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Style of interior deconstructionism

Deconstructionism (decon) has a largeVariety, and repair in this style implies a creative manner that will not resemble any other style or idea. The creed of every master who prefers to work in this direction is an unconventionality, and at times distortion and deformation or an abstract vision of the decor. Some of the works of the Russian Vanguard serve as sources for the masters and their works.

Characteristic features of style

The characteristic features of the deco include the following:

  • Attempt to combine incongruous details,
  • Full or partial violation in the proportions,
  • The connection in a whole of incongruous colors and shades,
  • Use of broken or crossed lines,
  • The emphasis of individual parts or objects,
  • The isolation of objects from each other in the style direction,
  • Distortion of forms, shapes, designs, and so on.

When using this style it is possible to convey the acuteness and dynamism of the character of its owners.

Deconstructive views

In general, the principles of constructivism have a commonBase with constructivism. Namely: a flat roof, flat corners of walls, large openings in buildings, letting in light, spacious rooms, large window openings, lack of ornamentation, minimal decorations and more.

But there are some details, such as cutting the corner of the building, the introduction of several colors when facing. It is they give the decor of a certain sharpness, pretentiousness and eccentricity.

If you compare 2 styles:Constructivism and deconstructivism, we will see that for the first one is inherent in understanding the functionality, geometric and correct forms, and beauty, in its turn, plays the very last role. In the deco all the way around: the beauty of design is an advanced style, but it is also important to combine the convenience and comfort of the event. Designers engaged in style design in the deco, I do the distortion of abstractions intentionally, in order to achieve the desired result.

Deconstructivism today

At the moment, designers are decorating the interiorHousing by a variety of methods. The fantasies of the professionals brought to life the person such details as: the most varied planes of the walls, the reverse perspectives, houses with slope, buildings with random constructions of windows (they are scattered), windows by the type of narrow slits, covering the roof using combinations of steel and glass (they sometimes can be like Namusornik) and stuff. But do not be scared, because all these principles are very well-written in the construction of houses or various buildings, and there are other help which you can repair in an apartment, etc.

Signs of extravagance.

In the deco there are also signs of extravagance and inAlso time, features inherent only to him, as a separate style. To create an unusual interior of the room you need to perform several deformations, but in such a way that they do not look ugly, but mysteriously and attractively. Also, masters can order work on special wall decoration: on the wall, perform the compositions of the most difficult levels. Sometimes experts visually make breaks on the ceiling, walls and even floors. But at the same time special colors and tones are added, which smooth out the frightening effect and give the terrier an extraordinary beauty.

In order to make your room unusual, it is worth using the following colors and their combinations: green, red, yellow, and also you can add gloomy black and gray to them.

For lovers of various films, the otherworldly virtual reality is possible to decorate an office in the style of deconstruction.

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