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Black wallpapers in the interior

Variety, choice and taste

To date, the wallpaper market isVariety of characters with the presence of black color, which can be chosen even by the most demanding person. There are also black wallpapers, not to say that they are very popular, blackish, mixed with other accompanying colors, with a gloss and a pen, with bizarre invoices, this is quite another matter. There are many lovers of this style, and the wallpaper itself does not seem gloomy, but, on the contrary, looking very original and in some interiors just perfectly fit.

In addition to black, white always goes, andOf course it's there, black and white wallpaper with an interesting texture and beautiful drawing look very attractive. However, it is worth noting that such a sharp contrast is not every eye can withstand a long time. But this does not mean that they do not have a place in the house, it's just that they just need to find the right place for them, where they will not constantly fall on the eyes. Typically, these are the rear walls in the living rooms, a black and white wall with a large home theater will look perfect. This is an optional condition, where and how to use black and black and white wallpaper to decide only the owner and his taste. Often you can meet on a black background oboevoobraznye colored drawings, someone is not clear, but for someone this is an ideal style.

Where to use the black wallpapers?

Strangely enough, many designers recommendUse a black color in the bedrooms of the spouses, this gives an intimate atmosphere to a certain mystery, passion, in addition, black color will emphasize virtually any furniture. In combination with different colors for the taste of the owner, black wallpapers will perfectly decorate the men's bedroom, this is austerity and brutality.

Also great will look black wallpapers inBighallah or living rooms, they are great for a cabinet or in a room that connects several offices. In this case, it is recommended to dilute black with a few light colors, metallic, beige, white. The fact is that the office is a place of peace, reflection and concentration, black color with unpretentious drawings, it is perfectly suitable for this, although again it tastes good.

As for the living room, then much depends on theSized rooms, but in any case, do not zealous with black, otherwise it will be a dull and frightening room, and she, on the contrary, is called to greet guests. You need to be careful about the living room, because even if you like it yourself, you need to think about the guests.

It is not recommended to use black wallpapers inFirstly, this room, which meets guests first and a black, gloomy tone, clearly does not please a person. Secondly, a small room of black color looks very damaging and resembles a crypt.

If we talk about corridor rooms and halls, thenHere it is perfectly permissible to cover some walls or fragments with black wallpaper. But in no case is not the whole room. In such moments, if you do not really rely on our taste, you can turn to the design catalogs and see all possible options, or directly contact the designers.

Children's rooms, this is definitely not the place for blacksYou should avoid even partial use of black flowers in children's wallpapers. If you want to add a little dark tone to the child's room, then refer to the brown or blue shades.

If you want to arrange a black wallpaper in the kitchen,Then first estimate the size of the kitchen, it should not be a small Khrushchev's kitchen, and even with a large area should be divided into black wallpaper only one wall. Do not forget about two things, dark, and the more so the black tone reduces the volume of the room, another thing is that it will be a little difficult to eat in the black kitchen, but in general the kitchen asks for light, fruit and warmth.

Turning again to small rooms, it should be said that there may even be small halls, dressing rooms and vestibules, ie relatively small and black color there will also be out of place.

The choice of black wallpaper, depending on the style

In modern styles, black wallpapers are veryIn demand, for example, in youth styles as hi-tech and minimal. In the case of minimalism, everything is clear, everything comes down to simplicity and minimality, down to color for wallpaper - the fewer colors, the better. In the colors minimal is welcomed monochrome, two colors, in some moments it is allowed to be of its own color. Black with small white inserts wallpaper will in this case is ideal.

If we talk about the newfangled styles, then in the glamorousStyle or non-barocco, black wallpapers are used with golden or silver embossing, rich drawings, in the case of glamor it adds luxury and saturation.

Combination of colors with black wallpaper

Almost any modern style canInclude the appearance of black wallpapers, but at the same time they are skillfully combined with other colors and elements of the interior. In general, to emphasize, one wall is covered with black wallpaper, while the wall should not be on a permanent place. In the hotel, such a wall should be located behind a large sofa, as a rule, there is one. In the bedroom, a wall with black wallpaper will best look behind the bed. In a large room with a large TV or home theater, you can make a wall on which all this equipment will be located. In this case, the picture and sound will give zhivostienene, black wallpaper perfectly fit the TV wall. In any case, do not get carried away by the black color, such wallpaper should be placed fragmentarily.

The best color for combining

The choice of color depends taste, if we talk aboutStandard, it is, of course, white. It compensates blackness in black, and black dilutes solid whiteness, but as already mentioned, such a sharp contrast is too complex for vision. Therefore, it is recommended to use warm colors such as cream, beige tone is very good by adding patterns from gilding or silver.

It is often possible to find a combination of black and gray, light gray looks harmonious, but for an apartment such tones are clearly not the best, or at least a gray color should be decorated with drawings with silver.

Wallpapers and furniture

If you are choosing furniture for the color of the walls, which is notQuite naturally, then it will look harmonious silvery or white furniture, because the silver is a kind of mirror. Also, any polished furniture or glossy will look good, it is important that the surface of furniture has the property of reflection.

Sometimes not naturally bright colors, such asgreen or green-green look very contrasted against the black background of the wall, but at the same time such an element of furniture should be in the company, and not stand alone among the blackroom.

It is not recommended to use the usual brown wood furniture, although it does not spoil the appearance, but it looks absolutely inexpressive and is simply lost on a black background.

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