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How to decorate a balcony with flowers

When choosing plants in the first place, you needTake into account the temperature and the microclimate that you can create on the balcony, it is worth taking note of which side of the world your balcony is located on. The southern solar side will give you the opportunity to plant long flowering plants that will receive a good light. Bright dahlias and asters, pride and daisies, long-flowered verbena and petunia, as well as balsamins will be a magnificent decoration of your balcony and a joy for the soul.

If your balcony is not heated, and you plantFlowers only for a warm season until autumn, then plant flowers in the very beginning of May, the first to plant violas, daisies and begonias, they will blossom earlier. And then they will be kept and held until late autumn by lantanes, asters, begonias tuberous iptuneja, this will be a magnificent color and flower combination.

In the case of the northern location of the balconyChoose plants of neutral light, for example, the same petunia, reseda, lobelia, pelargonium, fuchsia and viola, nasturtium and begonia. If you have a balcony shaded, for example, growing trees, it is best to plant only daisies and begonium tuber. Select plants that will bloom as long as possible, for example, as a nasturtium, it blossoms to frost.

How to make the right composition of flowers

It is very important not just to plant everything in a row, butTo properly plant plants to each other and make a harmonious composition. As a rule, flowers are planted in spacious boxes, it is important not to overdo it with color variety, otherwise instead of beauty there will be an explosion of sight. The correct composition consists of several close by a combination of colors, 3-4 colors are recommended. For harmony, plant an unusual fuchsia with the bright colors of pelargonium or salvia, white daisies and slightly pink petunia will also look good together. Especially it effectively flashes into the eyes of visiting friends, and random passers-by, if the balkon is not very high.

It is necessary to be able to recognize plants thatAre good only if they need to be planted individually, such as gorodetsia and portalak, eriki and gatsany, chrysanthemums and dahlias, dimorphoteka or asters, they have enough saturated colors, and they do not require a close company.

It is very important to choose the right onesPots, pots or pots for planting, do not take too variegated, it will be optimal to use the same and inconspicuous, so that they do not distract the eyes from the flowers. If you have a fairly large balcony, which is covered with greens and on the floor and on the walls, then it is better to use long boxes made with braid, as well as pots, there are inconspicuous and at the same time quality boxes with stone decoration.

However, today you can go to the flower shopAnd choose from the great variety liked and suitable vases and boxes. Pay attention to interesting boxes and flowerpots lechuza, they are made specially for fastening to the railing, but this is not their main advantage, more precisely not just that. These pots are interesting because they have an automatic watering system, this is probably a convenient system that will save you from watering a lot of plants.

Try at least one such boxLechuza, buy plants that require constant moisture, plant them in such a pot and make sure in convenience and efficiency. Sometimes on closed loggias and balconies, excessive dryness in the air is felt, in this case it is worthwhile to buy the humidifier, before turning it on, close the windows and do it better in the evening.

Soil for balcony plants

Another serious moment is thePlants on the palm, not everything is good, that the chernozem and you need to pick the right ground. As a rule, a compost is ideal for seasonal large flower gardens, to add some fine peat about 10-20%, as well as egg shell or a little slaked lime.

An extremely important property of such soil, this isMoisture permeability, i.e. It should not be compacted, but it is good to let the moisture in, and to achieve this, you need to add a little river sand, and for better absorption you need to use peat. But peat must be properly processed, fresh peat peat is cleaned from all parasites. Most importantly, when planting flowers and laying the soil, do not expect that it will plant flowers even for the next year, it should be used only for a year.

Also it is impossible and not recommended to plant a balconyFlowers are mixed, which are labeled for home planting, they are both in composition and in quality unsuitable, and also do not have the necessary amount of nutritional value. If you take for example a balcony of medium size, it will take about 30 kg of soil.

On sale there is peat in the form of briquettes, he besidesPeat uzhenapitan a lot of mineral and nutrients, throughout the season, the peat will carefully take care of your plants. In addition, it distributes moisture evenly and keeps it, plus absolutely pure painless bacteria. If you plant perennial flowers and plants in large pots and pots, then it is worth paying attention to the quality soil with sparingly. Because Perennials are planted in another soil on average every 3 years, then humic soil will ideally serve all these years, and agapanthusvobogo does not require transplantation and can constantly grow in one soil with top dressing.

Top dressing for balconies and home colors

No matter how large the pot, it will not replaceOpen land, and therefore the soil is rapidly depleted and necessarily requires regular feeding of minerals and nutrients. Although today it is a problem, there are a lot of fertilizers in the stores with complex contents, everything is necessary, especially boron, manganese and molybdenum. Any soil requires a diet, do not forget to feed it once every 10 days, after planting it is possible not to use top dressing for the first five weeks, and then for ten ten daynigraphy until the end of August.

How to protect plants from external influences

Having done this beauty, I really do not want toShe bent, it takes a lot of effort, time and money, and there is nothing to kill, for example, from multiple bacteria and diseases. Here a lot depends on how well the plants are planted and the place chosen for them, but the darker is less, no one is immune from error, and from such pests. The main thing is to recognize that the plants are sick and it is quite possible to do it.

If the plants are browning and the edges dry, then this is not a parasite, an abortion caused by weak watering or lack of top dressing, pour plants and podkodormite.

If the leaves on the edge turn yellow or redden, then, most likely, there is a lot of moisture, although it may be a symptom of severe drying.

If the flowers are very weakly blooming, then it is possible in the soil of the multi-nitrogen, and if the foliage turns yellow, then it's time to pay attention to the snorkeling.

Many are stockpiled with different poisons to destroy everything, but the best way is to conduct good prophylaxis. Observe some rules of the minisade:

  • watch out for the moisture of the ground, do not overdo the arch;
  • do not plant pots too thick;
  • Choose the soil, do not use rotting species;
  • soil replacement should be done every year.

In addition to poor-quality soil and excessive watering, there are still numerous pests. If the young shoots bend at the edges and excrete, then it's aphids.

It is transferred so quickly from the plant to the plant,that any delay can ruin your garden. Make an infusion of water with garlic or seaweed and sprinkle plants, sometimes make a solution with laundry soap is sprayed. Caterpillars leave from spicy herbs and minisade.

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