/ How to decorate the interior with beads?

How to decorate the interior with beads?

What do we have to do?

Initially, go to the store andTo acquire the source material for crafts. You will need a special form with holes for needlework. Next, take the pincher and place all the beads in the inside of the mold. At the very top you need to put a parchment, and then iron it all with iron. Thus, you will achieve the effect of gluing beads. After you have prepared the product, carefully remove the stand from the mold. That's all! Beautiful table stands are ready for you. You can do them by combining the brightest colors. Do not get hung up on the specific gamma, alternate the colors of the beads and get a real masterpiece. If the first time you have something did not work, you do not need to get upset in advance. Look again at the whole process, but now you are more attentive, and you will find the shortcoming. The main thing, do not rush and show your individuality.

You can alternate not only the color. Experiment with and ornament, for example: the ornament can be filled with the color of napkins or tablecloths. Your product should not only express itself on the general background, but also be completely combined with the interior of the house.

The experiment was a success

If you have a desire to supplement somethingVase, then you can do it without making any special effort. From any vase you can make a masterpiece of art. To do this, take an ordinary vase: it should not have curved shapes or bends. Next, do the shuffle. To get them, buy glass pearls of cream color, as well as flat ceramic pearls.

If you really like to decorate the vase withBends, then this is well suited for fastening on the neck of a cream-colored pearl. Make several rows at once, and after that you can place pearls of a different color in the center.

To admirers of books

If you like to enrich yourself with knowledge andSpend a lot of time reading, then you make an interesting bookmark. This kind of needlework can serve as an incentive gift for children or acquaintances, they will surely appreciate your desire to decorate their leisure time.

So, to achieve the result, you will needAgain, pearls. Take a certain amount of raw material and string beads on a thin wire. Then it is necessary to turn all this into a ring, and fasten the ends with the help of bead clips (clamping beads). At the finish stage, you need to tie a beautiful ribbon to the ring, preferably a satin ribbon. Choose a ribbon in such a color that it is combined with slides. It does not have to be an identical color, the main thing is that harmony be achieved and both subjects complement each other. You and your friends should like this product, because it is unusual and looks beautiful.

How to make garlands?

Pretty cute and charmingly decoratedWill serve as garlands made of wooden beads. Such a product will fit well on walls and shelves. In order to decorate the interior, take special clothespins that resemble ordinary ones, and decorate the pictures or photos. Long bored standard photo frames you can easily replace the original origami. Even if this article is very small, but it, in combination with the rest, will give the house an updated style.

Something new

If you have already tried to do the previously describedcrafts, then this should surprise you pleasantly. So, take a candle, preferably white. The candle should be waxy. After that, fix on its surface special pearl carnations with heads. Remember that the candle should be large in size, so that the studs do not stick out and pierce through it. In order that the shape took a complete look. At the very edge of the strip you can put a thin tape, best satin.

Exclusive at home

As it turned out, to make an exclusive item forits interior is not difficult. You can take the old lamp and give it grace, like professionals do. This is a good chance to improve your skills, because the more you practice in different areas of crafts, the more experience you gain.

So, take the lamp and another:adhesive PVA, beads, wire and beads. If you show your imagination, the lamp will be painted with hanging details on the lampshade. You can make and spirals. To understand the process, you need to thread the beads on the wire (preferably thick), you just simply bend the details so that the shape you need appears. After that, fix all the details on the lamp in the intended place.

You need glue to glue the beads on a cloth lampshade.

Shelf with drawers

Make a beautiful shelf out of an ordinary shelf. This is real, if you attach a beaded pen to it. Drill through the two holes in the shelf and stretch the ends of the wire in which the pearls are already fixed. Then simply twist the ends from the inside. Drawers and a handle must be combined in color!

New curtains with glass beads

Take the cornice and rings with knem and glass beadsthe most bizarre forms. Beads should be different and in size, and in shape, and even color. Then fasten the beads on the wire and fasten them to the cornice rings. On sunny days, you will feel that a rainbow full of flowers has visited your home.

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