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Locks contain expensive. For their restoration, millions go. Therefore, smart businessmen began to make hotels out of them. Most of the castles of France and Germany and Portugal are now not just a historical value, but a full night's lodging. Outwardly they look like in the Middle Ages, but inside there is everything that is in other hotels: minibar, bath, telephone, internet, TV, fax, air conditioning and other amenities.

Castles of Austria and Germany

In Germany, castles are not monuments of architecture andArchitecture, but exclusively functional defensive structures with thick walls, donjon and small chambers for celebrity rest. Here the chambers are turned into guest rooms. In general, the castles - hotels in Germany - is Walter Scott.

Castle Valdek 18th century (95 - 290 dollars per night)

If you visit this castle, the guidesWill begin to tell you that it was built in the 12th century. And there is. But the whole point is that because of the excessive architectural activity of the owners in the 13th and 17th centuries from that time in the castle, almost nothing remained.

This beautiful castle is located on the lakeEdersee, in the north of Hesse - in the heart of Germany. To revive the atmosphere of that time, the wavguste stuntmen mimic knightly battles, while adhering to all the rules of historical reconstruction. Cooks prepare dishes of the Middle Ages, the appatants wear pseudo-historical costumes. Guests of the castle can create an impression, as if they are present at the filming of a historical film.

In addition to chivalric tournaments, tourists can doAnd other diversions. For example, take a walk in the scenic area, go fishing, fish, play golf and even practice sailing. Nearby, in Bad Wildungen in Arolsen there is a historical museum, where you can see weapons, uniforms. If you are not interested, then you can go to the spa park, the imperial city of Fritzlar, the prince's castle-rezidence, to the church with the carved altar and the family princely crypt of the 18th century or to the picture gallery that is located in the castle of Wilhelmshamz.

Castle Schönburg of the 18th century (259 dollars per night)

For a thousand years this structure rises above theThe Rhine between Cologne, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. The hotel-hotel offers twenty rooms for its visitors. But to choose the best ones that have a view of the Rhine. If you want a more picturesque view, then choose the Suite "Falcon's Nest". Snow has a view of all four sides. The castle is intended for the successful start of family life - from the knight's dining room, to the chapel for weddings.

Castle Weilburg 10-18 century ($ 150 per night)

The castle is in the center of the city of Valburg. It is located on a high rock and built on the model of Versailles. For ten centuries, the building was the residence for the Nassau Counts, and today it is recognized as one of the most beautiful architectural complexes.

In the 18th century in the northern part of Weilburg wasErected a farm yard, which today serves as a hotel for visitors. The hotel has everything you need for a modern holidaymaker: an indoor pool, a fitness room, a massage room, a wine bar, a bowling alley and much more. Therefore, staying a few days in this place, you can fully relax and enjoy the medieval atmosphere.

Dornreshenshloss of the 14th century ($ 187 per night)

All of us in our childhood heard a fairy tale about the beautifulSleeping beauty. While the prince did not save her from the witch's curse, she slept a hundred in this castle. The castle is located in the forest Reinhardsvord. This place was not described in the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Therefore, if you loved their fairy tales, you can personally get acquainted with these fabulous places.

Eagles 20 century (231 dollars per night)

This is not a very old structure, which is largerResembles a country residence than a castle. It was built in the early 20th century for a famous doctor as a summer cottage. During the Second World War, the headquarters of the Aviation Staff was here, a little later the house was occupied by American and French troops. The hotel is small but very comfortable. Here you can be sure that no one will bother you, and the rest will pass quietly.


In France, most of the noble residencesMedieval castles that have been turned into hotels are combined into a single booking network. Thanks to this, you can easily find a suitable route for travel and places to stay overnight. There are some places that are particularly worth paying attention to. But keep in mind, France is a country of romance. Therefore, from the history, only romance has become tasted to a greater extent, everything else has become a comfort for our time.

Carcassonne ($ 465 per night)

It is considered one of the most romantic hotelsWith the appropriate setting and Michelin-style restaurant. Although in Carcassonne it does not matter where you stop. Because there is almost everywhere an untouchable medieval city. It is fully included in the UNESCO list. Numbers in the castle are diverse - otasketic, executed in monastic style, to luxurious, executed in the style of Empire. The most interesting rooms are the suites.


England is known for its country estatesAnd residences. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, they gradually began to decline. Therefore, the British decided to use them for tourism. They became the first to benefit from the interest of travelers to history. On the territory of the United Kingdom there is most of all aristocratic residences, where you live until dusk, and you can get there with a tour for a certain amount of money.

Swinton Park of the 17th century (260 dollars per night)

Classical nobility estate with grayWalls, picturesquely spit, with French windows on the first floor, with stables, a perfectly green lawn at any time of the year and a tower. The residence was built in 1600years for the Yorkshire Earls of Sweitons. Today it is presented as a "classic country estate", the territory of which is two hundred. There are gardens and lakes. Before turning into a hotel for 30 numbers, Swinton Park belonged to the Canliffe-Lister family. By today's mercenary, you can give five stars. There is everything that will make your stay unforgettable: a chapel, culinary courses, falconry, stables, a spa, a golf course and other entertainments.

Ireland. Castle Ashford 18 century (488 dollars per night)

Ireland has little association with castles, butIn this country the British built many defensive fortresses. The most famous and the most visited is the castle of Ashford. It was built in 1228 for the Guinness family. The hotel was opened in 1939 and since then this place is considered one of the most luxurious hotels-castles.

Ashford is built on the shore of a large lake andSurrounded by huge forests. Therefore, you can enjoy fishing, hunting, riding, picnicking in the Irish fields. Fresh air and picturesque nature will go to you only for good. In addition, in the low season, prices for accommodation decrease here again. Do not miss such a chance.

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