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How to change the interior: a budget option

So, where do you start? First of all, you should choose the style in which you want to equip the room. Of course, such complex interiors as high-tech can not be created with minimal amounts of money. We live not a single high-tech novel. You can always arrange an apartment in the style of the nineties. Remember the TV series "Friends"? If you try, you can make your house the same.

Tables and stools

And you need to start with a table and stools. If you have a house in your house that is needed in the room, but it does not fit in at all because it looks bad, you can save it in half an hour. For this you will need an Indian carpet and tapes. Such a carpet can be bought from a flea market or from a second-hand. The color should be selected in tone to the common interior. Best if it is brown with gold, dark-crimson gilt or black with gold. We take the carpet, cover the table with them so that the ends are hung to the floor. Then, we beautifully wrap the leg of the table with the end of the carpet and tie it with a ribbon. Tapes need to be taken wide, because the narrow ones look very good. Such manipulation is done with all legs. If there is a drawer in the table that you use, turn the edge of the carpet on the side of the box or inwardly trim it. And the box and that part of the table, which is visible from under the carpet, paint over with special paint for furniture. It is possible to buy in any construction shop. Do not worry, if you think of yourself is not a great artist. You can simply paint the table in the same tony to apply ornament on it using a stencil. Ornaments should be selected depending on what color is the picture on our carpet. You will spend no more than an hour on the whole work, and your table will already look completely different.

As for the stools, we turn them intoSoft pouffes. To do this, we need large pieces of foam rubber and a dense fabric, the color we choose for the general interior or the color of the Indian carpet table. We take foam rubber and cut out the circles (squares) in the form of a stool. Cloth foam on the stool (the more layers - the softer you will be), cover the cloth and under the base bandage with ribbons. That's all, our new soft ottomans, which are so comfortable to sit with guests, are ready.


Further, in order to refresh the interior, you needSwap covers on the couch. You can choose bright colors, for example orange or blue (blue). The peculiarity of this style in the interior is that it mixes a lot of different shades. The main thing is that they are not too bright (for example, yellow salad, because then you focus on this color, but the whole is simply lost on its background). A coverlet on the sofa can be any suitable piece of dense fabric.

After you have changed the veil, turnTo the pillows. On your couch should be a lot of pillows of different colors and sizes. If you have a pillow, then it's become for a small one - just sew on them a beautifully colored pillowcase and spread it over the couch. Well, those who have only a pair of pillows in their house, too, do not despair. Now there is a special padding for the half-heel, which you can buy in a tissue store. You can even not sew a cushion, but just make a pillowcase with a zipper and stuff it with such a stuffing. When it's time to erase the pillowcases, you just pull out the padding, and vent it until the pillowcase wears off.


Now go to the walls.Many still can not give up carpets. Of course, the carpet on the wall is used for each of us from childhood. But it is he who often collects most of the dust and visually reduces the room. So the carpet still has to be abandoned. Instead, you need to decorate the wall with black and white photographs and pictures. Of course, you can take and color, but black and white look better. By the way, thus, we not only decorate the house, but we can hide various defects on the walls. The best way to take a portrait type or a picture of beautiful streets and cities. You can post photos of your favorite actors, writers, musicians. The main thing is that all of them should be within the framework of black color. The pictures can be of different formats, your task is to place them on the wall so that they are harmoniously united with each other. Many are worried that for some reason they will not be able to score so many nails in the wall. In fact, you only need two nails, on which the first two pictures are hung. From them we let out two thin lines for the third, from it and the first picture two more lekskidja the fourth and so on. The main thing is that the frames were not too heavy, the main nails sustained the load. Therefore, it is best to take conventional, plastic, with a dense film instead of glass. On the wall, you will not see much of what material is made of a transparent surface, and your pictures are guaranteed not to fall to the floor.

If you have a familiar carpenter, you canask them to make a few shelves, and also decorate them with a wall. Shelves should be small. Immediately adjust yourself to the fact that these shelves are used for decoration, and not in order to add to them all sorts of stuff. On polkinuzhno arrange small figures, figurines, candles. Such small things can be bought for a small amount at any bazaar. And if everything is arranged beautifully, your room will "come to life" literally with eyes and you will never feel sad in it.


If you're lucky enough to have a large balcony, it's not worth it.turn it into a warehouse of unnecessary things, as we all are accustomed to doing it. It is better to make a servant a place to rest. Those who love flowers and plants, you can immediately advise you to curl the balcony with ivy. But even if you are not an avid florist, vseravno put on the balcony a couple of large ficuses. And there is clearly no longer a wooden bench with a backrest. If you read newspapers with ads, then you will find yourself in a person who sells this item. Look, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting in the spring on a bench, relax and enjoy the fresh air and singing of birds.

Paint the headset

Well, the last thing to remember is the cabinetsand dressers. If you see that they do not look very respectable, just repaint them in a different tone. Of course, this lesson will take you a little time. But the whole handset will look like a brand new one. In addition, in this way you can get the perfect combination between all the interior items. So, picking up the paint, stop your choice on the one that will best look at the color palette, chosen for the table, sofa, pouffes and takdalee.

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