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Extreme vacation in Ukraine

Rope Park for All

Maybe you think that the rope park isonly adult leisure? But do not rush to conclusions. In fact, in modern conditions of development of the society, entire children's complexes have been created on the territory of Ukraine. From this entertainment it is possible to make a big profit.

First, leisure can be made family: so that both children and adults have something to do. Secondly, you will develop muscles and joints, which is quite good for raising the tone. Also, the fresh air of the forest will benefit. Thirdly, the adventure always caused exciting feelings. Agree, where else you can get just a pleasure and at the same time not be afraid for children who will be under the careful supervision of professional trainers, and also will not be afraid of getting injured. After all, such parks are created according to European standards and not only instructing and supervising, but also special technical equipment. If you have the opportunity to lead a family into the forest, in order to give the couple a three-hour rest, this step will pay off many times.

Similar parks are created in many regional centers, for example: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Alushta, Vinnitsa, Lviv region and others.

Adult and child carting

This kind of extreme rest is also largelyseduces lovers of driving. But not only fast racing and the sound of the motor lead to the popularity of karting, but also its variety. As in the case of a rope park, karting is also divided into adult and child. There are special children's tracks where kids can afford to feel the "adult" charms. Children from a small age will have sufficient driving experience, which will have a good effect on their future.

If you want to improve drivingskills or feel like a real rider, then contact the karting club. This type of sporting events, unlike many others, is available to both sexes, so you can go to the race together with the second half and compete for the right of primacy.

If you go to the track and try to driveoutside the city, you can not relax until the end and be confident in the safety of the road. With the carting all the different, because for this sport all the necessary precautions have been taken. You are given helmets and other means of protection. In addition, the self-track is made to the best standards and, of course, there are no pits, no boogie on it, etc. The machines themselves are quite easy to manage. It is all the above described factors take into account extras that compare the level of injuries in various sports. It's safe to say that go-karting is one of the safest entertainment.

In order to get a charge of energy, visit the tracks in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, etc.

A climbing wall for a good figure

Skalodromy performs many functions. Many go to classes in order to later try their hand at real life. For example, some students afterwards go to the Crimean mountains or even farther. But it's not necessary to be a professional to go to the climbing wall. You can choose this sport as a holiday. When a person at the climbing wall makes an effort to get to the top, he automatically pumps all the muscles. This is a good ideological way to throw off a couple of kilograms, and also keep your body anon. With the help of special fasteners, which will serve you as an insurance, you can fix your location and not be afraid to get your injury. You can meet such establishments on the territory of such regions: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Nikopol, Odessa, Sevastopol, Lviv, Donetsk and others.

Real Safari

The territory of Ukraine, as in many countriesEurope, a special park was developed. Its main advantage is natural conditions. That is, you can observe the life of animals in their natural environment. If you are afraid that lions will attack you, then do not be afraid, because there are special tracks for this. But in addition to the kings of animals in the safari you can meet both antelopes, roe deer, and giraffes, ostriches, leopards, monkeys, etc. Unlike conventional zoos, safaris are a step towards unity with nature. It is much more interesting to observe animals when they feel they are not prisoners of the cell, but the ancient inhabitants of Africa. If you take a child with you, from the very beginning you can inspire him with a sense of freedom, kindness to animals, humanism and other positive qualities.

A similar safari park you can visit on the territory of the Crimea.


If you have long wanted to ride an SUV,but there is not enough money to save a similar "beast", then you can find an alternative. In this case, you can resort to the help of ATVs. These small means of movement have the qualities of an SUV and capture the majority of car enthusiasts. ATVs are very manoeuvrable, so you can easily manage a motorcycle, and for this you will not need special skills.

Such types of transport entertainment are often found in large cities in Ukraine. Kprimeru: Crimea, Carpathians, other.


Nestoit is afraid of new impressions and spend yourtime for useless computer games or eating sweets. You can easily decorate your leisure and get a lot of impressions. The positive charge from any kind of extreme leisure (above described) is enough for a long time. Take a step towards adventure, and you will not!

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