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How to use pillows in the interior

What are the decorative pillows and how to apply them?

One of the types of pillows is "dumas", in appearance they are usually square or rectangular, they are small, measuring 20x20 or 20x40 cm.

No less popular pillows cushions, these comfortableRound and long pads can be used as a lining, a headrest or an armrest, or just in the company with dumkov. In children's rooms, rollers are converted into original candy cushions.

Round pillows are not so popular, however, these are very comfortable, puffy and used in any situation pads, sometimes their edges are made by assemblies, a wavy edge is produced.

As for cases for such decorativePillows, they can be made from various materials, as a rule, use strong, practical, soft and beautiful fabric. It is flax, cotton, silk and tapestry, velvet veil, sometimes also use richer finishing materials, for example, natural or very high-quality artificial fur, denim, artificial inverted leather, etc. If you touch needlework, then the covers are made of different materials, sewn in a merry order, sometimes they are sewn with threads. Here much depends on the imagination and courage of the designer, originality is always achieved by unexpected solutions. It is important in the interior to add more variety, such pillows are easy to swap, do patterns and different elements, this greatly changes the appearance of the room.

Where to apply the pillows correctly?

Originally a pillow, it's crocheted orBedding, long since a lot of pillows decorated bed, now the pillows can be on chairs, moreover, from the pillows can be made on polusvoyobraznoe armchair. There are even whole sets of dummies for sleeping beds or for children's rooms.

There are small flat cushions that are putOn the seats in the dining rooms, except for beauty, such pillows give comfort even to a dinner table. Bright and colorful pillows can decorate the dining area, if it is sustained in austere style, now it is easy to buy a set of tablecloths, napkins and cushion covers.

Very often parents buy whole sets of medium and large sofa cushions for children's rooms, which are covered with the gaming part of the floor, where the child can frolic and not hurt himself.

What role do the decorative pillows play?

The role of pillows can be divided into four main areas:

  • They make the room much more comfortable;
  • Bright pillows can change the room or something to sharpen the attention;
  • Certain pillows can emphasize a peculiar style, for example, it concerns the ethnos;
  • Even you can put together an interior, which previously did not mix with each other.

Truly limitless possibilities!

As for the first point - comfort, here everythingIt is understandable, the remaining moments can be discerned in more detail. The fact is that whatever your interior was, you can choose pillows so that they actually change it decorate. Simple pillows, you can emphasize the missing elements of the style or decorate the interior is too strict.

As it was written above, it is very good to supplementEthnic styles - Moroccan, Indian, African, Oriental style. In these cases, you can use any kind of pillows, nothing will prevent, dumas will be especially good with additional ornaments of brushes or edges. Here everything depends on your interior, if it is discreet, then you can use pillows of extravagant excesses and with simple colors, but different colors.

If you have a luxurious interior and withstoodA certain style, for example, Empire style or classicism, then dumas with a gobelin toy are very suitable, you can decorate with fringe. Usually in such styles there are lambrikens and lampshades, brushes and fringe will perfectly emphasize and complement the interior.

If you have a modern style, for example, minimal, then the cushions made of leather are ideal, they will give comfort in a strict room, without disturbing the design itself.

In the room, ethnos style is best used pillows of noise, skin, with different patterns that will correspond to African, Indian, or Egyptian.

Glamorous style can also be emphasized with fur or leather cushions, in small quantities.

Now it is worth noting the third directionUse of the pillows. The emphasis is when it is necessary to highlight certain parts of the interior or to emphasize the design as a whole. The fact is that sometimes cushions can put emphasis on a certain part of the interior much brighter and more expressive than some costly element. In addition, it will be easy to change the pillows and you can change them as you like. Pillows for accent require taking into account the soft furniture, its coloring, so it is worth choosing covers in the theme for furniture.

The fourth direction is the connecting pillows. It's clear, these are pillows that put together all or part of Elementovin Terrier. This is very convenient, so you can associate absolutely unlike the color couches and chairs, for example, take a cover for the pillow, which will be the colors of both, and the other element.

Colors of the pillows to the interior

Although this has already been written a little, but it is worthTo supplement. For example, the choice of color in one tone with a sofa and an armchair or with a bed, this is necessary in case you have a strict, classical style. Another option is to pick up the tone, but with other pictures and with a different color of the picture. You can use accent pillows, which will stand out clearly on the furniture background in absolutely different colors, but it will be pleasant to match in tone.

If you have a problem with choosing a color, then often black and white resolution removes all problems, in this case you do not have to worry about the combination, you can choose a cover with a black and white pattern.

The combination of two + one. This is when you have a sofa, for example, yellow or tobacco, and the armchairs are light blue, then you can use yellow or blue pillows for the couch, and put red pillows on the chairs.

Varicoloured - this variant of colors will suit quite a lot, in this case it is necessary to use pillows of different colors, shapes and with different patterns, even very bright colors are recommended.

Combining colors, this is where you canTo combine a tone, for example, a sofa with a tone of a pillow, but thus drawing and its coloring will be intended for other element. The right combination emphasizes the style of the place, and at the same time demonstrates the impeccable taste of the owner.

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