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Interior in Moroccan style

If you want to create your home in Moroccanstyle, then you need to apply the decorative features that are characteristic of the "Marrakech", and then you will see that your apartments are very different from other oriental styles. For example, consider the mosaic floor that is so characteristic of Morocco. Place small walls, countertops, staircases and fireplaces in color, which will consist of geometric shapes or in the form of some six pointed stars that will disperse from the center.

Instead of the usual cabinets and shelves need to doNumerous niches in the walls, which are the original and multifunctional feature of this style. All furniture should be painted with fine carvings of dark tones, Tui or Lebanese cedar fits perfectly. If you want your house to fully acquire the Moroccan style, then in the unmusical must be a pouffe - a very original and comfortable piece of furniture. Of course, it's best if its upholstery Will be from the real skin of a camel, but if there is no such possibility, then it is better to pick up something similar in texture and color. It is impossible to do without chests decorated with paintings, all sorts of forged patterns and wooden carvings. Here you have to determine the dimensions yourself: you can simply arrange small boxes that will perform the functions of the box, there may be chests and large prescribed sizes where you will store your things. You can put them on the floor or in niches. In addition, they will store things, and will also perform the function of a chair - just throw a cushion on them.

Traditionally, the furniture is covered with linencloaks in dark sand and pure white tones or capers that are painted with African patterns. A very important attribute of the Moroccan style are pillows, they need to be purchased very much. They should be embroidered with silver appropriate patterns and in the corners should be a small woolen brush.

In order to decorate the interior, you mustShould use dishes that should be on the walls, stand on the floor and in niches. The manufactured articles of everyday life are very diverse in materials and in form: copper, wooden, clay, chased izresnye plates, dishes, brass pot-bellied vases. Of course, in this style should also be traditional Moroccan dishes with intricate patterns. Moroccan lamps like nothing else will bring in your home a certain Moroccan atmosphere. These accessories are made of copper alloy or brass and painted with brown lacquer.

Lampshade lampshades are made on a forged base, their shapesThe most diverse: arc-shaped, round, pyramidal and even in the form of the heads of animals and figurines of birds. Metal is covered with a unique material. Traditionally, this should be camel skin, soaked in the virility of mimosa, and already on the skin, ethnic drawings are applied with an extract of pomegranate eggs.

Feature of the Moroccan style in saturationvarious accessories: bright, imaginative. Of course, your apartment does not have to resemble a museum. It is not the main thing to overdo it. The refined and unique atmosphere of the East can be created with proper furniture, textiles and wallpaper.

In Morocco, mixed crops and as a resultthis many styles, so here you can give a volumetric fantasy. Imagine that you are a designer, decorator or artist. These creative people, when they acquire the dominance of a mansion, often in Tangiers, decorate them in different styles, are not afraid to mix modern European and local interior items. As a result, it turns out a very good picture, another "Moroccan" style. Bold artists interweave styles and get something new and original.

It is in the same kind of original houses that carpets withBerber ornament is woven according to the sketches of designers, wide and low sofas are covered in oriental style, and many pillows are put on them. Their colors do not correspond to this style at all, because designers play colors and add more juicy and bright colors to the interior, for example, alo-red ones. Here, a tanjer lamp made of wrought iron, which is poured into a vase under the guise of a vase, easily coexists with an armchair in the style of constructivism.

In the expensive mansions of many celebrities in Tangiera lot of mosaic, beautiful colored stained-glass windows, woven carpets, Japanese fabrics, wrought-iron furniture. And the colors are very different, because they are taken from different styles, but everything looks very harmonious. Since the 13th century, geometric ornaments have become fashionable in Morocco, which still decorate the tree and ceramics. Strangely enough, these ornaments are perfectly combined with modern European elements of interior and comfortable modern furniture.

In Morocco, special attention is paid to the ceiling,Because there it is not just the upper ceiling of the building, it's a real complicated work of art. The Moroccan population does this: take oleander thin rods or branches, you can eucalyptus, and try to lay them across the beams. Already after that, they cover everything with lime, so they create a sense of space and thereby protect the tree from the parasitic fungus.

There is another way - cedar carved ceiling,which is signed manually. To reproduce this in your home, you need a lot of time and money, but the interior with such a wonderful ceiling or frieze on the wall looks very impressive. If there is no such possibility, then the ceiling can be simply sewed with a tree, plastered and painted with beautiful ornaments. But in order to achieve the desired effect, the height of the ceiling should be at least 3 meters, the more, the better. If you want to create arched arches, which are typical of the Moroccan style, remember that the height of your house should also be decent.

Now you know how to form your home in the Moroccan style. The main thing is not to neglect the traditional elements of the interior.

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