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Art deco style in the interior

In this style, the important emphasis is onModernity: smoothness gives way to rigor, a clear delineation of forms, the patterns of the floral and plant world are replaced by abstract paintings and geometric proportions. In other words, Art Deco prizes are high-tech elements, angularity, clean, clear lines and geometricity.

The sources of electrical lighting in this styleA large number that is connected with his invention in that period. The construction of high-rise buildings has also been reflected in this style. They were used by designers to decorate partitions, walls and interior objects.

The main elements of the interior, made in the Art Deco style

The main elements of ArtDeco, which harmoniously fit into the interior of the modern type:

  • Stacking of material in the form of a zigzag and all the variations on this theme (laying the tile with a herringbone, using a zigzag as an ornament, etc.).
  • The sun's rays (Sunburst) are one of the most importantElements of Art Deco. It can be found in the decoration, decoration and interior doors. In any room there is something striped, such as a sofa. The strip is used both in the decor and in the decoration of the walls.
  • Staginess. Ziggurat structures, multi-stage forms, which are inherent in the architectural features of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian civilizations, in the 20s of the last century inspired the majority of designers.
  • In some cases, you can observe the second and third design options, for example, the divergent rays of the sun on the steps.
  • Trapezoidism. Many pieces of furniture and interior have a shape similar to a trapezoid: mirrors, backs of chairs, interior doors, window openings, etc. In one element, the steadiness, trapeze and sunburst can perfectly match.
  • Curvilinearity. Unlike Modern, the curvature of lines in Art Deco is also geometric. For example, even the shape of the circle will be distinguished by some sharpness of form.
  • Piano keys. The abundance of alternating light bands with dark ones. Even the mentioned sunburst is performed using a light and dark color, as if focusing on a musical instrument.
  • Contour and frame. In the Art Deco style, a bright edging of a large number of surfaces is often used, which is a contrast to its content. The use of such a technique makes it possible to achieve a special sharpness of the contours, and also to focus on the overall geometricity of the Art Deco style.

Used colors in the Art Deco style

Neutrality is the basis of the color gamutThis style, i. Brown, beige and gray tone prevail, as well as classic black, white and silver, as a variation of the metallic color and shades of tan. Entering the rest of the colors is very limited and mostly it is burgundy, gold, blue, red and green. In general, the color of stone, earth and leather is gamma.

Art Deco Decoration

Toilet and bathroom can be finishedKey variation, i.e. Black and white tiles. The floor covering in the kitchen can be made in a zigzag shape in the same two-color scheme, and also in the form of a staggered chessboard. In the bathroom, a marble color will look great.

Walls of rooms can be glued wallpaper to the strip orOne tone of neutral color with a patterned or geometric pattern. Also, the Art Deco style uses wood panels or their imitation. You can also apply the painting of walls in zigzags or wide strips.

How a floor covering is best usedGlossy parquet board. In those rooms where a beautiful piece of furniture is suitable as a floor covering, and this is a hallway, a corridor, a veranda, a bathroom and an entrance hall, it can be laid out with dark-light ornaments. In the chosen single room, you can make a wide strip of floor covering, using a combination of two colors or linoleum in a very wide strip.

Suspended ceiling is formed in several stepsAnd is emphasized by numerous spotlights. Harmoniously will look curbs on the wall and ceilings, creating clear geometric outlines, which is very typical for the style in question.

In order to simply designate the Art Deco styleCan be trapezoidal shaped niches and partitions, decorate the doors with geometric inserts and layouts, as well as the corresponding form of door handles. A well-executed stucco always takes the Art Deco style.

Art Deco style furniture

Furniture in the considered style can have bothFabric, and leather upholstery. But the shape of the backreststools, armchairs or sofas can be radial, trapezoidal, or all-made in the form of barrels. Concerning the color scheme, it can be something monophonic, or an imitation, for example, the color of a zebra or a general upholstery with geometric ornament.

Accommodation in the rooms of chests, pedestals and cupboards is very characteristic for Art Deco. Most often these items are lacquered, which gives shine or applied painting with inlay.

In the bedroom can be a bed with a multi-stage, beam or trapezoidal form of spin. This trend can also be observed in the design of chests, cupboards, walls, console or sofa backs.

Furniture can be made of metal or glass, have a mirror character, and also be placed on a level principle and in the form of steps.

Decoration in Art Deco style

In modern performance, the Art Deco style is widelyUses a large number of lamps and various forms of lighting. Art-Deco style lamps in the form of a tower, mirrors in the form of beams, the sun or steps will perfectly emphasize the Art Deco style. The interior can be filled with outdoor vases with a picture of the sun, geometric shapes or white and black bands.

Also, the interior can be painted with a decorThe color of the zebra, which will be present on tapestries, plaids or pillows. But the spirit of the past era, you can feel the advertising posters, images of skyscrapers and posters of travel.

Art Deco can be immediately recognized by statues of slenderGirls of a sports constitution in athletic poses or with sports shells. Exotic decoration from Africa, Ancient Egypt, Greece and everything related to the Aztecs will also be appropriate.

The walls are decorated with pictures on the theme of the jungle,Deserts and other exotics and paintings. Decorative palms in wooden tubs also refer to the Art Deco style. And here it is better to use monochrome colors and glossy fabrics.

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