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Interior in Empire style

The beginning of his history he takes from the distant XIX century.Significantly different from the classicism of Louis XVI and the democratic character of the "style of the Direktoriya", the empire proved to be a triumphal, in places theatrical and feigned style. Very often in Empire you could trace the notes of the art of ancient Rome. The former greatness of the Empire has its place in the skilful design of the premises. Military themes played a very important role: here and laurel wreaths, and bizarre patterns, pompous and pathetic paintings of eminent artists, tapestries depicting military battles.

The main features of Empire

Correctly decorated interior in Empire style isA holistic image that is able to completely immerse a person in the created atmosphere. Previously, very popular was the draping of doors and windows under the walls, as well as the installation of windows in the ceilings of the building. Each detail of the style is capable of emphasizing the sublimity and grandeur of style. Very often, to increase the effect of pomposity, elements such as columns, pilasters, cornices, arches were used. The empire was especially expressed in furniture and decorative, picturesque elements. Well, of course, there are abundant frescoes. Concerning furniture, it is worthwhile to clarify that the interior in the style of Empire is based on the use of noble wood: it could be like mahogany, yet more light wood species. The best material for upholstery was silk, usually decorated with exquisite patterns and ornaments. The use of gilded elements was popular, as well as the animal theatrics: the mannequins of wild animals, the presence of statues of mythical animals - these are yet another distinguishing features of Empire style from other styles of interiors. The most popular subject of furniture is considered to be a mirror. This is one of the most important details in the design and today. Another distinguishing feature of this style is the abundance of ornamental compositions and strict straight lines.

The most common colors are: Black, dark blue, green, blue and burgundy. All these colors were successfully diluted with golden patterns, which were very often applied to the substrate using stencils. Not lost their actuality and colors of the French Empire: white, red, blue. In general, the interior in the Empire style is an embodiment of refinement, gracefulness and at the same time uniqueness in one bottle.

Empire style in the bedroom

Always dreamed of getting into the royal daysChambers? To make this dream a reality the interior in Empire style will help you! All that is needed is an attentive study of the features of this style, endless fantasy, material resources and a margin of patience! To design a bedroom, in the first place, you need to think over the design of the bed. If the area allows us to act on a grand scale, then it will be actual to install a massive bed with a canopy, as well as the presence of decorative details by the type of carvings, ornaments. For a small room it is best to install a sofa of the appropriate style. Adding bright decorative pillows will become a kind of another "highlight". Successfully complement the interior and the wardrobe with a thread. The presence of gilded or bronze elements will emphasize the nobility of the interior. Dressing table with a large mirror and in the original frame will become the final element of the universal ensemble of refinement and beauty. Add something from yourself. It is not always necessary to follow each principle in stages. Use relief decorations for walls: medallions, fragments of stucco molding, decorative cornices. Regarding the flooring, pay attention to carpets with interesting ornaments.

Empire style in the living room

If your living room has enoughA large area you can easily divide it into the corresponding zones, thus increasing the functionality of the premises a couple of times. Furniture should be symmetrical and massive, the best material for upholstery is the skin or other dense fabric of the appropriate colors. Make your home more hospitable: place in the center of the living room a round lacquered table made of noble wood, thus, as if calling guests to spend time with you drinking tea. Comfortable soft armchairs with carved legs once again remind you of the nobility of Empire style. For smaller rooms, the Empire-style interior provides a slightly different design solution. Furnish the room with a cozy soft corner and a pair of pouffes, a small coffee table will be an ideal addition. At the same time, monitor the rationality of the color palette. For furniture, preferably using dark shades: chestnut, black, maroon. Very much the same will be the availability of a bookcase, large outdoor watches, exquisite crystal chandeliers. In terms of accessories, it is appropriate to have pictures typical for the 19th century, tapestries with the disfigurement of military battles, figurines and, of course, real flowers.

General advice for housing in the style of Empire

Having carefully studied the origin andCharacteristics of the Empire style, I would like to sum up the results and give a couple of tips. So, the best for the interior in the Empire style is the frequent use of elements of the military equipment of the era of ancient Rome: legionnaire signs, decorative spears, shields, arrows. Actual will be sculptures of a mythical character. Here you can put griffins, sphinxes, goddesses-patrons of victory and judgments. In the issue of lighting, there is a tendency to use chic, crystal chandeliers with gilded elements. Windows and doors deserve additional attention. For example, the shape of windows is often rectangular, they are large, and sometimes even in full growth. The use of plastic structures in this type of interior is not permissible. Doors can be designed as portals, decorated with columns, stucco moldings or statues. It is worth noting that the ampir is a rather demanding style. Here the big role is played by the area of ​​a house, character of the owner and functional purpose of this or that room. The ampire is created for those who likes to spend time alone, avoiding noisy companies and constant parties. This style is the physical embodiment of seriousness and purposefulness. The nature of people who choose their own ampires is often quite rational and domineering. If you find something in this interior, then do not hesitate to begin to embody the conceived design project into reality!

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