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Interior of an apartment in the style of Romanticism

The power of Romanticism in the interior is that it rebelledantidote, habitual patterns and opened the way for the self-expression of a person. Like any other art of the time, romanticism was a privilege of people of high class who had an interest in various art trends of that time, theaters, art, literature and others.

As now, at that time, romanticism meant somethingspecial, personal and profound for one's own understanding, partly in Romanticism there is a mystery and unreality. It is these features that attracted romanticism and attracted people, because in the design of the premises you can realize all your bold ideas, add mystery. In addition, romanticism is warm and gentle, can acquire a shade of drama.

Romanticism in interior design in the first placeaims to create a situation as close as possible to the spirit of the person who will directly live in these premises. The beauty of romanticism is that there is no uniform pattern here, the whole emphasis is on personal taste, on individual needs of a person, that's why all interiors in the style of romanticism are absolutely different, original and expressing their own character.

But, of course, there are certain conditions here and the characteristic features of this style, without which romanticism will not be expressed and understandable.

Features of the romanticism in the interior

In order for the room to acquire a styleromanticism, it must be fairly spacious, it does not mean huge, it just must allow to make all the necessary elements without restrictions. In the first place you need to save the room from the severity and severity of modern housing, add as much smoothness and coziness as possible. It is worth paying attention to the lighting, it is better to use quiet and not bright lighting in the room, the light rooms should emphasize the intimate situation. You should be comfortable. This is the most basic requirement, the light should correspond to the moment and the situation, for example, in the office there will be enough lighting above the desk, a sinking room near the bed. It is highly recommended for constant lighting in rooms with sconces and floor lamps, some rooms simply require the presence of candlesticks with candles.

Decoration and materials of the Romanticism

In the romantic interior, as a rule, importantthe place is occupied by materials of natural and natural origin, glass, stone and wood, in the right combination such materials are capable of ideally conveying the necessary setting. Once in the beginning, the right choice was made, and now the materials correspond to the nature and human perception, and the person likes everything that is by nature.

Unlike the romanticism of past centuries, todaythere is no such a color variety, here in all there is a certain restraint, no calling and bright colors are used, on the contrary, pastel and soft tones are good. It is worthwhile to say that there were never any excessively bright and quirky tones in romanticism, just a lot of gilding and textile materials were used. Particularly welcome is one basic tone with the addition of additional small elements of other colors. For example, the light pink color and cream, the lilac and white will look great.

In the romanticism of the wall, it is recommended to do onetone, for example, the walls of the kitchen and the bathroom will look great in light colors, for the living room and dining room a wider range of bright and varied colors is used. For example, you can use blue tones, peach color, a variety of brown shades and cream.

If you use wallpaper, thenit is recommended textile, but do not variegate the variety of drawings. Interesting and distinctive, too, the decoration of the walls with a divided bottom and top, in this case, often stucco molding is applied from the top, a decorative panel made of wood is used from the bottom.

The floors in the romantic style are predominantlyparquet. The obligatory element of the decoration of the floors is carpets, and here the special attention is paid to good and rich materials, a properly chosen carpet carpet creates a special impression. If there is an opportunity to install a fireplace, and today it can be placed even in an apartment, then be sure to install one, this is an integral attribute of comfort.

Furniture in an interiorism

As in any other interior, in RomanticismThe furniture should coincide with the decoration, emphasize the already existing style and complement the room with comfort and coziness. There is no place for rigid plastic furniture, obligatory for the style of Romanticism is softness, tenderness, high-quality and expensive fabrics. Also it is worth noting that furniture can not be made of cheap sawn timber, in this case furniture is needed from good and solid material, often using oak and walnut. Often, it is better to take furniture from the old, healthy options that may have come from grandparents, or to buy such furniture from ads. The old cupboards and chests of drawers are plenty, crumbs and if you put them in order, polished and varnished, then this will be a real antique antiquarian masterpiece in a romantic style.

Very good looks wooden furniture with weaving and covered with blankets, so it is useful to use small tables near the sofas, you can add furniture exotics in Indian or Oriental styles.

Kitchen furniture in Romanticism, though simpler, butrequires an attentive approach. The obligatory element is a good wooden table with backs, it will be wonderful to look at an old closed locker for utensils. The color of furniture should be selected according to the tone of your decoration, but it should be light, and therefore furniture should be selected light colors, beige or white. Do not resort to bright colors and patterns in textiles, it will look great blind in the cell. Do not forget about the scenery, shelves and walls can be decorated with decorative and painted dishes, the tea service will be very handy.

Decoration of the interior in Romanticism

The introduction of decor elements in romanticismnecessarily, and the variety of accessories is very great, it all depends on your taste. Be sure to get candlesticks, stands and flower vases, forged elements look great in a romantic interior. Porcelain vases and various shapes, dolls and statues of plaster and crystal. In rooms with soft furniture can not do without a variety of pillows, all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of fabrics. In the decoration there is a main condition - a good little, otherwise you can enter the courage and fill the room with small items and elements.

Romanticism can not be without pictures, this is a legacypast-ages and an obligatory attribute of a romantic interior. Pictures can be a different style and direction of art, for example, in the kitchen, the theme will be paintings with flowers or still lifes. However, the subjects to choose for you, as well as materials, pictures can be not only painted, but also made by embroidery or mosaic, also look nice panorama and tapestries.

Romanticism often uses the motifs of the ancientGreece, such as arches and columns. You can complement the interior with elements of the ethnos, which partly is the romanticism of traveling to other countries. In this direction, trunks, compasses and globes are very well suited.

Romantic design is directly related tocreativity, this is the style of the original intelligentsia. Therefore, books, albums, photographs are an obligatory part of the interior, especially living rooms and offices should contain book shelves and shelving with worthy and interesting publications.

Do not forget about the nature and beauty of greenery, fresh flowers always emphasize the romantic style.

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