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Wall Shelves in the Interior

If you wish, you can also make complexthe design of the shelves that perform certain functions, for example, a shelf for lighting equipment or media systems, today it is not difficult to find a lot of drawings of the most amazing shapes. Sometimes from the shelves whole walls are obtained that can accommodate everything from home photography to books, .

Practically in any style and design there isshelf, there is always an application, in addition, even a simple, but original shelf, will decorate the bare wall. Perhaps you did not think about it, or did not know how and where to apply the shelf, then read the article, it can help you.

Where only wall-mounted open shelves are notare found, but most often they can be seen in the living rooms, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms. Vkoridore the open shelf harmoniously fits next to the mirror, the keys, brushes, combs and other small things are located on it. Further a bath, here polkav in the open kind often is simply necessary. After all, put the bathroom accessories (toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos and gels), which are taken by wet mackerel best on this shelf - conveniently and aesthetically. Let's consider where else there are regiments and how they are used in other rooms.

Wall Shelf Supermodel

Very often the wall behind the softfurniture, empty, look at the wall behind the sofa, at best there will be a little picture or photo, and most likely nothing at all. But this is wrong, and such a wall immediately fills the empty room. This large area must be obligatory occupied by an open shelf, even minimalists occupy such spaces with shelves. Often, such places are decorated with photographs or pictures, and also there can be placed lighting equipment, less often mirrors.

But almost all this and much more canbe installed on open shelves, so it is worth paying attention to this very moment. Such shelves can be decorative or for practical use. Here much depends on the taste and predilection of the owners, it is possible to place literature, magazines and newspapers on the shelf, it is very convenient to sit down and wait for a favorite magazine. Also it will be useful if you accept guests, the guest will take some time an interesting magazine, while you prepare the tea.

Decorative open shelves are of the nature of exhibition, they are placed items that are not used in everyday life, but are of the nature of jewelry.

Both these and other shelves can be placed on the wall in a random order, in rows in a checkerboard pattern, and in general, as you wish.

Shelves in the style of country

This is an original and interesting style. Country style in Russian, this is a rustic style, so it fits most all in private houses, although the apartment is no exception. A distinctive feature of country shelves, it's vintage and the lack of modern directions in the design of the shelf. It was such open shelves that were always made with their own hands, decorated with woodcarvings and varnished. In such cases, such shelves in the apartment was enough for books, and for souvenirs, and for the necessary trifles.

Today, such shelves most often decorate the kitchen,where they deal with many small kitchen objects in a unique way. In this case, it is possible to abandon the usual cupboards, where condiments and spices are placed, boxes with cereals, sugar, salt and other. All this is superbly located on open country shelves, and will be even more accessible. However, the lockers can be stored, the shelves are so unpretentious that they can be placed in any free place of the wall.

Depending on what your style is inliving room or bedroom, country shelves can also be placed there. Simply making such a shelf, it is worth picking up her design for the interior, using the right color and decorating the thread, as well as country style.

Open shelves for a bedroom

The shelf at the head of the bed is needed nowhere. Such a regiment of a room with a sweeping space is of the same character as a shelf above a sofa in the living room. You can make it practical or decorative, or you can combine it. In the case of sleeping, on the shelf above the bed very little harmoniously fit small lights, literature, alarm clock, air fragrance and other trifles. Such an arrangement will suit absolutely any style, but designers attribute it to minimalism.

Window shelves

This is a very competent design move. Often the view outside the window, frankly, is not encouraging. Well, you can not be hung from the world and light-colored curtains, and the blinds do not fit every room. Here the shelves come in, which are placed between the slopes of the window. To fix them is very simple, depending on what you store on the shelf, you may have to make fasteners. Very spectacular in this case, the glass shelves look, they do not block the light and are very practical. On such shelves you can place light pots with decorative plants, souvenirs, so you can use glass or ceramic figurines. It will not be superfluous to make beautiful evening lighting for these shelves, so even the saddest part of the window outside will be brightened up.

Shelf, located in a niche

Often, the apartments have niches thatare provided in the projection. If these niches are not occupied, then they pretty spoil the interior, but they are very easy to occupy built-in cabinets or shelving, i.e. ordinary open shelves. However, here you need to rely on your own taste, it is clear that such a place should not be left empty. It all depends on what is posted, if this is an empty space, you can make a shelf for things or books. If the furniture is in the niche and the top is empty, then at your discretion, you can do something like a shelf behind the sofa. It is noteworthy that such racks are very easy to attach between the walls of a niche, in other words, you will need plain boards painted with the right color. Also, it is recommended to decorate such a niche with a backlight, it can be placed above or on each side of each shelf.

Shelves as a decoration

An empty wall always requires decoration, and in thisIn this case, the decorative shelf will help you very much. They can make all sorts of fancy shapes, use both wood and glass. It is important to rely on your taste and choose a shelf in the style of the surrounding interior. To place on them a variety of bright souvenirs, photos, ornamental plants and much more.

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