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Feng Shui Health: Tips and Talismans

A factor that is inThe remaining eight areas of human being, is health. Of course, health according to the teachings of feng shui predetermines a harmonious equilibrium in the system environment - a person. It's very easy to check. After all, as soon as health worsens, problems immediately begin to arise in relationships with colleagues, superiors, family members, and the creative ability to create something is lost. Therefore, it only remains to recognize that only a completely healthy person can fully experience the fullness of life. And here it can be stated that, since health is closely related to the rest of the households, its quality depends directly on the home environment.

If you believe the philosophy of Feng Shui, then the health zoneIt is located in the eastern part of the house and it must always be maintained in perfect order. Nokazhdaya zone, including the eastern, intersects with the rest, znachit necessarily passes through the center of the apartment. The sector, located in the east, is considered the sector of the Tree, which implies the location of wooden things, living plants, aquariums, various living fountains, paintings and canvases by the disfigurement of water smoothings, as well as blue and black colors in the finishing materials of the room.

The tree, executed by technology, will beBeautiful ornamentation of the terrier, like the landscape of a pine forest or any dense green vegetation. Also a basket with fruits, both alive and porcelain, whose number should be 5 or 9, is also perfect. The image or figures of deer are also perfect for decorating this zone, because . It is this animal that is considered the symbol of long life.

Causes of ailment by Feng Shui

Those who came across this eastern philosophy,Know that positive energy can both attract all dwelling, and unconsciously push it away. One of such obstacles are all protruding and sharp corners, as well as suspension beams, shelves and shelves. In feng shui, this is called "poisoned arrows". In order to protect yourself as much as possible from their harmful effects, it is necessary to isolate themselves by climbing plants, bells, crystals or drapery.

The most harmful factor for health isThe neighborhood of the bedroom with a bathroom, kitchen or toilet, especially if to the wall near which your bed is on the back there is a bath, a toilet or a stove.

Unsuitable energy can be left to the newInhabitants and inherited from previous residents. The bed can not be placed in the same place where a seriously ill person was lying before, as well as if this place was a permanent stumbling block or an object of frequent disputes. If this was the case, then it is worthwhile to invite a priest who will conduct the necessary rite of purification.

Ways to improve the house by Feng Shui

Healthy energy is created and maintained withusing airing. The various forms of ablution of the dwelling are also useful for him. For example, in a bucket of water, add a few drops of essential oil and wetting a cloth in water to wipe all surfaces in the water. Fill with water from zeal is not worth it, it will badly affect the quality of polished surfaces.

The bell can also be used as an originalcleansing agent. To do this, it is necessary to go around with the bell all-standard and secluded corners in the room. For energy cleaning it is very useful to get rid of unnecessary things that do not serve any specific purpose just clutter up shelves of cabinets or racks. Already the analysis of things of the similar kind will allow to remove a part of negative energy.

However, in itself, housing is only a small partthat can have an impact on health. It always follows to pay attention to what is located outside of your windows. It's good if they have a view of the avenue, the park or the garden, but with a graveyard theme and a hospital pause, you need to do something urgently. One way to reduce negative energy is decorating the room with checkered curtains, as well as placing plants with bright red inflorescences on the windowsill.

Talismans protecting health by Feng Shui

Strengthen the health zone on the East mascot,which have a positive charge of energy, and can also bring a mood for longevity and health. Such talismans include the crane, pine, peach, bamboo and deer.

It would be great to get a square or round shape and put it on the center of the apartment. The red cloth activates and strengthens its positive energy.

One of the traditional symbols of healthEastern philosophy are the starry Chinese elders, namely Foo-hsin, Lu-hsing and Shou-shin, who is responsible for longevity health. Traditionally, this trinity is placed in the center of the house, in the family center of the whole family, as well as in the sector of assistants - the north-western sector. Lu-sin keeps a scroll in his hands and is responsible for the children's upbringing, Fu-chin and his scepter serve as a symbol of happiness and well-being , and here's Shou-shin for the health of all the inhabitants of this house.

The use of stellar is old-age. But placing them together increases the likelihood of attracting luck to the house. If these three are nearby, they should be properly placed. Fu-ching should be in the center.

Peach is also a symbol of health. It can be made of porcelain or stone. And the crystal lathos is considered a symbol of happiness, health, wealth and beauty. It is supposed that the lotus can bring a huge amount of positive energy to the house, and if you believe the legend, it bears longevity, health, performs a protective function from infertility of harmful energy, and improves memory and attention. The talismans of well being are also cranes, which they prefer to depict on a pine forest.

You must always remember that.that the health zone not only penetrates all other zones, but also passes through the center of the dwelling, which must be kept clean and in order as possible, because the sensitivity of this sector will contribute to frequent ailments and a strong sense of fatigue. Sometimes it is necessary to detach yourself from reality and look critically to understand that you can now throw out, remove or revise, especially in the center. If you remember the arrangement of the Chinese houses, then a small, but always neat, clean and well-tended courtyard will rush into the eyes, the center of which is always clean and free.

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