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Bus tours: what to take with you on the road?


The choice of clothes depends on the time of the year, but it is worth remembering that the weather varies in different countries. In advance, look at the weather forecast in the countries where you are going.

Take clothes that will be comfortablemove. There will not be time to iron the clothes, so it should not crumble very much. In winter, do not forget warm socks, mittens, a big scarf, jumper. Blouses, sweaters, take not too thick, but warm, for example fleece. In rainy weather, waterproof trousers, a raincoat, will not be superfluous. In the summer - in what it is more convenient to walk - shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts.

Wear top clothes so that you canWas to sit down on the benches or the sidewalk, the lawn and do not mess. If you go in the cool season, the jacket will have to be folded on the top shelf of the bus. In winter it is better not to wear a coat or a fur coat, but a light down jacket, in the off-season jacket, in the summer take a windbreaker with you. If countries differ in temperature differences, take things with a detachable lining.


Shoes should be comfortable to makeLong pedestrian crossings. In Europe, there are a lot of cobblestone pavements, so it is better not to take shoes with heels. Do not forget to take shots for the beach. Shoes for the winter trip should be waterproof, for summer - light, breathable. Always wear new shoes before traveling. Bring a small shoe cream. Also for unforeseen occasions it will be good to have glue for shoes like "Momenta".


The bus tour will need 3 bags.The first is the luggage compartment, that is, the bag that will be in the luggage compartment of the bus and, accordingly, get in when you check into the hotel. It is more convenient if such a bag will be on wheels. The second is a bag, a bag or a backpack that you take to the bus, there will be necessary things - food, dishes, first-aid kit, umbrella, etc. The third is a small handbag that will hang on your shoulder or neck - in it, keep documents, money, Guidebooks, telephone. This handbag will be with you inseparable and at the stops, so as not to leave valuable things on the bus.


In addition to those documents that you give to the travel agency- voucher, train ticket, airplane, it is worth taking with you a copy of the foreign and Russian passports and a couple of photos. This is in case of loss of documents, they will be needed for the consulate. Of course, do not forget your passport. The originals of documents should not be left on the bus, even if the suspension is short, carry them with you or you can put them in a baggage bag, usually the guides advise, since the luggage compartment is closed and only opens in the hotel. But do not forget that you will need a passport when crossing the border.

First Aid Kit

Be sure to collect at home a first aid kit of those medicines,Which you use. Put in it an analgesic, antipyretic, tablets for the gastrointestinal tract, activated charcoal, bandage, and adhesive plasters. First-aid kit must take with you to the bus.

Dishes and food

In the bus tour, you will need a mug better withA spoon, a plate, a knife. Instead of a plate, you can take a large hot mug if you like to make instant soups, porridges. All dishes must be unbreakable. You can take a boiler, as not all rooms have teapots, and when you arrive there late at night, you will not be able to walk and look for it.

From food take snacks that will be needed ifYou will want to eat between stops. It can be dried fruits, nuts, dry cookies, breads, sweets. In the bus there will always be boiling water, so take tea, coffee in sachets, instant food.

In hot weather, take with you soft drinks, mineral water, juice.


Take a trip apart from large and smallMoney, the latter will be needed at a sanitary stop, since in Europe toilets are mostly tolls. And in souvenir shops small money will be easier to pay off. In addition, the tourist centers developed petty theft, so it is better to keep money in several places.

Usually there are only bus toursBreakfast, and lunch and dinner for their money. Lunch often takes place at one of the parking lots, in roadside restaurants, and dinner at the hotel. Should be put aside for food at least 20-30 euros per day and multiplied by the number of days. Also about 300-500 euros will be needed on the excursion. It is advisable to have 200-300 euros with you in case of unforeseen expenses.

Do not forget to bring along:

  • umbrella

  • Camera, many batteries or rechargeable batteries

  • Phone, charging for it

  • toiletries

  • Thread, needle

  • Notepad, pen

  • Goggles

For comfort in the bus take:

  • Plaid, it is especially necessary at night crossings
  • A special inflatable pillow under the head in the shape of a crescent, a very convenient thing. Sold in tourist shops.

  • You can take a mask on the eyes, so it was more convenient to sleep at night moving

  • Plastic water bottle, wet wipes, soap or antiseptic hand gel

Have a good trip!

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