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Rules for the color of curtains

For the right choice there are someRigorous rules that should be observed, for example, a light and cool tone will absorb sunlight, and bright tones, on the contrary, add it. In addition, there are rooms in which you do not need to emphasize the color gamut, but, on the contrary, you need to fit into the decor elements, here you can find the texture, the style of the curtains, perhaps in style. However, in any situation associated with the design business you need to have some artistic taste. Of course, not all people have an impeccable look at colors, so below are suggestions that will help you avoid mistakes.

Rules and tips for raising curtains

Selection with savings of funds

In order not to lose with the color, select yourNew portiere or curtains in the tone of the color of the furniture. Do not make a standard error when the cups are bought under the color of the wallpaper, agree that the wallpaper can be pasted a month later, and the furniture for years is worth it. Therefore, be guided by what is more expensive and you will save money.

For all occasions

This option is suitable for those in the room forSome reason is multicolored, in this case it is not clear what to orient. Noorientir is, look around the room and select the most visible and large object from the furniture. This can be anything, carpet on the wall or floor, sofa seats, and choose the color of the curtains under it, in this situation, this is the right decision.

Neutral tones

Not everyone is involved in repairInvites designer stylistics, but with his own taste, there are often misfires. In this case, do not be wise, but choose the most usual, not variegated, and neutral tones. It is beige or cream color, generally calm and light tone, this tone does not go out of fashion, and the absence of any ornaments or eye-catching drawings will not change when changing furniture or Wallpaper.

Adding color

If you decide to resort to using the aboveDescribed the option with neutral tones, then you always have the opportunity to supplement them with some inserts. These inserts can be combined with other colors of the interior, you can add lambrequin to the tone of the furniture or to let the edge of the curtains in the color with carpets, etc.

Orientation to the window

In any case, the view always falls on the window,Even if it is empty and without curtains at all. Therefore, if you have problems with color solutions in your room or have furniture that you would not like to pay attention to, then draw out the curtains. In this case, the color of curtains should be chosen brighter, with patterns or patterns, striped or in a box. If this is not enough, then make the addition, complement the elements of the interior with colors harmonious with the curtains. You can make the sofa pads in color to the curtains or table cloth on the table, napkins and stuff.

Variety of colors

So often happens, when for years of life in a roomGathered a furniture and other elements of absolutely different colors. In this case, do not rush in to this nalapistomu variety, add more and colorful curtains. On the contrary, get a neutral and calm tone, do not load your eyes, color can be selected under the simplest element of furniture or the color of the wall.

Monochrome color

To create or emphasize a monochrome interior, it is not necessary to choose the exact color of curtains. Quite enough will pick up the similar tone, the main task is to separate the window from the colors of the room.

Color / Room Ratios

Many people know that some colors can visually add a room to a room, while others can reduce it, so it is extremely important before choosing a color to determine your wishes.

For example, warm colors, starting with yellow, ending with a violet-red, will bring the window closer and increase it visually.

At the same time, the colors of so-called cold tones, will remove the window and reduce it, but at the same time increase the volume of the room.

Remember, cold shades increase the visual volume of the room, and warm colors accordingly make the room smaller.

Selection of curtain color for different rooms

Agree, the color of curtains should not be combinedOnly with the colors of the interior, but also with what kind of room it is, what function it performs in the apartment, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom, these are different rooms. In the bedroom it is necessary to create the most relaxing atmosphere, and colors should correspond accordingly. While in the living room, you can add bright colors and cheerful colors, however, here the main thing is to fit the color of the curtains into the overall color scheme. If you select colors for the rest room, then dark colors, blue, shades of green, dark cream and the like are recommended.

Kitchen curtains. Although the kitchen seems a fairly simple room, butThere is one problem here. As a rule, kitchens are very small in size, while still need to take into account the elements of the interior. To increase it is necessary to choose the appropriate tone, and under the furniture it is necessary to choose curtains depending on the elements themselves. Often suited stilkantri, classical style, if the kitchen and renovation are made in modern style, just right to choose curtains in the style of hi-tech.

In any case, pay attention to the center of the window, it can not be permanently closed, you need light, then focus on the edge of the curtain, and they can be decorated with any additions.

Color combinations

Probably, many noticed that coming toShops, you can get from experts recommendations in the acquisition of modern and trendy curtains, which would not have looked at. It is not necessary to emphasize fashion, it is constantly changing, and if you do not like the offer, be it at least three times trendy, do not buy such curtains. Buy what your eye liked, and it will coincide with your interior.

Sometimes you can find almost entirely white colorCurtains, although such a color contributes to the visual increase, nevertheless, the simplicity of iodine-tonality does not decorate your interior and does not emphasize anything. It is desirable to combine white color with beige color, pink tones.

Yellow curtains - very interesting and pleasantColor, visually increase the volume of the room, pleasant to the eye and does not bother. Such a tnshttor ideally fits in the office or in the living room, as well as for the children's room.

The green variety of shades is greatSuitable for a living room, given that the green can be very many tones, it will fit for any room. He bears calmness, because it will also look great in the bedroom.

Blue, this is a relaxing color, but itCold room, it will look great in a compartment with white or other light-light. Do not use it in a room with dark tones, it will muffle the remnants of the light too much.

The curtains are red. In its pure form, this excess, in the apartment it is difficult to find an interior for purely red curtains. This is a pretty heavy color for the eyes and subconscious. Therefore, red color will be a wonderful addition for light and warm tones.

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