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How to teach your friends to order in my house?


If you do not want your neighbors to knock ondoors at three o'clock in the morning and called the police in the midst of every party - immediately accustom your friends to what is not shouting in the middle of the night. And remember that if you ever close your eyes to their behavior, then they will start to constantly behave. Therefore, when night comes, immediately reduce the sound of the music center (computer) and warn everyone that you need to quiet yourself in the house. You can even think up a story about a crazy neighbor who is ready to knock out doors and ask the militia for a love. But you want to gather in this house more than once, right? Therefore, after eleven o'clock, you need to be quiet. Even if someone swears, let him swear quietly. Otherwise, you just have to stop everything, and guests leave the room. Talk about this to friends so that they understand - you are not joking. Even if at first your close people start to resent and say that you need to relax and not make problems - stand on your own. Over time, they will get used to this rule, and will behave as you tell them. Just never make concessions, neither to them, nor to yourself. Remember that you also make noise, like other people, so behave just as you demand from guests.

Cleanliness and tidiness

A person never thinks hard aboutorder, until he has to independently guide him. Therefore, if you want that your friends do not spill beer on the couch and do not put chips on the floor, teach them to always clean up after themselves. He poured the beer - goes to the bath, takes a detergent, a rag and cleanses until you find that the spot is bleeding. Of course, initially, too many people are also outraged, trying to do something-like, but if you remain a strict hostess, then in the end, it's so self-sufficient that they will force new people in your house to clean themselves and become angry if they start to rivet.

The same goes for the dishes. Often it happens that the housewife wakes up in the morning, goes to the kitchen and literally falls into a swoon from the sight of the goblet from cups, plates and glasses. So that you do not have to constantly wash with a zipper, enter one of the rules in your house. Your guests can clean up after themselves (and it's quite easy, to wash a couple of plates, just everyone is lazy), or, deciding to "hang" at you, take a one-time tableware with drinks and snacks. It is cheap and there will be no problems with washing. Of course, there is more pleasant to drink from this dish, but on the other hand, human laziness makes us settle for less, just not to do anything superfluous.

Visiting guests at night

If your friends like to walk somewhere beforemidnight, and then decide to come to your house to visit you, knocking the door off by endless calls to the intercom, which means you have to fight it. First, you can inform everyone culturally that you must call and warn about it before you arrive at your house in two hours. And if no one takes a tube, then you are sleeping and do not want to be awakened. Therefore, you do not need to continue calling and ringing into the intercom. In the case when people did not act on your people, you can easily start to take offense. You have full right to talk with friends who break your rest. Of course, it will be unpleasant for them. But over time, they will also understand how unpleasant these unexpected visits are to you and stop behaving in this way. If people do not realize anything, it means they are either too arrogant, and it's extremely difficult to be friends with such people, or they do not consider you a friend at all, they just need a house where they can have fun in the warmth, instead of drinking vodka on benches with a cold frost. And such people need to weed out of their circle of friends without hindsight.

Repetition is the mother of teaching

When we come to rest, then anythe rules are remembered very hard. That is why do not be ashamed to repeat your friends about how to behave in your home. If someone did not do the right thing, do not fix everything yourself. Call the person and tell him to correct his mistake. And let you be called a bore a thousand times, but you do not have to pay extra money for water, because someone does not have the habit of normally twisting a tap or for electricity, because someone likes lighting everywhere. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to shout at friends all the time. Just remind them, and when the situation is completely out of control, you can raise your voice. And also, in order for people to remember what you need, use what the instructor used in school - visual aids. What is it about? For example, if your friends do not really want to lower the lid of the toilet, although you have explained more than once that the smell from the sewer is not the best for your bathroom, make sure that the reminder was in front of them - hang a poster. Write about what you need to do before you leave the bathroom, decorate the poster with some suitable drawings, jokes, understandable to your friends. Be sure that each time you look at this "masterpiece" your loved ones will not easily carry out the order, but still have fun. Thus, you will raise people's spirits, instead of being angry with them for forgetfulness. Such posters can even cover the whole house. Cheerful and original, they will make fun of the guests and remind you about the rules that must be met in order not to irritate the hospitable mistress.

Bunch of chickpeas and that ... let's eat

Well, the last thing that is worth remembering-products. If your guests have a habit of going into the kitchen and eating everything that comes to their eyes. Moreover, at that time friends for some reason are not very interested in whether you have the money to buy a new portion of food and whether you will not be hungry. So that after sitting with friends you do not have to look for a mouse hanging in the refrigerator, immediately warn everyone that you have an endless supply of products. Therefore, if someone came from a hungry robot, let him tell you and you will try to come up with something. But in the case when you do not have enough reserves to live up to your salary, you do not need to be offended and accused of greed. All of us adults need to understand that any person does not always have to worry about others. Sometimes he needs to think about himself.

If you set this order in your house, then you will not have any problems and your friends will learn to respect your work and understand your requests.

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