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Interior in the style of the 80's

The style of the eighties is not at all simple. In those days, he very quickly outlived himself, because such an interior was made in bright colors with large figures, which does not allow to relax the eye and causes an excited state. However, these days the mischievous style of the 80's, where each subject is filled with its functional load, has become very popular. This style with its eccentricity seems to try to show us that we should not take things too seriously, because our whole life is a game.

To create an interior in the style of the 80's, you needto know several. In those years, preference was given to brilliant colors, shades of green, yellow, orange, turquoise. At the height of fashion, there were large patterns, for example, rhombuses, stripes or peas of different sizes. In the fashion were bright textured wallpaper, especially monochrome with various figures. For example, one wall can be painted with circles, another with pyramids, the third with rectangles, and the fourth one can be simply monochrome, only with a window in it. On the floor you can lay a laminate, which must be covered with a carpet, for example, dark chocolate. This will make the room more comfortable. It is important to make beds in such a way that the guests, gathered at the table, could put their feet on it.

In the eighties there was a sideboard in each house,and every servant of that time was similar to each other. Sideboards stored dishes, some of them had a department similar to a bar in which it was possible to store a variety of small items. In those days it was especially chic to have a cabinet-wall-a set of cabinets that fit tightly to each other and carry out different tasks. The happy owners of such a powerful piece of furniture thought they had lived their lives in vain. The fashionability of the wall in the eighties can only be compared with the explosion of popularity in the 1970s.

If you want to recreate the interior in styleof the eighties, then you will need to buy a wall only to order. Perhaps this is an improved copy of the wall, which was in your distant childhood-with facades made of laminated MDF and having glass inserts with glistening handles. On the glass shelf of this cabinet you can put a collection of porcelain dishes, if you have a wastaka, in addition, you can put modern dishes of fancy shapes and colors. In this case, there will be a kind of eclectic action, and the old form will acquire a new, already modern meaning. In the cupboards it will be appropriate to have square-shaped dishwashers or dishes, painted with bright interesting patterns.

Another mandatory element of the situationeighties is a dressing table. It can be put in a corridor or a bedroom. It is necessary to put a high floor lamp, which will be decorated with fringe and create a rest zone in the evening, when there will be no daylight.

Upholstered furniture in the style of the eighties should be cumbersome enough and necessarily have comfortable deep seats, wide armrests and legs that will either be high or almost not noticeable.

The sofas and armchairs of those distant years were made of iron, and the upholstery was made of tapestry or leatherette.

The main elements of decor in the eighties werethe glass was taped. Particularly elegant was the decoration of mirrors and interior doors with glasses and very different patterns with inlays. The drawings looked as touching and tender as a beautiful icy frost in the winter. Unlike boring glasses, tinted with a film, which is very common in the interiors of our time, glass with sandblasting will help create a special arrangement of durability and authenticity in the interior.

Walls in the eighties adornedenlargedphotos, which were decorated with a passepartout. Particularly beneficial and effective are the artistic portraits of family members - black and white, autumn-winter landscapes, photon industrial themes. Frames of various sizes can be hung on both the one-walled and the walls of the entire room.

If you decide to recreate the interior at homestyle of the eighties, you should not try to reproduce it in all the smallest details. Do not adhere to such a rule and your interior will not look banal and limited! It is possible, and even necessary, to create a familiar form, however, filled with completely new content. Today, we are unlimited in the choice of interior items, and it is this that allows us to recreate the vivid and energetic style of the eighties, we can present this style in an entirely new way, trust our imagination and present it in the way we wanted to see it in our youth and childhood! To this style it is necessary to add air, latitude, more space, and it will become truly amazing, chic and modern. After all, if we talk about what the eighties style is, then this is undoubtedly an urban chic!

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