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What to take care of before you leave to stay healthy

Remember the insurance policy

When preparing documents in the touristagency employee will offer to read the documents and sign an insurance policy. Do not consider this procedure as another formality. In unforeseen situations, this is your guarantee in case of possible injury. Therefore, it is advisable to read some of the nuances before signing the documents.

When drawing up an insurance policy in a touristthe agency needs to clarify which countries you are going to visit. If the tourist, for example, went to Germany, but was injured in some neighboring country, then this issue will be considered only if this country is listed in the insurance.

When visiting the countries of the Schengen zone, the agent will offer insurance coverage of at least 30 thousand euros. The cost of registration of the insurance policy varies from 350 to 900 rubles.

If you are going to engage in extreme sports, then they should be spelled out in an insurance policy.

One of the most common mistakesaffected tourists - they do not call the insurance company if they are injured, although her contacts are indicated in the contract. The call is necessary for the insurance agent to be able to choose a medical institution and agree on a follow-up procedure with his representatives.

If alcohol is found in the victim's blood, the insurance company refuses to reimburse the cost of medical procedures.

Before the visit visit the dentist

If you are going to spend your vacation abroad,then when you have a toothache, you should not rely on insurance. Usually, in a standard policy, dental services are not prescribed, so the cost of a visit to a doctor will fall directly on you.

On reception to the doctor it is desirable to enter for 1-2months before the holidays. In some cases, prophylaxis can cause an exacerbation of chronic processes, so one session can not be completely avoided, since the treatment can last for 2-3 weeks.

If you do not contact a doctor for a long time,when caries starts, there is a possibility of periodontitis. It is an inflammation of the peri-toothed tissue and a ligament injury that keeps the tooth in the jaw. In vacation, this problem can turn into a sharp sharp pain with the slightest touch to the teeth. In addition, the acute form of periodontitis can cause an increase in temperature, the cheek and gums swell.

Treatment, not completed to the end, oftencauses the appearance of flux-inflammation of the periosteum of the jaw. When the doctor puts a temporary seal and the pain subsides, the patient hesitates with a second visit, and soft tooth tissues in the meantime begin to slowly rot. In this case, it is not recommended to open the flux itself, otherwise the infection will spread to neighboring tissues. It is better to use the services of a local dentist.

Exclude experiments with diet and exercise

In many fitness clubs, coaches observe howa couple of weeks before the beginning of summer in the hall there are crowds of people willing to quickly lose weight. In training, they try for two, and a week or two just as suddenly disappear.

The desire to look good, especially on vacation, is quite natural. Here are just the methods, and most importantly - the time that many of us set for the fulfillment of the goal, can cause the opposite effect.

If for a short period of time a personincreases several times the load, there may be a so-called overtraining effect. In the future, not only do not want to maintain the same load, but even carry out a simple set of exercises.

To adjust the figure, it is worthwhile to conduct several trainings under the guidance of the coach. He will show a set of exercises for problem areas: the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Increase the load gradually. Do 3-4 hours before bedtime and an hour and a half after eating. And do not forget that during training you need to make an effort to sweat, so that the pulse is doubled (if there are no contraindications), then enough 20-30 minutes a day to exercise.

Experiments with diets before vacation - Not the best option to get rid of excessweight. Firstly, it is not known how the body will react to changes in the diet (especially if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract). Secondly, the restriction in food is always stress, which means that the fat tissue will be used by the body in the last place.

After 35 years, women (especially those prone tocompleteness) often complain about the appearance of extra pounds. Even if the consumption of food decreases, the weight is still growing. The reason is often covered in hormones. At this age, the number of female hormones gradually decreases, which in turn causes a decrease in the metabolic rate. To increase it, it is necessary to engage in physical education.

Do not be nervous over trifles

With a decrease in immunity due to stress, sudden changes in temperature or hypothermia, there are often unpleasant illnesses such as bladderwort or herpes.

If herpes often makes itself felt, then before you go, you should undergo a course of treatment.

Do not forget about vaccinations

Going to an exotic country, know in advanceabout the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region. And also consult a doctor about preventive measures. Remember that entry into some countries without an international certificate of vaccination can be banned. While in another country, try not to touch animals, as they are often carriers of infectious diseases.

On a holiday without ... mushrooms

In the beginning and even in the middle of summer, we still haveweakened immunity, the diet is not so much fruit and vegetables. In addition, on vacation, we improve the conditions for the development of mycosis feet, not adhering to the simple rules of hygiene: we forget to put on shoes, go into public showers, use the same pedicure set with friends and neglect the fact that even in one family you need to use different towels . If the treatment is not started on time, mycosis of the feet can cause a change in the color of the nails and lead to their destruction. We often choose the remedy against mycosis of feet, then we stop the treatment because the drug does not help or it has to be applied daily for several weeks, which is not always convenient. Having a predisposition to this disease, it is best to visit before leaving the dermatologist. After all, treatment always depends on the form of the disease, which can only be determined by a doctor. In some cases, it is sufficient to dispense ointment, but systemic therapy is often necessary.

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