/ / Battle for a place in the kitchen: a steamer or a multivarker?

The battle for a place in the kitchen: a steamer or a multivarker?

For the beginning it is necessary to be defined: what kind of results do we expect from an assistant chef? What exactly are we interested in?

  • Functionality
  • Cost of the appliance
  • External storage convenience
  • Cooking speed

Let's start with functionality. In the steamer and in the multivarque, the functionality is wide enough. The bulk of models of both devices have several programs: defrosting, warming up, delaying the start. Someparovalkov, designed to "respond" for baby food, can also grind foods cooked in them. But this is an exception to the rule. Basically, all the functions of steamers are based only on steaming. And now take a look at the instructions to any multivark. The regime of baking, cooking cereals, soups, frying the lid, cooking food under pressure and (attention!) Cooking a steamed dish. That is, a multivark can be a steamer (and also an oven, a frying pan, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a pan). So, in the category of functionality, a victory with obvious advantage is awarded to a multivariate.

Further. Price. Here, of course, everything depends on the model chosen. The bulk of multivarieties belongs to the category of rather expensive kitchen appliances. A steamer, especially if it is not too "fancy", can be purchased cheaper. However, even here there are exceptions corrected. If you do not set yourself the task of purchasing a "branded thing", then you can save a lot. For example, the multi-brand "Brand 6050", the price of which fluctuates around 5000 rubles, may well replace Unit USP-1020D model, the cost of which does not exceed the value of the average steamer.

In occasion of appearance and convenience of placing. The taste and color, as they say, no comrades. Someone would prefer lightweight steamer design, someone more to taste the monumental look of the multivark. The only thing that can be noted: the multivarka, although it takes more space, but does not require a care. Of the steamer, you must always pour out the water and dry the container, otherwise alien organisms (flies, mold) will be diverted into it. A multivark from this fully protected.

And the last. Speed. The steamer undoubtedly saves you time by the possibility of cooking different dishes at the same time in different bowls. If your family has their own food preferences, the steamer is an ideal option. Someone has vegetables, someone has a fish, and everyone is happy. Do not forget that food is dietary, which is also a plus. Some believe that the palatability of such dishes is lower than their nutritional value, but this is a subjective opinion. The multivarka does not allow you to cook several dishes at the same time. But! It is so quick to prepare (especially if it has the function of a pressure cooker), which is the impression of magic. Sometimes between the press of the "start" button and the cherished "pi-pi-pi" (signal of completion of preparation) takes only 5 minutes.

There is an appointment to help make a choice. A steamer does not require a special book of culinary recipes that is suggested to her, because everything is very simple: put any product and get it cooked for a couple. Kmultivarke is most often accompanied by a book that offers various ways of preparing dishes in this apparatus. Recipes, as a rule, are extremely simple and include only a list of products that need to be loaded into the champ and the preferred cooking mode ("soup", "porridge", "meat", "bakery", etc.).

So, and toti another unit in your kitchen is designed to facilitate the life of the cook. The principle is one: switched on - forgot. The choice is yours!

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