/ Is it worth buying a glass ceramic plate?

Is it worth buying a glass ceramic plate?

The fact that glass ceramics have negativeCharacteristics, should not surprise you. Every thing, whether it is household appliances, children's toys or office furniture, has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are already going to get upset about this, then convincingly do it. More often than not, compliance with all the rules of operation becomes a guarantee that the purchased item will please you for many years with your excellent work. That's why it's important to know where you need to be watchful and careful.

Problem 1

Little trouble in the kitchen is often the case. Maybe, for example, to escape from the pan soup or milk. And at that very moment you were using a glass ceramic hob, then its perfectly smooth coating would be a problem for you, most likely. Nothing will prevent the liquid from flowing down the walls and is on the floor. Cleaning takes a lot of time.

Issue 2

If you prefer to start your day with a coffee brewed in dzhezve, then the absence of small hotplates, which glass-ceramic surfaces are extremely rare, will also be a problem for you.

Issue 3

To the glass-ceramic surface is necessaryPick up special dishes. Of great importance are the material from which it is made, the thickness of the bottom and its correspondence to the diameter of the burner. But, as you know, this is a one-off question. If you manage to pick up a suitable vessel, and you will follow the recommendations for its use, the problem will not arise when preparing food.

Issue 4

Despite the fact that the glass of ceramics isSufficiently strong material, to avoid the occurrence of cracks on the surface, you still better avoid point shots. Such a course of events is certainly unlikely, but our life is unpredictable, even woken up. It is not necessary to bring the situation to the point that you have to apply service.

Remember, proper care and respect to the glass ceramic hob for a long time prolongs its service.

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