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How to relax in Cairo

In summer, the most popular place for tourists -Sharm el-Sheikh. However, we advise you to go to Cairo. Here you can see and slums, and old cars, and the oldest churches, as well as mosques, synagogues, palaces and parks. There are plenty of places to stay. If you want to combine rest and impressions, then for this, the Marriott Cario hotel is right. The main building for this hotel is the pre-historic palace "Gezira". Also there are many restaurants, cafes and a huge pool. The hotel is located in the city center. Therefore, you can easily reach any sights. Here, rest will be not less comfortable than on the coast - sunbathe, bathe, walk through the hotel gardens and enjoy the masterpieces of Egyptian cuisine.

To fly to Cairo not for long, only 4 hours on the flight EgyptAir. Therefore, the flight will not be too tiring. In addition, for the sake of such impressions from the rest you can go to the end of the world.

What to visit in Cairo?

In Cairo you will not be bored. If you are fond of the history, then be sure to visit the Cairo Historical Museum. Here you can see a unique exposition that will help you to plunge into the world of ancient Egypt during the reign of the pharaohs for a while. In the museum you will see objects of the everyday era, posthumous and lifelike sculptures of the pharaohs, ornaments, papyri, other. Despite the fact that some of the exhibits are several dozen years old, they have been preserved just fine. Another difference of the museum is that all the names of the exhibits are signed manually by a pen or printed on a typewriter plate. Here you can see for yourself the exhibits of Tutankhamun's tombs, a collection of silver and gold ornaments, and the so-called mummies of the pharaohs.

Stay in Cairo we will advise in Marriott Cario. This hotel has already been mentioned above. The hotel is located on the island of Zamalek in the middle of the Nile. Since in the last century the island lived on the island, there are well preserved antique villas in which it is also possible to stop. Due to its location, the views from the hotel rooms and villas are excellent. From the windows you can admire the morning and night Cairo against the background of the Nile.

What to study?

Be sure to show special interest in the palace"Gezira." It was built to open the Suez Canal and became unique for the whole East. European monks, Empress Eugenia and even Napoleon's wife, who personally came to the opening of the canal, stopped here. Today, in honor of her, the hotel is named after the salon and dining room, which is located in the historic part of the hotel. This dining room at one time can accommodate up to 160 people. Such a large area for the dining room was allocated for good reason. Ismail Khedive, who at that time governed Egypt, was extremely hospitable and very fond of collecting polygamy.

Part of the palace that most likedEmpress Eugene, was made especially for her Parisian apartments, in which she lived. Therefore, in the palace part of the hotel you can spend a lot of time, admiring the luxurious salons and art objects that are located there. By the way, restoration work was recently carried out, thanks to which the viewers acquired their original appearance. Restoration of the carpet, which is the pride of the palace, cost $ 2 million.

Casino at the hotel

If you are a gambler or just lookingentertainment, then you can visit the casino, which is located directly at the hotel. Here you can try your luck by playing on slot machines, roulette or poker. If for you it is not at all interesting, topepish coffee in the picturesque gallery "Saray".

Closer to the beautiful

If you are used to listening to good music, thenbe sure to visit the opera "Aida". It was in the palace of "Gezira" that Giuseppe Verdi's opera was first performed specially by order of Khedive Ismail to the opening of the Suez Canal. Today, this opera is performed here very often. In honor of her, the main banquet hall of the hotel where weddings are held was even called. Immediately after the opera, you can arrange a dinner with dances or organize a cocktail.

Where to have dinner and dinner?

The best place to eat in Egyptiannights ". Of course, and at the hotel there are many restaurants for every taste - with Italian, Japanese, French and Egyptian cuisine. But still it's worth to go into the house-house "Egyptian Nights". This restaurant is located right in the gardens at the Palace. Around it, the trees are lit with lights and the smell of cooked food fire is heard everywhere. Here all the dishes are very tasty: from traditional falafel, hummus ikebab to baladi - baked in the oven cakes. With such delicious food, it's hard to think about a figure. But you can sometimes pamper yourself. In addition, the prices in this school are quite low.

A fabulous sunset on Nile

If you are going to go with your secondhalf of this trip, then be sure to admire alone at sunset in Cairo. Even if you will not have enough time, then still try to allocate at least one day for a small walk on the boat. In the evening you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Nile, while sipping wine and holding hands. When the darkness comes, the city is completely transformed. The moon illuminates the buildings, mysterious quarters, and the restaurants on the embankment begin to reflect the Nile's dark water. It is not difficult to organize such a trip. Simply enough to book at the hotel.

Day walks

There is nothing more pleasant than walking in the morning through the streetsCairo. In this time, it's still quiet and there's no fuss. During the walk, you can arrange a shopping. It's very convenient and easy to make purchases here, even unusual for us. Each city has its own specialization: one only sells shoes, other costumes and so on. But keep in mind that you can only bargain in the markets.

Of course, one can not imagine Egypt withoutpyramids and the mysterious Sphinx. They can admire the day, along with a crowd of tourists under the scorching sun, but we recommend this in the evening. Because every evening there is a spectacular laser show. Perhaps you'll even be lucky enough to get to a concert with the Sphinx.

What should I bring with me?

Every time we go to another country, we wantleave something for yourself in memory of her. Therefore, we buy different souvenirs and things. Visiting Cairo must necessarily buy Egyptian cotton. He is considered the best pokazhestve. But be careful when choosing and look only for real shops, where bed linen is sold. Otherwise, you risk running into a fake of not very good quality. Choose only pure cotton, which includes non-sticky impurities. On such a bed it will be very pleasant to sleep. By the way, even the Queen of Saga sleeps on Egyptian cotton.

On the market, be sure to buy spices, and more. They are simply stunning. Such you will not find anywhere else. Buy up everything that in the eyes rushes - you will not regret. If you find soft shoes without backdrops, we recommend to take them. Do not forget about jewelry, for example, silver. It here is of very good quality. In general, take everything that pleases the eye.

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