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Vases in the interior: tips designers

Variety of shapes and materials for vases

This is really so. Vaz is a huge variety, they are variously bizarre forms, for flowers and just as decoration, from glass and ceramics. Modern vases are made of almost all materials: from wood, you can find vases from various metals, plastic vases and bamboo, from rattan, etc. In shops and at exhibitions, you can meet the most amazing shapes, with long necks, paunchy, flat and round, unusual curved shapes, rectangular, in the form of coffee pots or bowls and others. If uvas has a desire to make a variety in the interior, then pay attention to such an excellent opportunity and use vases.

How to choose the right vase?

Sometimes a huge variety of things interfereTo make the right choice, in the case of vases you definitely need to know where the vase will stand - on the table or on the floor, and for what it will be used. Neozadačivaetsya to pick up the vases on one style, even in one room in different places can stand absolutely different vases. When choosing, you can consider your furniture, although this is not necessary, because furniture can change, and vases stay.

Floor-standing vases

In fact, such vases can be distinguished from each otherOnly vysotote, outdoor vase begins at a height of about 40 cm. Those vases that nizhen will be so effective to look on the floor, it is better to put on neskolistoliki, coasters or shelves. Well and absolutely small vazochki are put on a kind, on tables, window sills and other places where will be appreciable and decorate an interior.

Also it is necessary to distinguish vases in form toCorrectly place the vase itself and what you want to put in it. For example, in a vase with a long elongated neck, a bouquet of dried flowers or a zeodin flower will look good, you can put twigs. If you have a large bouquet, then it is better to place it in a vase with a wide mouth and a decent volume. Modern lighting ornaments, artificial flowers with light-emitting diodes, etc., this is a separate theme, after all, in a vase does not necessarily have to put something.

We enter the vase

Holiday vases

Let's start with the festive decorationInterior in vases, because in most cases they appear on such days on the tables. In addition to the bouquets for Birthday, there are lots of holidays when the houses are decorated with flowers and plants, and the New Year period can accommodate all kinds of decorations. Sweets, light decorations are placed in transparent and plump vases, and large vases are filled with fruit. Two or three similar vases incredibly different room and make it festive.

But do not be limited to holidays, whichNot so much in the year, it is necessary to bring beauty to everyday life, so that the eye can look at it every day. It is worth paying attention to the constant decoration of a large dining table, to make it an element of decor in the form of a vase, it just will not prevent you. Such a vase on a permanent basis can be installed in the center of the table, and in the dining rooms, where large family tables, you can install a few vases.

Vase instead of emptiness

In addition to the fact that there are such styles of designArt, where the room is not replete with furniture, it also happens that there is nothing to put while. However, the excessive filling of the room is also not very good, and the void can be filled with a beautiful and harmoniously inscribed vase. To do this, use a special kind of vases, called interior, it is these vases that you can paint the interior of an almost empty room.

It is noteworthy that vases can be placed anywhere, poglum, along walls, in niches, on shelves, tables and window-sills, where furniture does not move and because of this the space of the room is empty.

In private houses, where there are fireplace niches andSpace under the stairs, ideal interior vases, there are even special fireplace vases made of metal for the fireplace tool. The space under the stairs can be filled with a beautiful ensemble of vases of various types and sizes.

Vase, as an expression of style

Some room decor or style, you can andEven need to emphasize the vases. Vases are very diverse and you can choose a certain style of vases just for your interior. In this case, they not only complement the interior, but also emphasize the style, and will simply become an integral part of this room. Modern and youthful styles perfectly emphasize the quaint shape of the wagon, made of metal or simply transparent. Such vases not only emphasize the style of high-tech or minimal interior, but will also become an element of this interior, with its unusual shape and color.

An interesting style is ethnic. Perhaps, here you can talk about the mandatory presence of vases with various drawings and ornaments. It is important to observe the style, for example, Egyptian drawings and cuneiform, Greek myths or simply folk style. Here you should rely more on taste, than on some fashion, it is important that the chosen ethnic style is liked by you.

There are original interiors, aged inEnvironmental-maritime-tropical style, for such interiors a vase of stone, ceramics, with a shell from the shell is wonderful. Also incredibly beautiful in this case will be mosaic vases, vases of ebony, bamboo or even clay.

Add brightness to your style

Given the variety of shapes and the more colors,You can paint the interior if it is not bright enough. Someone uses different luminaires, carpets or pillows, but the vase for this purpose is not just as good, but Ivo is many times better. Vase itself is an ornament, plus it can carry in itself elements of ornaments that can be changed regularly. In addition, the vase is such an element that it can be rearranged to any place in the room, it's unlikely that you will take the cushion from the couch and put it on the table, the avash from the shelf can fit perfectly on the table.

Selection of the color of the vase

It's not worth dwelling on some kind ofRules, choose colors for your taste. In this case, it is necessary to consider only the features and colors of furniture. Even a different color vase can perfectly fit against the background of any walls, while it will become a stylish addition. However, now it is not difficult to get a vase in color, taking into account both furniture and walls, one vase can contain 3-5 colors. Plus, you can deliberately place different colors and shapes in one room and believe me, this will bring originality to the interior of the premises.

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