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Baroque style in the interior

Strangely enough, baroque associated with the palacestyle. But do not make hasty conclusions, because the right moment can be created from the usual even a one-room apartment small and yet it will look not only pompous, but noble, and even elegant.

Baroque style in interior decoration

As before, and now the baroque is one of thethe most popular options for the design of housing. Customers often turn to the masters to order repairs not only in the house, but in small apartments. Thus, people can emphasize their own food and show their taste, as well as love of comfortable environments. But if earlier baroque was the calling card of wealthy people, now even the poor can afford luxury, as some items of the interior can be made independently. We'll talk about how to arrange a house with our own forces later.

Baroque - a style in which the colors and colors,and harmony, and contrasts. To create such a miracle, you just need to transgress the line of prohibitions a bit and look at the things from a different point of view. For example, add a few specific accessories, and also perform a special finish. Achieve pretentiousness and pomposity can not make great efforts and temporary, budgetary costs.

Combination of style colors and work with sketches

The richness of the baroque style is not only inluxuriant decoration, but also in the variety of color gammas. So you can make an entrance hall, corridor, rest room and even children's room is more saturated and colorful. To achieve the goal, you need to use the specified colors in the correct order.

Primary colors:

  • color of red wine,
  • the color of the emerald,
  • sapphire,
  • gold color or its shade,
  • combinations, for example: white gold-plated, other.

Contrast in the bedroom

Unlike the Renaissance, Baroquebelongs to the main role in the game with contrasts. So you can add to the bedroom an abundant color or gilding, which will be contrasted with a cold marble shade. If you do not like to relax in a too bright atmosphere and want more comfort, then muffle the shades. This can be done by tapping verdors. Take the units appropriate to the subject, for example, wallpaper should have a drawing with different, interesting prices from mythology and history, maybe even religion. Here the choice is yours.

Interesting view of the living room

In the living room is best to attach a variety ofpaintings. If you like muted intimacy, then choose drawings of warm and slightly darkish tones. So, you need the color of the ultramarine or you can take a red and crimson shades. These colors will be well combined with gold leafs. Even if your aggregates are not really gilded, the main thing is that they seem to correspond to the luxuriousness of the decoration of the baroque style.

Brightness of the hallway

But the hallway can be made a brighter, otherwise cominghome, the only thing you want to do is lie down. Let the entrance to the house show how much you are cheerful and open. Intimosteem for the bedroom, and for the public it will be good to pick up an encouraging tone, so that in a friendly company to celebrate various fun activities. If you yourself doubt the choice and can not decide, then ask the specialists to help them, they will be able to work out the most convenient option, so that each room complements the other and has a smooth specificity of the interior.

Furniture for Baroque

Furniture is, perhaps, the most important attributethis style. It is she who creates a sense of antiquity and uselessness. But most importantly, since the beginning of the 17th century, furniture items have become increasingly diverse, so for today the choice is more than great.

If you do not have the opportunity to place a volumetricfurniture, then you can take more affordable options that match this style. Often in the decoration you can find the use of thread or certain metal lining painted with gilded paint. You can use and mosaic of different types of wood - it's intarsia.

Also there are different chaise lounges, earlier they had a designation of a long chair, which was used both for seating and for reclining rest.

The bed can be left the same, but at the same timedecorate it with canopies or sultans from feathers. Of course, featherlings will be hard and expensive to get, so you can buy conventional decorating details.

Interesting touches

In the bedroom you can put a large amountmassive candles. Do it so that they are not too expressive and fit the interior. You can take not ordinary candle-colored, but best of all golden and red. In the evening, you will create a unique romantic mood in the Baroque style with the help of candle lighting.

Mirrors large size smogutukrasut anyroom and will fit well into the style. They not only reflect light, but also create an optical effect by increasing the room. The ideal option is mirrors in beautiful frames. They should have a classical motif, for example: shells, scallops and so on. To place objects is best between the windows or if there is a fireplace, then above it. This is the final touch in the work done.

How to arrange a baroque residence on your own?

For registration by a rather successful trendy trendis a patchwork. You can take old furniture and sew for non-dispensers from different fabrics. But if you do not have sewing skills and materials, you can buy ready-made materials. So many factories are engaged in the production of patchwork products. That is, in this case, you use patchwork as an upholstery for furniture. This is a good way to decorate a children's room, because children do not really like languorous baroque style. In order to reach a compromise to form housing in the Baroque, select an alternative option and design the children's room with the help of patchwork works: they are bright, sparkling and correspond to the children's mood.

Original looks will be a new patchwork. It combines the upholstery of the patchwork on old or old sofas, armchairs, etc. such an idea will not only look smart, but also relevant, as they say "in step with the times."

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