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Where to go in September?

Maldives can rightly be consideredA piece of heaven on earth. Here you can find everything that passionately dreamed about: the azure ocean, beaches with pure golden sand, palm trees and, of course, a bright, affectionate sun.

In September, to rest in the Maldives - onePleasure, the air temperature is about +26 - 28 degrees. One of the most popular entertainment for tourists in the Maldives is diving. For scuba diving, the most beautiful place is the Lavagni atoll.

The only granite islands in the worldAre the Seychelles. Here you can relax in an ecologically clean atmosphere, because there is no industry, and even hotels fit into the region in such a way that they remain hardly noticeable.

The Seychelles in September are happy to welcome tourists,Who dream of a quiet, calm and measured rest. The water in the ocean is emerald-clean, the beaches are clean and soft, beautiful tropical forests are scattered near the beaches. Seychelles are considered a paradise for couples in love.

September holiday in Turkey always becomes forTourists one of the best, because the air temperature is quite moderate, and vacationers do not suffer from the heat. In Turkey, a well-developed service, here tourists can find for themselves a maximum of entertainment to their liking.

Also in Turkey it is very good to have a rest with children. Children's animators and baby sitters will not let your children get bored, and you will also have time to rest.

In mid-September in Greece begins"Velvet season", there is always a wonderful weather for rest. If you intend to relax in September in Greece, it is better to choose the big islands, because on small islands during this period of time it is windy enough.

In the autumn you can visit many excursions at discounted prices, and also enjoy the warm sea and measured rest. Holiday in September in Greece will be unforgettable for you.

If you love to sunbathe, then you have a direct roadIn Morocco, a country of beautiful beaches and hot sands. In September, the ocean water is very warm, and the sun is not very strong - the perfect combination. In September, excessive heat is released and you can easily visit the southern part of the country. In September, hotel rooms prices are lower by 30% than in other seasons.

In Spain, throughout SeptemberWeather-friendly weather, which is very good if you like to spend time on the beach. However, it is also worth noting that from about the middle of September on the Costa del Sol to swim is undesirable, because at that moment there comes a cold current. At the resorts of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada at this time, the rainy season begins.

At the end of September, you can get toAn interesting and cheerful holiday - the festival of flamenco, which takes place every year in Seville. Also at this time you can visit a holiday dedicated to Pedro Romero, and look at fascinating battles with bulls.

One of the most favorable months forVisit to Tunisia is September. Throughout August, the country has a very high temperature, about 50 degrees Celsius, but in September it drops to 28-30 degrees. It is in September that you can afford to visit the Sahara desert with an excursion.

From the very beginning of the month, numerousHolidays and festivals and last for a whole month. You can get to the festival of the Corals, the festival of the sea, the festival of sirens and so on, plunge headlong into the culture and habits of this amazing people.

Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Starting from September and mid-October on the Crimean peninsula, the velvet season begins. At this time, the temperature of water and air is approximately the same, which allows you to enjoy the swim in the sea in full.

During this period, prices are significantly lower than in the summer, which allows you to relax and truly enjoy a great vacation for quite reasonable prices.

During the September holiday in Abkhazia you haveThere is an opportunity to combine an acquaintance with the culture and history of this country, as well as enjoy the beach and bathing. Sometimes in Abkhazia during the "velvet" season there are occasional rains, but they can not spoil your rest.

Reasonable prices, healing air, warm clean sea, abundance of vegetables and fruits, interesting excursions - all this you can get by going to the September holiday in glorious Abkhazia.
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