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Means of hygiene, what to take along on the road

What to take with you on the road?
If you go to the dacha, where the farmWorks only on weekends, and there is only vodka and laundry soap in the assortment, then this issue needs to be approached thoroughly and in large scale. But if you have a permit for a resort, you can not take an unnecessary cargo with you, you can buy everything on the spot and it will not cost more.

Here are some necessary items of care and hygiene that you need to take on the road.

Wet wipes

Very convenient means of personal hygieneAre wet wipes. They are used not only when traveling. Napkins are used for intimate hygiene, makeup removal, they are both universal and antibacterial. The material from which the napkins are soft is approximated to the touch to the fabric. To keep the wipers dry, keep the glue valve tightly closed.

It is best to choose neutral flavors orDo without them, because in the heat of the fragrance can serve as a cause of headache and irritant. In any cosmetic department of a supermarket or a pharmacy you can be offered a huge assortment of sanitary napkins.

Handkerchiefs, towels, paper napkins

They have a large field of application. They can be used as toilet paper, they can wipe hands after washing. If you need to choose between napkins or towels, it is better to stop choosing towels. Certainly it is worth taking care of buying several packages of nasal paper shawls. This is an irreplaceable thing.

Tampons and gaskets

Nothing should prevent your fullRest, so do not forget about the important and delicate subject of hygiene. At any woman they should always be in a bag. Therefore, they must be taken to the road, even if they are sure that your critical days and trip will not coincide. As for daily pads, not all women use them, since even "breathing" can cause a feeling of discomfort.


It is possible to be overlaid with jars with creams for a body,For feet, for hands, for cuticles, for nails and so on. But should we take all these jars? The problem of moistening will be solved by a jar of oil for children - Johnsons Baby, NIVEA or Bubchen. You can believe - that is suitable for children, does not hurt your skin. Only make room in the suitcase. As for the face, it is better to take what you are used to. After all, on vacation you need to look 100%, and not engage in some risky experiments.

Hair care products

Key words - grooming and naturalness. If before you leave you will visit your hairdresser, then on the trip it will be enough to take something for styling and shampoo with conditioner. Or do not take at all, because all this can be bought and on the spot.

In addition to a wide-brimmed hat and glasses on the coastNeed sunscreen. Still ultraviolet is dangerous. For this reason, remember the protection. Pick up a tool with maximum protection, but ultraviolet rays do not happen in small quantities.

Remedies for insect bites

Insects will eat you. Moss, mosquitoes will be glad to see you. What can be countered? A lot of things: napkins, lotions, aerosols, cream. It is important to pay attention to whether there is an allergy to this or that remedy. For children these means are unsafe.

Manicure set
Nails on their legs should look perfect. This should be taken care of, for this, it is imperative to take with you a manicure set and pumice stone for the heels and feet. For sanation, it makes sense to take a small bottle containing alcohol-containing products. It can be used when there is no water nearby, but you need to wash your hands.

Experienced travelers have long understood, and on vacationTake the very minimum of things, since even half of the things are not removed from the suitcase. However, with flakonchikami and with jars as though to not overdo it. In all respects, the principle of reasonable self-sufficiency must be observed. It is much more pleasant to travel light with a laptop and with a credit card.
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