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How to create a cosiness in the kitchen

It is to ensure that the kitchen was not boredCook, often women create a cozy and comfortable environment there, this may apply to kitchen furniture or simply original solutions. It is not always possible to build a kitchen with the latest technology and even buy furniture, but this is not the case, skillful hands and desire to fix everything.

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen, like any room, needsCorrect original lighting, which will be effective, hide the shortcomings and highlight the bright side. The modern solution for today is the fixtures with sliding cords, they are stretched to the desired length and create different lighting. Such small and economical lamps can be hung over the table, separately above the washstand and somewhere near the window or the corner sofa. When they are not needed, they can be removed to the ceiling or, conversely, lowered low over a certain place.

Decorative glass

Glass in the kitchen looks natural and beautiful,The soothing glass that allows you to cook on it or something to keep. Today, a very rich selection of glass tables, different shapes, sizes, single and double, with engraving and patterns. There are special double glasses, between which there are any decorations, flowers, etc. Also there were many different vases, glassware of bizarre shapes, and other kinds of ornaments.

Panel from glass blocks

This panel is located in the dining area. The point is that such blocks are then highlighted, each separately, they create a kitchen in the unlikely comfort and romance.

Mirror decoration

If your kitchen is not very big, then it can beZoom in visually, select for this free area of ​​the wall and install there a mirror unit. But you should take care of the strength and integrity of the glass, use special tempered mirrors. Also it is worth remembering that any glass in the kitchen quickly becomes cloudy and dirty, so you should regularly look after it.

Window design

Under the design of windows is meant curtains, ifEliminate practical, but cold shutters, then stop on the material. You should take into account the cuisine of the kitchen, and, of course, use a cozy and warm tone, material and shape for your taste, novelty and tone are important here.


For a while, a table without a tablecloth was notIs actual, then somehow the fashion has for a short time been changed and the surface of the tables began to be made so as not to use tablecloths. But still the tablecloth makes the kitchen stand special, pleasant, having a family meal. Be sure to appreciate the table with a beautiful tablecloth, and you will understand this big difference.

Decoration with napkins

Napkins in the kitchen are both practical, soand aesthetic character. For beauty it is possible to use silk colored wipes, for use there are dozens of voluminous practical and comfortable napkins. In addition, at the dinner table are very necessary for paper and cloth.

Kitchen jars for specials and other things

There are a lot of such jars, any shapes andmaterials. It is convenient to store cereals, spices, use them as sugar bowls and saltcellars, as peppermints. Agree, this is much more practical and beautiful than a sriss bag or a three-liter can of flour. These jars are put on open kitchen shelves and just in the lockers, very nice and comfortable, and most importantly, the products are well preserved.

Aprons, crochets, aprons

All this is an integral attribute of the kitchen, and not justkakukrashenie, but also as acting and necessary items. Of course, this does not mean that each of the items will be involved, however, the economy of ukrasota will add significantly. It would be nice if all your textile interior items match the tone and coloring, as with each other, and with the interior of the kitchen.

Do not be afraid of art

This applies, above all, to the old kitchenfurniture, which has been for more than a decade. It also happens that furniture was bought by different people, at different times and does not coincide in any way with flowers. Here you and vyshdalshanse pohudozhnichat, you can use stencils, various aerosols or oil paints, it all depends on your imagination. Sometimes when you do not make sense, fear of spoiling or lack of taste, it makes sense to call a real artist, you can ask friends who have at least some talent in this.

Fruits and Vegetables

Such compositions perfectly adorn andstress stilkuchni. You can put fruits in deep plates, on the windowsill arrange vegetables from your own garden. Look great garlic or onions, so to speak folk, rustic motif, on the walls or in the corners, in general, everything depends on taste and preferences. It will not be superfluous to have a bouquet of unpretentious field chamomiles or other flowers.

A little creativity

If the family has children, it is definitely worth itinvolve their art. You can choose from ready-made drawings or ask them specifically for the kitchen to draw a couple of pictures. Now the pope's turn, he needs to make incredible efforts and make wooden frames for these kartonokili go to the store and buy ready. Such pictures, made by children's hands, will be more expensive than all ornaments.

Some landladies still remember what art crocheting is, it's just wonderful, you can tie both tablecloths and small napkins yourself, and just lace for decoration.

Having borrowed an ornament, do not forget thatthe kitchen is a non-estate, and it is necessary to prepare food for it. Therefore, everything that you decorate the interior, should be practical, it should not interfere, violate security, everything should be practical and not overload a small room.

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