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Stretch ceiling in the apartment

Pros of the stretch ceiling is weighty enough. First, it is their durability. Almost all firms offer a stretch ceiling installation with a warranty of 7 to 12 years. Such guarantee is explained simply: if you do not open champagne to the ceiling, something is unlikely to happen to him. However, carefully look at the terms of the contract. Guarantees are most often offered on the canvas itself, and not on fasteners and baguettes. If there is no guarantee for its erection work and baguettes, it is bad. A good firm offers a guarantee for installation work up to one year, this is enough to identify shortcomings, if any.

The second weighty advantage is externalAttractive stretch ceiling. Two-level, photographic printing, with various compositions from plasterboard and chandelier - the tension ceilings are able to transform any room. A variation of the correct illumination allows you to fill any room with light and a sense of space. Proposnvetku should talk separately. If you dream of spotlights instead of chandeliers, you need to understand the following. Lamps for fixtures are desirable to acquire no more than 35 watts, even light bulbs with a power of 50 watts can spoil everything. The stretch fabric has the property of quickly heating up, 50-watt tubes can make it melt. Unfortunately, such cases are no exception. Carefully choose lighting, be sure to ask professional installers with extensive experience.

If you want to put a two-level ceiling,Keep in mind that at the same time the price will grow two or three times than when installing a single-level ceiling. However, the appearance of such a ceiling is much better. The two-level ceiling perfectly fits even in small rooms, in addition, gives scope for choosing the color of the ceiling. As a rule, a single-level ceiling is chosen as the standard white or beige color. The double-level allows to dilute the room with bright colors or a combination of black and white, blue and gray, beige and red.

But all the favorite photo print does not always lookbeautiful. Of course, many connoisseurs dreamed of having an image or reproduction of their favorite picture on the ceiling, but such a ceiling very tired their eyes and bored. In addition, the price of photo printing on the ceiling is higher than that of any other. The white ceiling is the most standard color. But bright colors are put much less often.

One of the most beloved young girls remainsBlack, pink or red ceiling. The black ceiling looks fine in the bathroom, in small rooms, and also in combination with white. When choosing a black stretch ceiling, think about good lighting, lighting should be enough for the entire room. The black ceiling looks amazing, but it's worth remembering that a black canvas of a wide type can hardly be found. And, therefore, if the width of your room is more than 3 m, then there will be seams on the ceiling. Of course, the seams are not always noticeable, but if you know about them, then you will definitely notice. Also, the black stretch ceiling looks great in the bedroom, besides, it has a beautiful feature. In the dark, the ceiling reflects all the shadows and shapes, which can serve as an additional surprise for the lovers of the pair.

Red ceiling also looks good, especially inCombination with beige or gray. You should not make the main accent on red, you yourself will stop noticing how irritatingly and sharply it will look. It is enough that the red will be an additional color, shading a more calm shade. The pink ceiling is different from the red stretch, it looks much calmer, although it bothers you more quickly. If you can afford to change the apartment ceiling or do repairs every five years, then boldly choose bright shades.

Separately, it is worth talking about security. If you are flooded by neighbors or the roof leaks, you should not worry. In most cases, the leakage is easy to fix, it is enough to call a repair team. Drain the water from the ceiling, dry it, and you have a lot of problems.

What is important to know is the additional costs. Do not think that the expenditure of funds is only on the square meters of the ceiling. The final cost of the stretch ceiling will come in the cost of installing the chandelier, installing each spotlight. In addition, here, take and installation of the curtain, as well as additional costs for the pipe and additional angles. But given that the stretch ceiling you put not a couple of years, then these costs can be considered insignificant.

Please note that the glossy ceiling will beVisually increase the area of ​​your apartment. But it can look too bright, especially if you install a ceiling in the bedroom. However, the matte ceiling is considered too simple, in real life it looks just as perfectly aligned. It is best to make a stretch ceiling a combination of drywall or a matte and glossy material. There is a lot of room for fantasy, a two-level ceiling is absolutely any shape.

As well as any perfect beauty, stretch ceilingIs a fragile construction and does not tolerate a rapist attitude. Limit cleaning and washing the ceiling once every several years. To do this, a solution of soapy water is used. Do not use a powder, because its abrasive structure in undissolved form, is capable of rendering the ceiling.

With proper care in an accurate manner, your stretch ceiling will last a long time, and also will please you with its beautiful view.

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