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Yellow color in the interior

People who prefer a yellow color,As a rule, do not like fools and when they are cornered, they try to fight with others with the help of words. They like to be admired. Such people are usually confident in themselves, they are active and have high self-esteem. In the mythology this color personifies spring, the sun, flowers, warmth. If the yellow color is combined with black, then this indicates a danger (raskraskatigra, a sign of radiation).

If you want to wear yellow clothing, thenYou can talk about the fact that you want to establish inner harmony, save yourself from unnecessary things, want to deliberately influence something, but you can not wear yellow clothes when going to an interview for a job. People who prefer the color described, want to reveal themselves, show themselves. Such people are constantly in search of easy relationships that will help them to share the internal tension, and to achieve what they want. Yellow has the ability to drive away thoughts of a character like "I'm not that good", able to rid of false modesty. If the advertisement uses yellow, then it causes positive associations.

This color for communication is very good, because it allows you to freely establish approving contacts, adjusts to sociability, calls for being open.

Do not forget about the negative aspectsYellow color, they are there. The first negative point - the yellow color is very tiring. For comparison, you can bring fatigue from long incendiary dances, a noisy gay company, a flashing comedy - sooner or later you can get tired of them.

The second negative point - very cold shades of this color at the physical level can cause a feeling of nausea, unstable equilibrium and dizziness.

The third negative point is the long-term impactA large number of yellow is perceived as intrusive, so I want to hide from him, escape, becoming more nervous, restless, and sometimes even aggressive.

Use of yellow color in the interior

If you still decide in the interior of his house ispolzovatzhelty color, we suggest you listen to some of the recommendations.

It is not recommended to use yellow color onSuch surfaces as floor, walls and ceiling. You can not also use a ceramic tile in the bathroom in yellow. Yellow color in large quantities becomes very active, so it can irritate and press, and this prevents a full-time rest. It is worth considering that with any combination of yellow will remain bright, so you will not be able to completely change the concept of the interior without a complete alteration. That is why it is best to use this color in individual elements of furniture, accessories, strokes. In the kitchen, for example, yellow can be curtains, seats on the stools, napkins, lampshade, tablecloth. In the living room of the yellow color can be the flower pots, candles, decorative pillows, flowers and / or vases. In the bathroom you can make a mat yellow, hang a yellow towel or use a sponge yellow.


The kitchen of yellow color will certainly lookCozy and warm. In such a kitchen, the appetite will always be good. Yellow for hostesses is considered an excellent stimulant for preparing various dishes, while providing the owner with an upbeat mood and an energy charge.

Living room

Make a living room in yellow color is consideredAmbiguous step. Since, on the one hand, the yellow living room will be perceived too lightly and unreasonably, and on the other hand it will seem too hot. Yes to too working on a computer or reading a book, such a bright atmosphere will help you not to be distracted. In the living room, well placed accents will look good. At the same time, you can not only enjoy yourself with the yellow color, but also create an impression of a cheerful and peculiar person.


Yellow is considered to be the brightest, warmest andCheerful, so his children love him. Described color well stimulates communicability, helps to maintain the physical form in a tone, and this positively influences the child's full development, stimulatingactivity. Since this color favorably affects the intellectual abilities, it is more rational to use it when designing the child's educational place. If the yellow color is combined with red, it will only strengthen the thirst for knowledge and will push the child to study something for him of the unknown.


For a bedroom, the yellow color is not suitable, because itDo not let you relax, as it is too fast and exciting. To fall asleep in a bedroom with yellow wallpaper or curtains will be a problem. If you greatly miss the sun and / or heat, then you can use a few pillows of yellow color or a set of bedclothes.


In a closed room, the yellow color may beIt's dangerous because it can make him dizzy, start nauseating. At a strong desire it is possible to be limited to yellow accessories that will create an atmosphere of warmth in the bathroom. And in the morning looking yellow accessories can get a portion of vivacity for the day.

Vacation home

Cottage, the villa is often made of wood,Leave logs or clapboard. In this case, with a natural tree, the yellow color will perfectly match, which in autumn and winter will warm up the country house, and you will always have a good mood for fun and recreation.

All of the above tips are for pureAbsolutely yellow and bright colors. The rest of its shades - lemon, yellow-orange, pale and transparent - are mixed with other colors, so the above recommendations do not apply to them.

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