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Interior by the sign of the zodiac

Interior Aries will match his personality. Aries are very active people and spend a little time at home. His house is another way of expressing himself, and it is there that he replenishes his strength before the next day. The environment will be different bright colors and clear lines, it is important for the representative of this sign and lighting with different variations. The ideal furniture in the understanding of Aries should be extravagant and mobile, because this sign loves changes in the form of frequent permutations.

House Taurus Is his fortress. In their home representatives of the sign of Taurus should feel most comfortable. Taurus - people are materialistic, that's why the texture and quality of materials is very important for them. They prefer pastel tones, as well as olive, yellow, green colors. For Taurus extraordinary comfort, that's why for them the most well-groomed and favorite place is the bedroom, where there will be a soft and comfortable sofa. As for the design of the furniture, the Taurus prefer soft upholstery and comfortable chairs.

Twins like light, light and spacious interior.Wicker chairs, mobile furniture, tables on castors, ottomans and a lot of pillows, thanks to all this, Gemini guests will never get bored of the interior. Twins are changeable, so today they may want a modern design, tomorrow - a classic, so the main colors of the installation will be cream, light yellow, green and blue tones. Important for Gemini is the availability of shelves and shelves for books and discs, and Gemini like mirrors and bright wall prints.

Abode Cancers Is an opportunity to hide from the world. Crayfish are homebodies, they value comfort and comfort very much. Representatives of this sign will choose brown, dark pink and blue colors, combining them with accessories. A favorite place for Cancers is a kitchen in which there will be a large round table and furniture from a natural tree. Representatives of this sign love to decorate their house with soft skins, original frames for photos and antiques, as well as candles and flowers.

Interior power Lviv just can not make an impression! He will show his master as a man with an exquisite taste. Lionize the originality, creativity and extravagance. Since the Sun protects him, this sign loves warm golden, beige colors, as well as a combination of blue and white, blue and terracotta. These people like comfortable furniture, which will have a soft and elegant upholstery. No consumer goods - only the exclusive elements! Representatives of the sign are very fond of large mirrors in the frame frames.

Virgo like practicality and convenience. They do not rack their brains over fashion, but prefer ecologically clean materials. Virgo likes clear lines and geometric ornaments. The interior of the Virgin will necessarily contain beige, light green or pink tones. To make your house even more original, the Virgin decorates souvenirs, which were brought from vacations, with different portraits and handmade objects.

Harmonious, calm interior is exactly what you need Libra. Libra people really appreciate the space and ease. Representatives of the sign like the pastel light colors, to emphasize anything, use blue, blue or purple hues. Scales - refined people, so lyubyatantikvariat, and prefer to decorate their rooms in the Art Nouveau style. The entire interior of Libra is always of the highest quality and made of natural materials. Scales like the right, symmetrical furniture with rounded soft corners. Representatives of this sign are romantic, therefore they like to decorate their house with author landscapes and fresh flowers.

Scorpions - people are powerful, strong and energetic andThey want to draw energy even from their situation. Scorpios love saturated, bright colors, sometimes combine them with black and white. Scorpions appreciate personal space, so for them the corner in which they can hide from the world is very important. Scorpios people love mysticism and mystery, so houses prefer a muted light, ignoring the upper light. Original sconces, floor lamps, lamps, sparkles - these are the Scorpions' favorite items! Also in their interior you can meet the things of leather and metal.

Sagittarius love everything original. Representatives of this sign can spontaneously start rearrangement and therefore their interior is transformed and mobile. Furniture should be practical and comfortable, and also simple and original. Sagittarians love shades of green, orange, coral and turquoise. These people are very fond of travel and books, that's why their houses are decorated with shelves and music video and audio collections and, of course, souvenirs from different countries.

Capricorns - Conservative people. Their interior always stands out as a status. For them it is extremely important to plan rooms and details. Favorite colors in the interior: red, black and white. Dilute the main colors they can coffee and cream shade. Capricorns adorn their abode with collections, books and antiques.

Aquarius love spacious and bright interiors. In the space of these people, bold decisions, avant-gardism and easy creative disorder can be embodied. For Aquarius, the most important thing is that his situation is individual and not similar to others. People-Aquarians love bright colors, combining them with gray, white and cream. Furniture they choose is not ordinary and functional. Aquarians decorate the house with glossy and metallic textures.

Fish appreciate the cosiness. Their interior is a state that has its own rules and laws. Privacy and privacy are important for the Fish. People-Pisces prefer colors such as blue, green, gray and purple. Lighting should be as light as possible. Pisces likes simple and elegant furniture with rounded and smooth shapes. Interior of Pisces is always extraordinarily creative and mysterious. Fish loving the floor with soft carpets, on the windows hang the original curtains.

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