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Working area of ​​the kitchen: several tips for its design

In connection with the limited kitchen furniture set,the situation can be varied. This is achieved either by changing the desktop, washing and stoving or using unusual finishing materials for decoration, which will help not only to diversify and improve the kitchen, but also to make it unique and unique in its kind.

Apron kitchen work area

This is one of the most expressiveelements, for the implementation of which there is a whole range of modern materials combining durability, durability, functionality, luxury and grace. For example, skinned - this panel of the original design carries both a decorative and protective function. Its location - kitchen aptuk.Zakalennoe impact-resistant glass, from which it is made, is resistant to temperature changes, as well as the effects of water and hot fat. This is a quality not only for cooking, but also for cleaning, because hygiene nakuchne plays far from the last role, and the use of various chemicals is harmful to both health and surfaces.

But the greatest merit of thethe possibility of decorating it with a drawing that can be unsympathetic (semantic, fun). This is due to the large-format photo printing. With its help, the pattern is transferred to the reverse side of the glass, whose ends are tightly sealed to avoid water ingress of the image. Do skins have an advantage even before the ceramic tiles, this is the absence of any seams and joints, as well as trowelling materials. The perfect flat surface is much more convenient and faster.

The length of the skins can be up to 3 meters, but forcovering the entire side wall of the wall will need to join several glass panels. To achieve a greater effect, you can use LED lighting, which will help revive the picture on the glass, for example, the underwater world.

Lighting options for kitchen work area

In the arsenal of lighting in the working area, you can put such properties as:

  • basic lighting;
  • decorative light;
  • The original night light in the dark.

The last point brings to the usual eating of the cherished cheese piece a kind of mystery.

Most kitchens except the axle light sourcenothing is used, but such an arrangement often causes a deterioration in vision, because creates a shadow on the working surface. With the spread of suspended ceilings, spotlighters began to be used, which predominated above the working surface. If similar luminaries are also rotary, then their light can be sent in any convenient direction.

A real discovery can be the LED strip. In addition to the standard white glow, LEDs can shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, or smoothly flow from one shade to another. With its help, almost everything can be illuminated: an apron, hanging cabinets, floor stands, a table top, a baseboard, a window sill and even a ceiling.

In the presence of finance, it is possible to organizeoriginal lighting using hanging chandeliers or lamps, the attachment of which is directly above the work surface. However, their placement should prevent the very preparation of food.

Table Top Design

The central element of the working area is theworking kitchen table, which actually indicates the working area of ​​the kitchen. Even such an uncomplicated process as slicing bread or cheese requires the presence of some surface, especially for grinding, stirring or rubbing. For the design of the original countertop, you can choose a non-standard coloring, as well as perform it from glass, marble, granite or crockery.

If the kitchen is made in light colors, then darkThe table top, for example gray or black, will have a chic look in the light frame of the wall cabinets and floor stands. Various bright variants are possible, for example, the ultramarine countertop surrounded by black cupboards is dark purple in the counter in combination with white cabinets. You can experiment how much your heart desires, and for especially exacting customers many companies provide for countertops imitating natural colors of wood and stone.

About such materials as real or artificialstone, granite or marble and can not speak. The use of these materials gives special nobility, and also avoids scratches of deformations due to temperature differences.

One of the most modern and elegant yetThe strength of this material is that its color range can be precisely selected in accordance with the finish of the kitchen.

Speaking of countertops in principle, you need to doemphasis on the spatial location of the working area. After all, it can be located near one of the side walls, and near the window opening. Any sill can be quickly and easily converted into a working area. For this, the window sill is removed, and the table top is installed in its place. If it is possible to place and distribute pipes, then in the same area you can transfer and wash with a split.

The organization of the working surface described abovekitchen is popular in small apartments, because this arrangement allows to expand the used space of the kitchen quite enough, and for the original design in the country house, a country house, under the window of which it is possible to break an eternally blooming garden. Harmony with nature has always been of great importance, and this kind of organization will make it possible to observe a labor, for example, bees, which always caused delight. In addition, the adjustment to the indifferent mode has never interfered in such a responsible business as cooking food.

From all of the above, it can be concluded thatDespite the fact that the working area of ​​the kitchen is present virtually everywhere, its organization and design can look absolutely different. The choice of materials alone will make it possible for your kitchen to be unique and original. In the presence of a rich imagination, the kitchen can be turned into the most visited room in the house, which is capable not only of consuming delicious smells, but also beckoning with an unusual cosiness, creating an excellent combat set-up for the whole day, regardless of the weather conditions.

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