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Interior in eclectic style

How can you characterize this style? He became a vivid embodiment of his era: increasing the volume of construction, special attention was paid to the functionality of buildings. Eclecticism is the oldest embodiment of a protest against the already podnadoevshego, classical stily.Danniy style was adopted "with a bang" in the era of romanticism, where the leading ideas were the rejection of the established canons and traditions. The leading principle was the feeling of freedom, not only in ordinary life, but also in the design of residential buildings. So what can I say about this kind of interior? We will try to explain in more detail.

Freedom of style
Eclecticism became a symbol of a combination of the incongruous. This mix of different in origin and destination elements of decor, works of art and the like. The main characteristic is the combination of such styles as Empire, Baroque, Classicism, Rococo. Sometimes it seems that a lot of things and small details-fall out of the general ensemble of the interior, but in fact it is not. Eclecticism is a symbol of change, a departure from the old, and at the same time an unwillingness to accept a new one. It is harmony that has frozen at the turn of the ages. What is especially typical for this type of interior? The main and primary principle is the widespread use of more textiles, smooth, most often round forms, sometimes you can observe the use of ethnic motifs.

Eclecticism can rightly be considered an embodimentFreedom and lack of restrictions. This type of interiors is a living visual embodiment of the aesthetics of the past. If you like the unusual, antique things, this will be a big plus for your eclectic style. Use vintage elements, thereby giving the house a special atmosphere. Handmade furniture will be an ideal addition, so do not forget about the functionality. A couple of colorful cushions on the couch or a soft armchair can be very useful to emphasize a special cozy mood. Decoration of a house in the style of eclecticism will also help to save space, because practicality plays an important role. For example, in the walls you can build small shelves, niches. Particular attention is paid to the hypothec: it can be either one-or two-level. The use of stucco, mosaic or painting patterns will once again emphasize the noble luxury of this style.

Note that the role of decor in eclecticism is very important. Pay attention to forms, motifs of interior items. Furniture, decorated with a different kind of carving, figures, twisted elements will be very useful. Choose chairs with beautifully designed back and interesting, design, armrests. Sheathing furniture can be varied: from bright, screaming colors with all sorts of ornaments to the same type, with barely perceptible patterns. Forever in fashion will be a quilted type of upholstery, which produces an impression of special elegance and elegance. For fans of collecting small things, eclecticism makes it possible to create their own personal exhibition. It is enough to buy a large chest of drawers with carving and transparent glass, which will become a reliable, and most importantly, a beautiful place to store your collection. It will be appropriate and a large number of diverse paintings: whether the creations of famous artists or your hands - it does not matter. The main thing is to convey the atmosphere of the creation of the stage. If you need a vivid example of the embodiment of eclecticism live, take a look at the interiors of Morocco. Here the French, Berber, Spanish and even Moorish motifs are mixed. It would seem that different subjects and national traditions, but all together they are able to create a unique ensemble of elegance and beauty!

An important role in eclectiche play and plants. Thanks to a large number of colors, your house is able to transform beyond recognition. Exotic flowerpots, flowers in elegant vases are able to ennoble, inspire housing, thereby transforming the ordinary apartment into a special island for rest and reception of guests. Despite its diversity and wealth, the eclectic style interior was very often subjected to all sorts of discussions and accusations, so to say, lack of taste. But actually it is not. The fusion of styles in this type of interior has become, in fact, the creation of a "golden mean" for those who wish to excel in everything and always. Eclectic ideal for individuals who like to combine not one direction. Here you have the right to give yourself the will and start creating, successfully combining the best of the known styles of interiors.

Design rules
Despite its unlimited freedom, eclecticismStill requires careful study and definition. Worry about harmony in everything! It is necessary to intelligently integrate all the colors you select, pay attention to the successful arrangement of different patterns. Do not litter the premises, have a sense of proportion when adding a number of parts. Remember, the excessive amount of furniture and other auxiliary decor elements can at one moment disfigure your apartment. To complement the general atmosphere, take care of the curtains and curtains, tulle, it is possible to use wall tapestries. There are a few tips to help you when decorating rooms. For example, if uvass walls are gray, light or beige, put a silver statue or select an inconspicuous corner, putting a large pot there. Combine the objects according to their texture, depending on how they complement each other. Your main task is to control the presence of contrasts of different elements. Pay attention to the fabrics that dominate the upholstery of your furniture. Experiment with different types of patterns, combine interesting ornaments, carefully select Texture.

And coming to the end, we note that the interior inStyle eclecticism is a continuous contradiction. In fact, it is true. But despite its own nature, this type of interior is able to decorate and transform your life, home life. Mixing different elements is not only a creative experiment, but also a chance to add uniqueness and uniqueness.
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