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Renaissance in the interior of the house, apartment

This style can include the following concepts: the organization of the process, the logical construction of the style and its details, the rationality in the construction of new forms, the clarity of performance, the balance in every way, the symmetry of the individual parts in relation to the general form of the interior. Avot ornamentation, as a rule, is performed with imitation of ancient samples.

History of the origin of style

Many elements of this style were borrowedfrom Greek and Roman styles. From the very beginning, architects designed windows with rounded edges and only then came to the conclusion that they would be better executed in a rectangular shape. Renaissance palaces strongly differ from others, because they clearly expressed monumentality, zest and marble stairs, as well as rich decorative decorations.

Renaissance and today

Many owners and their own homes and evenapartments are willing to decorate their home in a beautiful, old and charming style. But at the moment, the repair work is carried out with the use of modern measures, so the style has brought some amendments to make it practical. All the splendor and beauty of the Renaissance remained the same, but this repair retains the features of proportionality, harmony and aesthetics. The interior is preferably made with characteristic features of the vaulted ceilings. On the ceilings make a special smooth lines, which later can be seen on semicircular niches.

Renaissance colors are definite, not flashy. This is more likely a semitone, which smoothly and uniformly pass into each other, but do not merge against a common background. In your home there should not be any contrasts and nothing should be conspicuous. Harmony is a renaissance style renaissance.

Renaissance. Elements

Renaissance belongs to a large number of elements, today we will get acquainted with the basic.

  1. Lines should be semicircular, geometric patterns (circle, square, cross, octagon, etc.). The interior should be divided mainly horizontally.
  2. If this is your home, then the roof will be either steep orflat. It is possible, if there is a possibility and desire, to make decorative tower settings or galleries. Earlier it was customary to perform colonnades or ribbed domes, but now it is not necessary. Try to make your rooms as spacious as possible, so that they do not contain a lot of things and stuff. You should create the most comfortable and spacious space.
  3. The ceiling can be made a caisson. Put instead of sculptures small hand-made articles or figurines in the Renaissance style. It would be nice to make foliage ornaments on the walls and ceilings.
  4. Furniture and its forms should correspond to simplicity, geometricity and rich decorating. In this case, it is meant that the fabrics should look smart even if they are cheap.

Features of style during design

If you want to make your anteroom or roomfor taking guests in the Renaissance style, then you can hire professionals to perform the fresco. This kind of decor will give the interior space of the room not only the beauty, but also make it more visually and expand the spaces. Also the view will be dynamic, not pressing, lively and at the same time light.

The main rule renaissance is to achievesplendor when painting, but at the same time furniture, all its greatness is not looked at, if it is not paid attention to it will seem more scarce. This kind is needed to separate the individual parts of the room, so if you want to decorate the bedroom, do not pay attention to the bright colors, even if they are beautiful, but modest. By the way, more than three items of furniture in the bedroom should not be placed, otherwise the whole idea can be spoiled by excessive pomposity.

The best place to fulfill the modern standardslarge and spacious windows. Make the windows so that they get a maximum of light, daylight rays will, on the contrary, allocate not a decorative painting, but the beauty of the furniture. If you have a large hall, then add a few paintings in the old style, it is not necessary to buy antiques for a lot of money, let it be a well-executed fake that will join the general situation.

Whichever room of your house you want to fulfillin the renaissance, remember that each of them must be inherent in space, good lighting, and also airiness (as often as possible open the windows and ventilate the room to create an effect of lightness). Such simple tricks will help you not only visually assess the repair of the sub-state, but also taste all its advantages on a psychological level.

The rest room is bestChoose a central subject, from which the whole composition will be repelled. It could be a bed or something. It is from the central element and the whole chain of interior should be built up to the Renaissance. But if you decide to decorate your house and have a fireplace in the hall, then it is he who can become such an object. By the way, a real fireplace construction is not necessary, it can be a decorative design. Such an aggregate will become not only a decorative center, but also a psychological one. This is a good option for building a symmetric chain. But to create a complete picture, hang polished cornices or you can make stucco fragments (neoni will look hard and can "put pressure" on the eyesight).


The walls must be smooth, before themSandstone, smooth stone or marble was used, but today it is preferable to imitate these materials. So with the help of various plaster options creates the necessary effect.


If the height of your ceiling allows, it is betterall to perform repairs in the form of arches. As a rule, the figures on the ceiling are tried to be executed under a stone or simulated marble. You can also make multi-level ceilings, in the center of which will be placed a pattern in the same style. A special feature of repair is the special attention paid to the painting and ornament. You can order a painting by the type of your favorite painting or you can ask yourself to make some bright strokes in the design.

The ceiling can be done in a different way. He can buy a cofferdon form, if it is made entirely of natural wood or painted by a special technique and decorated.


For the floor the ceramic is good, so you canimitate stone or marble. In order to soften the look of an unusual perception, you can you can just lay beautiful carpets that fit well into the overall background. When choosing a parquet, make sure that the color of the tree is not different and does not stand out particularly from the common interior.

Renaissance is a style that can shade alldignity and superiority of the taste of the owner of the house. It will not only give your home a chic, beauty and visual enrichment, but it will also please your eyes with interesting ideas of decorative decoration, and it will complete the house with the Renaissance and the pursuit of a better life. But during the repair, be sure to observe all architectural elements, as well as instructions. Only then you can achieve the desired effect and clarity, harmony in forms.

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