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Design in ethnic style

English style

Calm, conservative. He has a special luxury and at the same time a moderate manifestation of it. Getting into the house, which is made in this style, you find yourself in an old castle. The aristocratic spirit and classics in the interior are the main qualities of it. If you are a fan of Foggy Albion and want to improve your home, you should pay attention to the practicality and traditions of this style. Buy a soft carpet, put a lampshade, decorated with velvet brushes. Do not forget okletchatom plaid on one of the chairs, will be appropriate and large wall clock. Try to give preference to natural materials: wood, wool. Pay special attention to accessories: pillows, curtains, picture frames.

Arabic style

It should be understood that this style is not just anotherone way to decorate your apartment, this is a whole-world view that dates back to the 7th century. Complex designs, correct geometry of patterns, floral motifs and bright colors are just a small characteristic of this style. If you give preference to the Arab countries, then when designing the housing, special attention should be paid to the walls. They can be beaten with wood, add fabric elements, especially silk, velvet. Do not forget about the richness of the Arabian style: soft Persian carpets on the floor, decorative arches above the doorway, lightweight materials for tulle. Regarding furniture, it is worth noting that it played a secondary role. So, cabinets can be replaced by niches, the usual chairs - a set of soft pillows. Do not forget about the carving and mosaic - this will be just as useful!

African style

This is a wild energy in every element! Lovers of this style should focus their attention on simplicity forms, supplementing the interior with natural materials: wood, leather, animal skins (not necessarily natural), ceramics - all this will be very appropriate. Note the details: masks of African tribes, figurines of deities and animals, exotic flowers. Do not hesitate to brightness: boldly use hot colors, like reminiscences about the hot expanses of Africa. Light bulbs of orange, yellow colors will be relevant. Do not forget about the animal elements: bird feather, tortoise shell, snake skin - all this will be a good reminder of the rich fauna of the hot continent.

Indian style

Perhaps, another representative of extraordinary speciesinterior. It is a combination of simplicity and luxury, an earthly, divine sphere. This design in the ethnic style is a kind of a recall of colonization, but at the same time the individuality of the Indian people. Furniture, as in most oriental styles, is secondary: it is low, its number is usually 3-4 elements. Particular attention is paid to the walls, this is a kind of whole picture, a work of art. Try to show how you can be more creative, decorating the living area with candles, aromatic chopsticks and special stands, candelabra, animal figures. Do not forget about the spiritual part! Buddha image will be very handy. Refer to the mythology of this country, filling the house with statuettes of mythical gods. Many soft, colorful cushions, light tulles of different design perfectly complement the overall picture of the Indian interior.

Chinese style

The peculiarity of this style is that for many centuries hewas isolated from interference of other trends. An important factor in the arrangement of a house in the Chinese style is the use of Feng Shui. It is worth noting that this philosophy has become quite popular on our vast spaces, thanks to its serious approach and rationality. On what is worth drawing attention to, using an ethnic-style design with Chinese themes? First of all, finishing materials. Use silk, bamboo, elements of porcelain and ceramics. Give preference to the right geometric figures: sharp corners, even figures are very popular in this style.

Particular attention is paid to the color palette. Here, each color is individual and independent, but at the same time it supplements others. As for the decor elements, you can experiment with bamboo, it will be appropriate to place masks of heroes of Chinese theaters on walls, traditionally you can not do without hieroglyphs. Chinese letters can be made in paintings or painted on walls.

Greek style

When you mention this style in the head right awayThere are pictures of mythical epics, Hellas of the Idrots, philosophers of Greece. In fact, this is precisely the characteristic of this type. Rich history and its unique character made the Greek style particularly popular. Here you will not find anything superfluous: a simple color palette in the form of white, light, cream shades; A little blue and emerald, like a reminder of the sea. The main symbol is the circle inscribed in the square, as a tribute to the philosophy of this people. The walls can be decorated with painting, which is characterized by the use of broken lines and regular ornaments. There will be a lot of use of large vases, amphorae, as well as the use of mosaic nastenah. Decorate the rooms with small statuettes of mythical gods, use pictures, images on which will tell about the exploits of great, Greek heroes.

Egyptian style

The desire to resurrect a former brave pharaohs. What will come to your aid when decorating a house? This is a variety of caskets, boxes, images of mythical creatures, decorative pyramids, various papyri and the use of materials such as malachite, lapis lazuli and, of course, turquoise. Fill your house with the sun! Use gold, orange, light brown shades, it is also possible to use additional finishing materials: whether it's a mosaic or a decorative tile depicting pictography. It is very popular to use curtains and tulle with geometric ornaments. Do not forget about the use of animal elements, especially appropriate to the decoration of the room with statuettes of cats, as one of the main deity-Egyptian people.

In this article, only the most popular andwidespread styles. It should be noted that the design of the ethnic style is by no means the observance of widely known examples of podnadoevshih cliches, it is primarily a creative process that is able to turn your ordinary home into an individual, exotic house.

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