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Brown in the interior

A single harmony in the interior can createBrown color: brown can be ceiling, walls, floor, carpets, furniture, bedspreads, curtains, accessories and decorations. You can be sure that this rather difficult and creative process of filling the room with color energy will give you many positive emotions.

Brown color is the color of the bark of a tree, soil,Autumnalists, mountain stones and straw, that is, the brown color is natural, natural. Moreover, the colors in the earth tones symbolize the stability of the ground, therefore they are suitable for a balanced and calm people. The interior in brown tones favorably affects a person, namely, removes fatigue and soothes, helps cope with irritability.

General recommendations when using the brown palette in the interior

Brown shades are neutral colors. In fact, there are a lot of brown shades - from caramel and beige to dark chocolate and chestnut.

Today there is a huge number of interiors- this is a simple interior and the most solid, which are decorated with brown shades. The presence in the interior of brown color inspires quality and durability. However, it is not recommended to completely decorate the residential premises in brown tones. But to combine the brown color with other colors, the water can be seen indefinitely. Brown colors have one feature - they can cross one another very smoothly. Creating a contrasting interior of the white-brown color can be achieved in a room of harmonious combination.

Brown range of colors can safely chooseLovers of abstract pattern. To decorate almost any room you can use geometric patterns with the use of brown shades. In this case, you can use different variations.

The main color in the manufacture of furniture was andThere is a brown color that will never come out of fashion. Also this color is widely used in the design of stretch ceilings. The floor of brown shades will become a decoration of any interior.

Hallway in brown flowers

The hallway is the face of the whole house, therefore veryIt is important in kakihona tones. To decorate the hallway very often use brown tones, which give it an impressive and solid look. Sometimes the hall is decorated in a darker color. The walls in the hallway can be made of natural wood, which can be supplemented with decorative elements, and natural floorboards or parquet can fit for the floor. To the interior of the hallway was elegant and interesting, you can combine brown with orange.

Brown color in the decoration of the living room

In this case, the brown color can be combined withThe color of a red tree that shimmers with golden threads, all this will look good, especially if sunlight hits it. A modern backlight included in the evening, falling on such a background, will create an irresistible beauty. The interior of the brown living room can be decorated with accessories and / or ornaments of fake and silver.

The living room can be decorated in brown and green colors.Brown color is well combined with the color of the first flowering, spring foliage, ripe green apple, olives or pine needles. The interior in such colors raises the mood, and as it is considered harmonious and soft, it is able to contribute a portion of optimism.

Kitchen in brown tones

For the design of the kitchen are equally suitable asDark brown shades, and light. To raise the morning mood, and just to be pleasant to watch, the working surface of the kitchen set and the walls should be in beige or cream colors. The color range of this kitchen interior is diluted with colored facades of a kitchen set, chairs and a table, curtains and other small accessories. Cheer up the morning for a cup of coffee, will help a combination of brown with a turquoise or blue shade. When decorating the kitchen, the brown color is perfectly combined not only with beige color, but also with green and yellow. If the kitchen is decorated in a brown-yellow or brown-green tones, it will look brighter and fresh. More brave, active and confident people brown color can combine with red shades.

Bedroom in brown tones

The bedroom, of course, is best done inBeige-brown tones with the addition of cream, light brown and beige shades. Such color shades visually expand the space and are immersed in weightlessness. When decorating a bedroom, brown colors can be safely combined with a yellow, reddish-orange color, as they are related tones. For a bedroom with brown floors and walls, white-colored furniture is perfect. If the walls are white and furniture colors are darker, then the bedroom will be filled with light and freshness. The bedroom can also be fully furnished in dark colors. If the shades are chosen correctly, then the romantic atmosphere will reign supreme, in which it will be possible to retire and forget about problems, to immerse oneself in pleasures.

Children's room in brown shades

Children's furniture brown will be greatLook peach, peach or blue wallpaper. To curtain the joy and good mood in the children's room, curtains, paintings, drawings, baby bed sheets and blankets should have bright accents. The combination of brown and beige will be an excellent solution for the children's room. For the girl's room, a profitable solution will be the interior in white and brown tones, for the boy's room the gray-brown interior is ideally suited. Furniture for newborns must be made of natural beige or brown tones. Furniture of such shades will be beneficial to combine and look with other colors present in the room.

Brown color bathroom decoration

Equipping the bathroom can be safely combinedCold warm colors, for example, a brown color can be combined with blue, blue or turquoise. You can also use the accents of red, yellow and pink colors. Tile for the bathroom brown shades will look well with the appropriate accessories (curtain for the bathroom, soap box, rug, laundry basket, lid for the toilet) brown. A winning option for the bathroom is a combination of brown facades, walls and furniture with white plumbing.

Brown color today is widely used in the design of the apartments, houses, dachas, and, combined with other colors, saturates the room with comfort and comfort.

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