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Cooking for a baby bed

Children's mattress

The child's mattress must be sufficientlyHard. It is better to choose a mattress based on natural fillers (coconut, algae, straw). Pay attention to the cover of the mattress. Its main characteristics are the naturalness of the material (cotton, linen) and the easy-free removal (on the snake). To ensure that the child's mattress does not become a provocateur for child allergies, it is recommended that it be kept clean and periodically ventilated and dried.

Baby pillow

The first pillow in a baby should only appearOne year after birth. The pillow determines the position of the head and supports the neck, influences the correct formation of the cervical vertebrae. Choose a cushion that is elastic and almost flat, because the head and neck are on the same diagonal. If you are thinking about finding an orthopedic pillow, then you will not need a healthy baby.

Baby blanket

Baby blanket should matchCertain requirements, that is, to be easy, warm enough (but at the same time not to overheat the child's body) and hypoallergenic. Blankets can be synthetic, wadded, woolen or downy. The duvet is light, warms in winter, and summer provides coolness.

On a note: So that the baby is more spasmodic, put it to the crotch of the crib, so that it does not dive under the blanket with the head. And that the blanket of the child does not constantly slide, you can use special clamps (elastic tape with pegs at both ends). The clamps are passed under the mattress and the blanket is attached so that it does not "run away." By the way, in the same way you can apply the usual braces for pants.

Baby bedding

The first thing that deserves your attention atBuying children's bedding - the composition of the material. To natural cloth include: flannel, calico, chintz and satin (the most successful, by the way, points of view of practicality). Such materials will provide your baby with maximum comfort and hygiene. In addition, they perfectly absorb moisture and warm it.

The coloring of children's underwear is also very important,Which parents should pay their attention. If your child is temperamental, refuse from excessively colorful aggressive tones (bright red, yellow). Much better in this case, soft shades that are not additional irritants will do. For quiet children, you can choose bright and juicy colors, which contribute to the development of fantasy. If your baby has grown enough and managed to "make friends" with your favorite cartoon characters and fairy-tale heroes, then without hesitation, buy bed linen with their image. The child will fall asleep with a greater fear and a sense of security.

Older children with great pleasure participate in the selection and purchase of their bed linen, however, as well as other accessories for sleeping, so do not take them this opportunity.

Sleep is very important for the child: For his health, well-being, mood, full development. I hope that my advice will help vamobustroit sleeping place the greatest comfort and coziness. Let the baby always sleeps quietly and during rest does not disturb him.

Grow up healthy!

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