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Feng Shui bedrooms for two

Create harmony in the feng shui

First of all it is necessary to pay attention tolinens. In order to always have passion and love in the bedroom, red color must dominate, if you do not like this color, then you can pick up pink or peach tones. Excellent will support your union red lights in the bedroom, especially they need couples who are waiting for the baby. Blue and dark blue linen is not worth buying. It is a color of coolness and even discord. The white bed is neutral. But the pale blue tones are calm and even useful several days a month to sleep.

Remember that the lighting should be soft, andLuminaires of the ibra should look down (but do not get a wall with horns that will hang over the bed). Virtually the best color option for the walls is a gently green. Blue, which does not need to be used in underwear, can be taken as the tone of the carpet.

By Feng Shui, the bedroom is a room for two,Therefore, cut flowers and living plants are not the place. And if something like this is present in the bedroom, it is commonly believed that it interferes with the relationship. Because of this, you can not let pets into the bedroom. The aquarium is also not a place for splashing, and also no seascapes and even a hydromassage there should not be, this entails misunderstanding and insomnia.

It is better to choose a picture of a "fertile character" for a bedroom: little children, beautiful couples, ripe vegetables and fruits, beautiful pines, but not autumn ones. It is best to avoid large images of flowers.

Huge harm to the bedroom brings mirrors, theyDestroy marriage and love. It is necessary to know that a normal person, when sleeping is more vulnerable, so dreams can carry his different astral worlds, but the mirrors opposite can lead a person into a world outside, through which ghosts and poltergeists can penetrate (it is only necessary to remember fortune telling with mirrors). If the bedroom already has mirrors, then the night they need to be closed with a cloth or curtains.

Bed for two pfen shui

You can not sleep with your feet to the door, you can not let your feetOr the head was directed to the toilet. The headgear should not stand near the window. If you have a bed wrong, you can rearrange it or use curtains and screens. On the bed should not be directed to large objects and sharp corners.

The most correct position of the bed is when itStands near the wall, and on both sides there is space for each of the pair. It is necessary to tell in the account of bedside tables: it is impossible that they were above a bed.

Do not let in the bedroomThere was a sofa, a cleft that divides it into two parts, it also divides the pair, breaking the relations. It is necessary to take shelter with one large blanket, it is impossible that one should have his own. If you already have a sofa in the room, then you can simply buy a large mattress that will not divide you.

And yet, if there is not a big double bed, then it's better to have two beds that are stand alone, there is no need to shift them, otherwise there will be no love, no harmony.

To attract happiness and luck in a relationship, thenUnder the pillow, put a small flat mascot of Feng Shui: a symbol of two fish, a hieroglyphic fortune or a mystical knot tied with a red thread.

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