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9 best places to stay in Russia

You can spend your holidays in our country without leaving your homeland, after all, you can enjoy the beauty of your native nature, and at the same time save your family budget.

So, the 9 best holiday destinations in Russia

1. Lake Baikal
For example, you can visit Baikal - a place whereThere are a huge number of lakes that are large and huge in size and area, and also have a huge supply of freshwater. Such a place is unique with its unusual vegetation and beauty of the underwater world, and fishing will give you unforgettable impressions that will remain in your memory for a long time.

2. The Caspian Sea
For lovers to spend their free time near the seaThe ideal option will be rest near the Caspian Sea. This place is famous for more than a decade for the purity of water and a huge amount of the most diverse fish, which is very easy to get. Bathing in warm and clean water, sunbathing on sunny sandy beaches can not be compared not with one foreign resort.

3. Kaliningrad
As for Kaliningrad, this is the very thingAn original and unique place on our planet, because it is located separately from all cities and resembles a kind of inhabited island, unlike other Russian cities. This city has its historical and cultural values ​​and sights that are worth visiting and getting to know the traditions and customs of the local Russian population.

4. Mountain Shoria
For lovers of active sports, perfect rest in Mountain Shoria, which is famous for its ski resorts, where the weather is fine, the climate is mild, the snow is soft and soft.

5. Khakassia
The very first and oldest place on Russian soilIt is considered to be Khakassia, where the first tribes settled, there it is worth paying worthy attention to the historical monuments of culture, as well as to the first museums, which still have not lost their original appearance.

6. Sea of ​​Azov
But the Azov Sea has acquired a hugePopularity is that it is not very deep and well warmed even in those days when the cool and rainy weather reigns, so family rest will be held here as never before.

7. The Black Sea
On the Black Sea with a great desire, you canTo spend a colossal holiday, since this place is the most famous of all Russian resorts, because representatives of different countries, travelers and tourists come here. Such resort is famous for the highest service, sandy beaches, various entertainments, unusual beauties and landscapes.

8. Kamchatka
But Kamchatka is unique in its vegetationAnd the animal world, and active volcanoes, as well as unique landscapes that you will not find anywhere else. It is here that the pristine and pristine nature, not disturbed ecosystem, thanks to which pure and fresh air prevails, which you will not meet in the metropolis.

9. Altai
Altai is rich with its unique places, because here you can try a variety of sports: hiking, climbing, and, of course, rafting.

The choice of a holiday destination depends on the tastesAnd the preferences of the holidaymaker, but why go somewhere far, if you can relax in Russia and get a sea of ​​impressions and emotions that will be remembered for life.
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