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Mexican style interior

But it is worth noting, even among the carefreeyouth are not allowed to make their homes in the Mexican style, although it suits many people for the sake of life. Just for our edges, this interior is absolutely not used and is not natural. Here, of course, our mentality plays a role, most of the commoners do not accept, except for native wallpaper and the usual drywall, ie the international motives of other countries are alien. And, for example, Europeans and Americans very easily perceive such innovations and are interested in these interiors with interest. Here, probably, the colonial past of Europeans played a role.

Mexican style is the purest exotic, inThere is a combination of the interiors of many peoples, including very ancient ones. Here and the makings of the all-Latin continent, and even the Mayans with the Aztecs, the Mexicans for many centuries collected all the best and convenient for habitation.

As a rule, the exotics of a small state withthe coast is not easy to decorate in a quadrangular apartment, but this does not apply to the Mexican interior. It fits into an apartment of any size, much less a private house. Of course, you will not be able to ideally withstand all the subtleties of the Mexican interior, but from you this is not required, pay attention to the main points. Such details and points will be discussed in this article.

Palette for the Mexican interior

The key feature of this interior -Natural, but the most living and bright colors. There are colors that are in any case present in the Mexican style: pink, orange, yellow, blue and blue shades, terracotta. This is certainly not all, very often used green, purple, red and lilac. Often, you can find dwellings, in which it is a brown color, it is included in the decoration and furniture. This is the beauty of the Mexican style, they are able to combine seemingly incompatible. This is, apparently, freedom of thought and a special design taste, to make everything bright and bigger, for example, where there is pink add red or purple. There are no color settings, a full flight of fantasy leads to an original solution.

An example of this is the color diversity inrooms. Dveryadom standing room, which is not even separated by a door, can be different colors - green and pink for example. Again, not everyone has to choose bright colors, different tastes, someone might like colors that are less vivid, which will not tear the eyes. Sometimes the muffled tones of the rooms are compensated by the color explosion of the vskrah, furniture and textiles.

Finishing the sub-Mexican style

It would seem that such a style requires complex repairsSpecial finishing, but it is not. As a rule, decorative decorative plaster of different colors, texture wall, moreover with an incredible color, the official Mexican style is used. Sometimes used texture wallpaper, which simplifies the work, they only have to be covered with the selected bright color. Rarely, when the ceiling is divided, the decorative beams of the dark-colored color are used for this purpose.

As for the sexes, it is recommended herea great variety of ceramic tiles. Very stylish looks tile with color-terracotta, with a large-format picture, in places is supplemented with fine tileMexican tiles.

Fine decorative Mexican tilesuse for the dressing of multiple protrusions, steps, sometimes curbs and ends are trimmed, also it is very good for fireplaces. If the house has arches, then the decorative plate is great for finishing them.

Many curb-like protrusions are emphasizedcoloring-various ornaments and drawings, similar ornaments are also applied on the subject, for example, which are on the wall. Such a framework uniquely highlights the subject, the mirror becomes special and bright.

Small decorative tiles in MexicanThe style is used to decorate the walls of the bathtub or for mosaic on the working wall in the kitchen. A real plate can be purchased in specialized designer stores, but you can do with the variety of what is in our tile shops.

Given that in our homes not everywhere you canto lay a tile, more precisely not everywhere it is desirable, you can use the usual for us board. Giving any dark shade, for example, shades of brown and this will be enough to give the style, in addition, it will retain warmth and comfort.

Furniture for a Mexican interior

Immediately it is worth saying that any furniture will go here,it is important that it is a tree, it can be polished or matte, it is recommended not to use the elegant finish, but on the contrary, simple shapes. This furniture looks wonderful, if it is covered with bright colors and places add on the edges. Very impressive will look a lot of wicker furniture, especially if it's a private house, this will be the true style of suburban Mexico. As a rule, such furniture requires proper manufacturing and materials, such as pieces of leather that connect wooden elements.

If the interior uses upholstered furniture, then itor leather, or from materials of the brightest and painted colors. Although the simplicity of the lining can always be covered with blankets and cloaks in the Mexican style.

Very often fine Mexican decorative tiles decorate the ends of furniture, sofas or tables.

Kitchen furniture in the Mexican interior in generalDo not require specific elements, the simpler, the more correct and better. You can use the very simple table and old chairs, covered with bright colors. Although for the lovers of the search can be used forged chairs, which are not uncommon in a true Mexican style.

Decoration of the Mexican-style interior

Use bright textiles in all residential areasrooms, especially the bedroom, do not forget about the rugs and bedspreads, also very impressive will look at the pads and a lot of napkins. It will not be superfluous to decorate the walls with photographs, pictures and posters. Use a variety of vegetation, especially great types of cacti.

Pottery and tin. Decorate your house with vases and ceramic vessels, and you can also diversify and pewter dishes. The walls can be decorated with baskets and similar plates. It will be great if you buy a couple of sombres of different sizes, a couple of these hats will decorate the entrance and the living room. In the kitchen, on the most prominent wall, you can hang a bunch of red hot peppers, you can place wicker or sewn figures of people and animals on the lamp.

Private houses and villas are ideal dwellings inwhich you can embody the Mexican interior, here expanse for experiments and fantasies, you can hang a signboard, where it will be written that this is your hacienda.

As for the apartment, this kind of interior is neededcarefully think through, pick out the colors and materials for the rooms, insert the furniture correctly and much more. Optimal it will look in the catalogs or turn to the specialist.

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