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Purple color in the interior

It should be noted that it is not at all necessary to raise your headInterior to avoid the presence of violet, because the psyche is able to act quite positively. The purple tint in the rooms is able to stimulate imagination and creative thinking, it also has properties to soothe nerves and helps to concentrate. Violet color can enhance your mood.

This does not apply to such rooms, in whichRather gloomy tones of violet shades are used, although such are used in the interior. Thus, each person has his own taste for the tints used. And the violet color is quite diverse. This includes the following shades: lilac, having a slightly purple hue; Pure purple; Lilac, which is a light violet-pink color; Purple, which is a vivid purple-violet color; Lavender, with a pearl pink-lilac shade. We listed only popular and often used shades, but the possibilities of violet are much wider.

Different variations of violet may beNot only unusual, but also able to surprise. In this color there is something magical, attractive, and this is due to the fact that in olden times monarchs always chose the presence of this shade in their walks.

Where in the interior should use a purple color?

Most often the purple color is used in the children's room. This is really right, because purple tones, thus, will create a creative atmosphere for the development of the child.

For girls room design is excellentSuitedhair shade. Most girls, as many know, tend to tint, and adults do not always share such preferences. In this case, a gentle shade of lilac will be an excellent alternative solution, as well as a similar color will give a lot of positive and will charge with joyful emotions.

Girls in their teensOften hesitate in choosing a pink color, because they consider it more childish. And here, too, purple will come to the aid with a variety of different shades that may be close to pink, but at the same time be more complex and versatile.

Purple color can often be seen in the designBedrooms. Violet, like blue, is able to relax and calm, and the presence of red makes the interior warmer and more cozy. Making a bedroom in a similar color is perfect for a couple. It is worth noting that the excessive presence of violet can also affect the interior of the bedroom, making it gloomy. But if you add the presence of a secondary color, the result will be surprising.

Purple is used in living roomsMuch less often than in bedrooms and nurseries. Basically, this color has its presence in modern living rooms, for example in the style of classicism, baroque, rococo - it is here that this color is perfectly combined with the shades of gold and silver.

For the living rooms of the oriental style,Purple color tone. In the style of hi-tech or in the modern, the interior of the violet is well used, since it is equated with the colorunion. This applies to living rooms, baths or kitchens.

Note that for the kitchen violet is notEspecially suits, because it does not contribute to appetite. But still for the kitchen you can choose some shades that contribute to the development of appetite - this is an eggplant, plum, etc. So, the interior of the kitchen will become quite cozy and "edible". It is very important to remember that with shades of violet it is not worth overdoing. He must be present in one thing, for example, in furnishing furniture or walls. A similar color can be supported by the presence of some accessories, but they should be present in a small amount.

As for kitchen furniture, the violetHere it will look quite effective. Choosing a kitchen with prisutstviemfioletovyh facade, should be given preference to furnish priglushennogoharaktera and other kitchen furnishings with simple objects. After all, in the case, if in the kitchen furniture there will be effective facilities in a large number - there will be a sense of conglomeration and congestion.

With what should the interior combine the violet color

The violet shade has its own additional colors - it is light green and yellow. Due to which purple perfectly combines and harmonizes with them. But the most important role is played, of course, shades.

Purple has its own floristic shades, this isLavender, lilac, purple, which perfectly harmonize with a gentle-green. It can be assumed that this combination was thought out by nature and therefore will always please the eye. In this lilac-green interior, joy, freshness and cleanliness are felt. Note that the violet is also interesting with the khaki color.

Purple is not a good partner for a boyfriendYellow, but it can perfectly be combined with its light shades, so called pudrovye, which are able to harmonize absolutely with any vacuum of violet. Sufficiently effective and elegant colors such as cream-lilac, beige-violet, etc.

The combination of violet with shades of gilded light orange and golden yellow looks also quite acceptable.

Note that violet has an excellent combination withgray and chocolate shades. Less commonly, violet is combined with bright red and orange shades, as well as with shades of black. Black can only be used with violet if it is assumed that it is of the third color, neutral, for example white or powder.

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