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Gray in the interior of the kitchen

Of course, gray walls in any room willLook strictly, but if the gray color is combined with brown, green or beige - it will look great. Very elegant gray looks in combination with yellow. But if you connect it with red color, it will be fully effective and presentable. If you consider that gray color is intrusive and not brands, the most important thing to avoid is the monotony of monochrome. But this situation can be corrected, if you apply other colors to the home theater.

A rich gray blossom in the kitchen

Surprisingly these warm and elegant shades will beLook in the big kitchen, which partially fulfills the role of the living room. The use of traditional wooden furniture in this case is only encouraged. For light spaces, it is good to choose saturated shades of gray, especially if you combine contrasting colors - thick blue or red-orange. It will also look good in this case and pale gray, blue and silver.

Delightfully look in the interior of the kitchen will beSuch a refined, calm and gentle color as a gray-lilac. But it should not be forgotten that to give a more cozy and harmonious atmosphere, this color is used, for example, with pale pink, blue or yellow. Whether it's wallpaper or tiles, or even plastic panels with vertical gray-lilovouzorami - all this will unequaledly be combined with this shade of gray.

But blue (even dense), beige, pink,Lilac will be well combined with a gray color of medium saturation. But in the design of the kitchen, it's better not to overdo it with such color schemes. One - two combinations - the optimal option in this choice. In a well-lit kitchen or dining room, the use of green and yellow will be an excellent option for this room.

Light gray shades in the interior of the kitchen

Do not advise yourself to apply dataShades in the design of any room, especially in the kitchen. They will create the impression of coldness of the weights in the room. In order to create softness and coziness, it is advised to apply these shades with warmer shades of other colors.

For example, to the icy-gray will perfectly suitPastel pink, green or blue shades. When decorating a kitchen-dining room in the village style, a pleasant combination of colors will be a gray-pink or a blue-blue interior. To create refinement in the kitchen-living room environment, the preferences can be given to the icy gray in combination with white or dark gray. A bright table in the center of the kitchen is made of red or orange glass, bright curtains or luminaries - that's what designers recommend in such an interior. It is believed that such colors , Like red, yellow, orange, increase appetite and will be the best in combination with cold gray. But we must not forget that these bright shades also have a negative impact - they can not only distract attention, but also strain your eyesight. Gray color in this case will serve as a kind of balance.

Recently, it has become popular to useSuch a deep shade of gray as steel. Combined with brown, orange, green or blue, this color will be very good, especially if the kitchen is modern or hi-tech. It is this shade that will give full value and completeness to such a solution of the interior.

In general, gray color can not be called boring. The main thing is to be able to combine it with other shades and then any kitchen will acquire originality and coziness.

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