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Interior in antique style

The main characteristics of the antique style

What is the "calling card" of thisInterior? Harmonious and perceptual perception of ancient Greek architecture has become a kind of model for imitation. Then the ancient Romans added their Italian motifs, thereby creating the main characteristic: the arch-ordering cell, continuing to experiment with the forms of the dome. Over time, the interior in the antique style became the base for the formation of other styles, for example: renaissance, classicism, neoclassicism. To date, the main characteristic feature of the antique style - the decoration of the interior of various kinds of frescoes, mosaics, sculptures, and, of course, facing the walls.

Regarding the sexual coverage, it is worthwhile to drawAttention to the use of parquet from the redwood tree, very popular is the ceramic tile (mostly white or terracotta), a special glamor is the mosaic floor. For those who prefer the carpet, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the possibility of using various types of carpet paths with interesting Greek ornaments. Particularly popular is the use of marble, although colors can be diverse: olive, white, beige. The classical option is the use of chess coloring. Never lose its popularity and tile with a sesthetic, geometric patterns. Remember that the interior in the antique style provides for the possibility of using a large number of figurines, painted vases, pictures. Regarding coloring, it is worth noting the predominance of light colors: white, beige, ivory, pistachio, olive, azure and many others. The walls are often painted, but it is also possible to use plaster with a synthetic texture. The main attribute of the ancient style is the presence of columns of arches. Thus, you can change the design of the room, visually increasing the space. Ceilings are often painted caisson, very often there is an additional decoration with relief images. Strict beauty is inherent in the ancient style, it gives rise to a sense of graceful grace in every detail and harmony as a whole.

Decoration of rooms in antique style

In this issue, the keyComfort and elegance. Most common are simple shapes and colors, special attention is paid to materials. For the production of furniture use noble wood, including bronze elements and ivory inserts. Textiles in upholstery wears classic coloring: most often these are blue, pastel or green tones. It is possible to use upholstery with grit and Greek ornaments. Very popular is the use of stiff armchairs (called klismos) with curved sabers in the form of legs. For a nice decoration you can experiment: to select and combine different elements, do not be afraid to use different materials, play with colors, I shades and tones. Note that the interior in the antique style offers the use of low furniture. Everything is respected by the vein key, avoiding excesses. So, for example, for a living room is a great dining table with a glass top. Chairs can be threaded, and the upholstery can have a classic pattern. All this composition, undoubtedly, will bring a luxury of elegance and elegance to the overall picture of the interior. It will be appropriate to have a couch and a low pouffe. Elegant coffee table, the legs of which are executed in the form of a paw of a lion or griffin - another feature of the Greek style.

Relative to the bedroom of the house in antique styleHas a number of its features. This room is designed to rest and restore your strength, so it is very important to think over every detail of the decor. The walls of the "Greek" bedroom can be decorated in two ways: plaster or wallpaper. When painting, you can use the technique of imitation marble. Pay attention to the color palette. It is clear that aggressive and bright colors will be inappropriate. Do not clutter up space with unnecessary elements of decor, but on the contrary, try to create an atmosphere of ease and unobtrusiveness. An important aspect is the curtain composition. It is devoid of lambrequin. Actual use of heavy natural silk dark shades. Tulle consists of several vertical ropes, so that it can be draped with elegant folds.

Accessories and lighting
In addition to natural lighting, an important part isAnd skilful use of the piece. The widespread use of various kinds of sconces in the form of torches, lamps. You can find thematic chandeliers, as well as built-in lights. The main goal is to achieve the maximum dispersion effect, which will remind you of the light of fire. In general, the interior in the antique style provides ample opportunities for experimentation. You can add something from yourself, while logically continuing the main line of design. The ancient style is recognizable by the right geometric forms. A wide use of accessories in the spirit of Hellas and Ancient Rome became the basis for decorating the premises. Interesting dishes, painted wagons, which depicts heroes of mythical epics or plots of Olympic games, half-gods and Gods of Olympus are often depicted in paintings and engravings. It will be appropriate to decorate the rooms with thematic figurines, and they can be made either from marble or from bronze. If in your living room there is a bookshelf, busts of ancient Greek philosophers, then they can not be more than adequate for the general atmosphere of a cozy book corner. Decorate the walls with mirrors in interesting frames, use fresh flowers to inspire your home. Maximally work with the arrangement of furniture, not forgetting the functionality and comfort. And most importantly, remember that adherence to the basic rules for decorating a dwelling in the antique style is not only a successful completion of this project, but also ensuring maximum comfort. Do not be afraid to experiment and be creative in the implementation of the design project. Rely on your feelings, tastes and preferences. Remember that your home is your second "I". Here, each in detail is able to convey your character and views.

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