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Interior in the style of constructivism

The emergence of style

The country of origin of this style is consideredRussia. The man who discovered constructivism, and who declared it to the whole world is Alexei Mikhailovich Gann. It was he who wrote in his book about the style, its features and other important parameters.

The main characteristic features of the classic constructivism

The main features of the style include the followingparameters: simple, but at the same time, beautifully-looking furniture, furniture and all constructions must be completed in strict form, and also be used, creating maximum comfort for the owners of comfort. Before you go shopping, decide for yourself what function this or that furniture will perform. The units, in the first place, should have a clear direction in operation. Also, the excesses characteristic of the bourgeois style should not take place in the style of constructivism: everything is clearly and strictly rigorous with the requirements of style. Universality is not a skater of constructivism: chairs and other objects are designed to sit on them, a table in the kitchen for eating, and a storage cupboard.

The main principle of constructivism can be calledmaximum performance, but at the same time the maximum simplicity in decorating the room and all the decor. The beauty of harmony is achieved through technical performance of the work.

What should not it be?

For constructivism, the following features are not necessary:

  • design with accessories,
  • decoration for the expense of the jewelry,
  • suspension,
  • ornaments,
  • inlaying,
  • mosaic,
  • carved details,
  • a combination of different materials and colors in one detail of the interior,
  • special decoration of subjects and stuff.


Simplicity of constructivism gives him not onlybudget, but also nobility. His restraint is ilakonichnost can be traced in every aspect, the same applies to flowers. As a rule, this is a black-and-white range. If you are an adherent of colors, but you liked constructivism, then in this case the saturated tones will be actual: red, blue, yellow and the color of metallic gloss.

We can say that constructivism is pretty close to the minimalist styles and techno.

Rules for creating constructivism at home

Colour. In color solutions, adhere to the previously described limitations. For the design use only the basic and neutral tones, and do not give them a great brightness, they should look moderate.

When painting walls, it is best to take as a basisquiet shades. It is desirable that they arrange all the members of the family who will have to live in this environment in the future. By the way, bright walls show an unbearable pressure on the human psyche and negatively affect its state. If you are attracted geometrically to the shape, then take the wallpaper of the corresponding figure. They can be both monophonic and with a beautiful (geometric) ornament.

Sex can also have special patterns, butagain, the geometric form. To achieve the desired result, it is worth using a tile that would have a contrast. For example, black and white, etc. you can replace the parquet and lay the carpet. And of course, the color of the iris should not stand out from the general scale.

Furniture, as described earlier, should be simple andpractical, correct form, without elements of extravagance. The material for constructivism in most cases is a tree. If you want to give the house a more modern look, you can take the built-in furniture: it will be convenient, save space and give life practicality. It can be kitchen cabinets, clothes and stuff. In order to expand the space, use the technique of the built-in bed in a niche that has a special illumination.

Lighting. Fixtures should not have fancy shapes, they are performed in a simple and uncomplicated style. Popular in constructivism use lighting devices built into niches.

Constructivism in the living room and kitchen

Everyone who lives in a small apartment,dreams of creating a special interior. In this case, constructivism will help, which will visually increase the space. The living room is a place of forwarding with guests and loved ones, so it should pay special attention.

So, you can icing a two-room, such askitchen and living room. To do this, you need to remove the joint wall, of course, if the design of the house allows it. When you have a single piece, divide it into functional areas. This should be separated from the rest and work. Your work area should be in one place, tamva concentrate the technique for cooking. It is desirable to place the rest zone on the opposite side. By the way, you can decorate this area with a style that suits you. So, select the object that will serve as the center of your room. For example: a music center, a couch, a TV, a table and so on. To separate the zones, make a bar counter.

In order to visually increase the zones, use glass materials: transparent tables, the rack is out, etc.

Constructivism in the nursery

If you are a resident of your own home, you canUse as a children's well-insulated, equipped and insulated attic. Constructivism allows you not only to bring practicality to your house, but also help in combating commonness. So you can use a hanging ship as a bed. This is a special design that is attached to the ceiling. The entrance to the ship will go from the bottom and gradually rise up. It will be a sleeping area, and the bottom can be divided into 2 zones: working and playing. One part of the room will have a technical character: a table, a chair, a computer, etc. And the other - toys, consoles, simulators and stuff.

Constructivism in the bedroom

To increase the bedroom, choose light colors, and if you want to make it more intimate, it's dark.

If you live in a small apartment, then use the transforming furniture. You can make a bed, in which there are many drawers under the bottom, the same applies to the armchairs, if they are.

In cases where the cabinet-kishekshkom is too large in size and does not fit, you can order built-in furniture from the ceiling itself to save space.

The height from the floor to the ceiling should be used as much as possible: shelves for books, shelves, lamps and more.

Furniture is best placed at the corners torelease the passage. Do not put a bed under the window, because in the summer there will prevail excessive light, and in winter it can be cold during the ventilation of the premises.

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