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Hot tours: how not to burn?

"Hot" vouchers - these are the tours that travel agencies sell a few days before the date of departure. The cost of such permits is several times lower than usual. It attracts a huge number of tourists.

Why are the tours burning? The tour operator, when forming a tour, pre-purchases a certain number of places on an airline flight or orders a charter plane, book seats in hotels or buy them out. And only then he sells permits. And when there is a certain amount of free seats on the tour, there is nothing left to do to lower prices on them, so as not to burn out. Sometimes "burning" permits are formed due to refusals of tourists.

We choose correctly

Select a travel agency

"Hot" vouchers are the same for almost allTour agencies, as all managers use the same bases of tour operators with which the contracts are concluded. The difference in price can be in what the discount is provided by the travel agency itself, that is, how much it is willing to reduce its profits in order to attract the client.

Therefore, the choice of a travel agency through which to buy a ticket is one of the important factors without a problematic vacation. The firm you selected should be checked for reliability.

  • Agree, you will believe more than advertising and stories of friends or acquaintances who are satisfied after the trip, so ask for the address of the company and go there.
  • Read on the Internet reviews about the work of the travel agency, which you have chosen. It is on the Internet you can find black lists of travel agencies that "throw", negative and positive reviews.

Select tour

In order not to spoil the rest, it is important to choose the right tour. In this choice, of course, will help turmenedzher, but you must maximize their wishes. Find out all the details of the selected tour:

  • That is a hotel: Star rating, distance from the beach, own beach at the hotel, swimming pool, what's in the rooms (kettle, refrigerator, air conditioning, hairdryer, etc.), where the windows go

  • What kind of food is included: breakfast (continental or Swedish), does the price include lunch and dinner

  • What excursions can you visit

  • That provides insurance

  • Are transfers included in the price (delivery from the airport to the hotel and back)

  • What documents are needed to obtain a visa

Conclusion of the contract

The most important thing is to document the trip. Carefully read the contract before signing it.

The contract must contain the following information:
  • The legal address and bank details about the seller, tour operator or travel agent, data on the license to carry out tourist activities of the tour operator

  • Your surname, name, patronymic, passport data

  • Duration of travel, start and end date;

  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties;

  • Program of stay, travel itinerary, information about the location of the hotel and other leisure details;

  • Retail cost of the voucher and the procedure for its payment;

  • Conditions when the contract is changed and terminated, the procedure for settling disputes and compensation for losses;

  • The procedure and terms for making claims.

If you still have any doubts aboutReliability of the travel agency, please check whether the hotel is booked in your name by calling the tour operator. The phones are on the official website of the tour operator. On some of these sites, you can view the booking online using a special window, where you need the relevant data: the number of the tour application (specify it from the tour manager) or the passport number, surname.

Why do I need a tourist voucher and a voucher?

Tourist voucher is an integral partContract, a form of strict accountability, thanks to her travel agency can work without cash registers. It should contain brief characteristics of the service, requisites.

A travel voucher is a document in whichThe right of the tourist to the services of this tour is established. It complements the tour, it is made in free form, which is convenient to the receiving and sending side and presented to the tourist representative of the host company for service.

Factors that you should pay attention to when buying a "burning" tour

  1. Please note for what reason the tour"Burns." Tours may not be sold for various reasons. Maybe in the country where the voucher is sold, there is an unfavorable situation for recreation: revolutions, demonstrations, natural disasters, etc.
  2. Do not forget that visa countries need to be doneVisa, and this requires a certain number of days. Ask the manager how long it will take to process the visa. When buying a voucher, take out the insurance against non-issuance of the visa, this in case you are denied it.
  3. Check if the voucher is valid"Burning". Very often ordinary tours masked under burning. They simply offer the cheapest hotels, the low price of which allows turmenagers to give them out for burning. So find out the starry hotel, reviews on it. It is the "burning" vouchers usually occur a few days before departure.

Therefore, be careful when selecting andBuying a "burning tour", so as not to spoil the rest. Do not miss without checking just because it's cheaper, read the contract before you sign it. And then your trip will be wonderful, because a burning voucher is a great opportunity to relax at a low price.

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