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All you need to know about hair dryers

First hair dryer

The first hair dryer was invented by German engineers by the beginning of the 20thCentury and it was called - electric drying for the hair. They used it exclusively in hairdressing saloons, because it was quite cumbersome. The heating temperature of warm air was 90aboutWith, this device very much rustled and constantly broke. Over time, the demand for neo-refinement, engineers began to create newer and lighter models. And now, finally, tofen in his image of the present came to us.

Functional types of hair dryers

Let's analyze the types of fuels in more detail. According to their functionality there are several types: hairdryers-concentrators, diffusers and hairdryers-stylers or hairdryers.

Hoppers-hubs have a nozzle shape in the formA hollow cylinder with a flattened tip. With their help, it is easy and quick to make a good styling or hairstyle. Drying is done with a round brush. Wet hair needs to be wound on the brush by drying them one after another. If you like to keep your form for a long time to keep the shape, then you need to choose a dryer with a cold air supply, just starting to dry hair with hot air do not remove them from the brush and switch to the "cold air" mode - then your styling will retain its long beauty. When choosing a hair dryer, it's important to choose the right power-it's best to buy a hair dryer with a capacity from 1600 to 2200 watts. Also it is necessary to draw attention to the diameter of the nozzle - the nozzle of the hair dryer, it should be approximately 90 mm. If you take a nozzle with a diameter smaller, then the hair will be strongly overdried by hot air. And if more, the laying will have to be done very long, because the air will scatter around.

Dryer-diffusers give the hair an extraVolume and provide more gentle drying of hair. Such pheneniches are equipped with a wide bell - diffuser, in which there are many small holes, through which scattered air jets are passed. This kind of hair dryer is suitable for women with curly, curly and thin hair, as well as women who constantly make chemical or bio-zavis. It is worth noting that this hair dryer is not suitable for straight, long and straight hair, because the tips will remain straight, and the rest of the hair is wavy and the hair will not look uninvited. Some models of these hairdryers are covered with pins or moving fingers, which vibrate when drying hair. If you have such a hair dryer or you are going to buy one, then it should be noted that the "fingers" should touch the head, gently massaging it and lifting the hair up. Thanks to the fact that the air diffusers diffuse, this hair drying is considered more sparing and harmless. The power of such a hair dryer is 1700-2100W. Still it is worth remembering that with this type of hair dryer it will not be possible to make a complex styling or hairstyle.

Hairdryers-stylers or hair-combs are the mostAre common in hairdressing salons and beauty salons. Uni has a comb brush. Also, most models have a number of additional all kinds of attachments: a nozzle for volume, a nozzle for straightening, a cap for winding, and others. Each of them is responsible for a certain stage of creating the hair. When choosing such a hair dryer, you need to pay attention to the power, it should be from 1000 W, and also it is worth making sure that it has a cold air supply mode. As we remember, this function will help to keep our hairstyle or styling for a longer time. Hair dryers also have a gentle mode, so they are suitable for thin, dry, damaged and brittle hair. This hair dryer makes it easy to lift and smooth the strands of hair along the entire length. With a hair dryer, it is necessary to keep the comb in the other hand, because of their twisting brush, thanks to which the laying process becomes more convenient. Just remember that such hair dryers are not suitable for drying thick and long hair, because they can entangle or even tear, they also damage the structure of the hair due to increased contact with them.

Functional types of phenomics were disassembled. Now let's talk about what parameters you need to consider when choosing a hairdryer. Important is: power, temperature and speed, the presence of all kinds of attachments. Also worth paying attention to the length of the cable is considered the optimal 2 meters. Comfortable weight - just remember that it does not need to be too light, because light hairdryers are often of poor quality and break much faster. The ring for hanging is very convenient. Lining of plastic and rubber prevents slipping. Low noise is an important criterion for women who have small children.

Some manufacturerspena pleased usFunction of air ionization - the effect on hair of negative ions. Hair easily accumulates a positive charge and, as a result, is electrified. And with these hair dryers, it turns out that the hair goes to the flow of negative ions, softening them, making them more smooth and obedient. But there is an opinion that the same effect can be achieved with the help of a flow of cold air, so it's up to you whether it is expedient to overpay zionization.

Regimes of the temperature of the outbreak are considered the mostImportant characteristics when choosing a hairdryer, they need to pay special attention. These modes allow you to regulate the flow of air from warm to hot and the pressure of the air jet. There are several positions of speed and temperature. In some hair dryers there is a mode of "cool" - cold air. Operation "turbo" increases any of the selected functions by half a step, it is available in many high-quality models of hair dryers.

One of the most important characteristics of a hair dryer isThe presence of attachments, for example: slit, diffuser, standard round brush and nozzle half. Their presence in the model of a hair dryer depends on its functional form and your hair type.

The most important characteristic is power. For hairdressers and girls with longer and thicker hair, more powerful hair dryers will work, as they quickly dry their hair. For home use is best suited for the capacity of 1200-1600 watts. And here if you often go on business trips or have a trip, then choose a hair dryer with a capacity of 200-600 watts.

When choosing a hairdryer, it is worth recalling that he shouldBe made of quality heat-resistant plastic, there must be a protection against overheating - automatic switching from hot to cold air, the presence of a filter and its weight. Buying a hair dryer with such characteristics will last you much longer than cheap analogs.

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