/ How to choose a steamer for clothes

How to choose a steamer for clothes

How to choose the right steamer

Although the devices themselves in the form of a separate steamerOn sale appeared relatively recently, but they have already gained popularity and are becoming increasingly popular, while even some advanced models of irons lose to them in popularity.

And this is quite natural, because besides that,The steamer fills the straightening and smoothing of the material, it is still able to remove stubborn dirt. With its help, children's toys, some fabrics and things like linen can be quickly and effectively disinfected. To clean the surfaces that can not be washed, in addition, the steamer removes the smell remarkably, and in a certain mode of operation it is capable of killing dust mites. Of course, such a set of functions will interest many housewives, and the main thing is that you do not need to apply a lot of household chemicals, i.e. Non-toxic harm to health and the environment.

In order to choose the right steamer, before buying, it is necessary to sit down and carefully answer four important points:

  • For what volume of work you will need a steamer, it can be professional use or in the home and just for clothes;
  • In which functions of stripping, you are more likely and most likely to be nurtured;
  • In what monetary limits can you buy a steamer;
  • Which you prefer the ergonomics of the steamer or its various functionality.

Answering such items, you will get a complete picture of what you better get. As a rule, such a question arises if you yourself wish to make a gift and do not know what you want.

Immediately it is worth saying that if you acquireHousehold appliances of personal or professional use, in this case a steamer, then be sure to treat carefully its parameters, which determine the definitions and capabilities of the device.

Determining parameters of household appliance

As for the parameters of the steamer, thenYou should pay attention to the volume for the water tank, the power of the device, the size of the ergonomics, the number of options you need and the functionality in general.

At the moment, steamers are divided into two power categories:

  • Universal steamers, power more than 1800 watts. Such a device will allow to strip off almost any fabric, about 97%;
  • A steamer with a power of up to 1800 watts; in such devices, the device stands on dense fabrics, such as blankets, jeans, duffel, etc.

Accordingly, the higher the power and the widerThe higher the price of the steamer. If you choose it for home use, then you will get the simplest models, although of course there are no borders, and you can buy a universal one. In the event that you are engaged in professional activities, for example, ateliers, clothing stores and similar spheres, then naturally, you need to buy a powerful steamer over 1800 watts.

Next, it is worth paying attention to the volume of waterTank, ation does not play a paramount role, but every 3 minutes you do not want to drain the water. With a large reservoir, the mass of the steamer will become larger, but at the same time you will not need to top up the water, in addition, the heavy device will make a strong pressure on the thing, which also improves stripping. A small device is lighter and more compact, but pressure will be required, adding water and, of course, more time.

Equally important are the dimensions, because the largeThe steamer requires a place for its permanent storage, some of it will have to be disassembled in the absence of space. Here everything depends on how much space you can allocate, and where you store it. For a small hallway is to choose a model with a narrow body. But as a road steamer suitable for a small hand, it is ideal for quickly smoothening light things, dresses or costumes that have lain in the travel bag.

The ergonomics of steamers are veryis diverse. You can choose a model of horizontal or vertical execution, with the presence of the shoulder or with a hose, but similar steamers, as a rule, have small-water tanks. But it will be quite enough for stripping or brushing the blind, thanks to the hose you do not have to carry the whole device.

How to choose a dressing steamer?

If you purchase a steamer only forclothes, pay attention to the possibility of setting different modes, i.e. turning on more or less power, this is very important for different types of fabric. There are materials that require minimum power, if you handle such things at high power, you can burn them. And vice versa, if you iron a thick thing of high density, then you need a high mode, otherwise the material is not soaked to the finish.

In addition, in a multimode steamer, youcan establish the appropriate level of steam supply, although no special attention is paid to this, put on top redistribution and iron, but such steamers are more expensive.

Often you can hear what to buymultimode steamer for home use is not relevant, that most of the functions will be idle and they are only needed in the studio, and for the house, they say, a better single-mode and simple device. It may be so, but you yourself must know for yourself what you will have to do with the steamer, what volumes of work should be performed. Investigate in the steamer all the available functions and tools, among the tools can be useful nozzles and brushes, all these useful things will facilitate and improve ironing and cleaning of materials. Often there are devices for ironing shirt collars and sleeves inside, and other utilities.

It is also worth paying attention to the very form andthe design of the evaporator, its ease of use, the way it lies in the hand. For example, a hose with a spring inside and a retractable stand will be very necessary, also a light diode on the water tank is used to indicate the amount of liquid, the list of similar additions is great. If you choose a convenient and practical for your own steamer, you will get a huge relief in ironing, and simple-use.

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