender nozzles on your own. Also they can be placed in a dishwasher.

Kakuhazhivat beyond the outer surface of the device?Here, too, there is nothing complicated. Blot ordinary cotton swabs with alcohol, wipe hard-to-reach places where dirt has accumulated (usually in the area of ​​the buttons). The rest of the surface of the device must be wiped with a damp, clean cloth and allowed to dry.

Care for the kettle

Surely you did not notice how much scale canForm after the next boiling water. At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned that with the help of citric acid, you can get rid of unnecessary formation on the walls of an electrical appliance.

The kettle can be cleaned and using 9% vinegar. Pour about 70% of cool water into the kettle and add the vinegar. Put on the boiling. Allow to stand for a minute 10-15, if necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times. After this, it is necessary to rinse the kettle properly and boil it 2-3 times.

Care of the steam cooker

If you have purchased this machine for decoction of vegetablesand fruits, it should be noted that the distinction from other household appliances, the steamer is the most convenient in maintenance. All the walls, nozzles and additional containers in it can easily be washed, because the food normally cooked in a double boiler never sticks.

Using the steamer you need to get rid of all the labels, wash all parts of the appliance. Naturally, before cleaning the device, you must disconnect it from the electrical network.

Time to reach the steamer can appearscale. To get rid of it, it is necessary to fill the reservoir with water and add 2 cups of vinegar. After that, you need to turn it on for ten minutes. If the scum does not disappear, repeat the procedure a couple more times.

With the time on the walls of the steamer, there may be colored stains from vegetables. In this naughty terrible. They can be washed with a weak solution of alcohol.

Care of the hair dryer

As you know, hair dryers are almostrecord breakers in the midst of all household appliances. In order to avoid this, you must always make sure that the hair does not get into the internal device of the device. It is also necessary to remember that switching the temperature regime of air follows the lowest temperature in ascending order, and not vice versa. After six months, it is usually recommended to show a specialist, perhaps additional cleaning is needed.

If you want to simplify household appliancesyou life in the conduct of domestic affairs, try to properly take care of it, because it does not work immensely. Necessary care will save not only a good and new external form of technology - it will serve you in gratitude much longer than if you leave it unattended!

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