/ Where to go on holiday with the whole family?

Where to go on holiday with the whole family?

What should I look for when planning a family holiday?

Convenient and regular transport connection with the place of your destination. Every mom knows that a child can be difficult inRoads. Children are not as diligent as adults, and they find it difficult to spend a lot of time without moving. That is why, it is necessary to plan a trip so that night vigils to the airport waiting for a transfer or long bus trips were excluded. Well, or at least reduced to the minimum.

Developed infrastructure. To rest without problems, you needIn advance to find out if there is a place where you are going, shops with the right products for children, develop a transport network, an opportunity to turn to a pediatrician if necessary, a menu for children in restaurants and so on. Such trifles will help to feel not only calm, but also comfortable.

Hotel services for children. Before you book a room inHotel, find out about the availability of additional services that are designed for children. It can be a mini-club with animators, playgrounds, mini-pools, game rooms and much more. If the hotel does not have at least half of the listed services, then it should be abandoned. Because all the rest you have to spend on your child, and not on relaxation. You can not calmly go on an excursion, or in the evening you can have a romantic date with your husband.

Where to go to rest with the whole family?

For today there are many variants of familyIt is possible to choose among traditional tours, which include sightseeing of the places of interest in Europe. If you like exotic rest, then this is not a problem. Even active rest for the whole family can now be organized quickly.

Travels to Europe. Recently, people have been trying to conduct their ownRest using. For them it is not enough just to lie on the beach and sunbathe under the sun. They want entertainment, excursions and a lot of impressions. Therefore, travel companies offer many tours that meet these requirements. For example, children can go to countries where there are amusement parks, exhibitions, children's museums, water parks, zoos and so on. Such places will give a lot of positive impressions to each member of the family.

You can visit Italy. In this country you can ride on the Venetian canals on the gondola, get acquainted with the ancient gladiatorial fortunes of the Colosseum, sunbathe on the beaches, visit the amusement park "Mirabilandia", and, of course, enjoy Italian cuisine.

Another favorite place for families isStockholm. Many are sent to the park island of Jurgården. It is there that the best children's museum in Sweden is Unibaken. Of course, you can go to Disneyland. There will be fun not only your children, but also to you. Do you like Spain? Then go there and you will need to visit the famous Siam Park water park. A similar water park is in the US. It's called Noahs Ark Waterpark. If your child likes animals, then visit the Paris Zoo, which is the largest in Europe.

Leisure. If you want adventure and mobility, thenSign up for diving courses with all of your family. In many resort towns and even with large hotels in Turkey and Egypt there are diving centers that are designed for beginners. And this means that your children will be able to learn. For the youngest classes are conducted not in the present sea or ocean, but in the basin. Experienced instructors will observe your children, so you can be absolutely calm. It is also not advisable to start adults from great depths. It is better to start training in places where you do not need to exercise complex diving skills. For example, for this, the shore of Cape Sarah Mehmet is excellent. It is located in Turkey near the most famous beaches of Antalya - Lara and Konyaalti. If you have previously been engaged in diving and you are good at it, then you can safely go on a yacht for a diving tour to the shores of Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh. It is worth noting that this place was included in the top ten diving resorts in the world.

Exotic vacation. If you want something unusual andExotic, then african-escapee tours for the whole family - just what you need. Such tours are offered by various African countries: Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and others. It is here that the best roads and worthy service. Therefore, you can absolutely not live for the fact that everyday inconveniences will spoil your rest. Here you can enjoy the exotic views of the ocean, the savannah, the craters of the ancient volcanoes. Also, you can independently cross the river by canoe and touch the world of wild nature, become a part of it. All observations occur in huge national parks, where animals are in a natural environment.

Winter holidays. If you want to give your child thisA fairy tale, then we recommend that you go to Finland. This country is the birthplace of Santa Claus. There, the holidays do not end forever. In addition, that you can see Santa Claus, you can also visit his famous workshop, where the gnomes send postcards around the world with congratulations. In Santa Park you can visit the school of gnomes and even taste delicious Christmas baked goods.

The advantage of Finland is that there isA lot of good ski resorts with trails of all categories. And this means that if you do not have any skiing skills, then it's okay. Experienced instructors will teach you. On some bases there are children's mini-clubs. There you can leave your child and enjoy your vacation. In the mini club, only experienced personnel are engaged in the work, so for their safety you can be absolutely calm. Even if your child is only two years old, then he will be taught the basics of skiing, and he will feel confident skiing.

If you decide to go to a ski resort, thenWhen you elect him, you should not have any difficulties. Many ski resorts are designed for the whole family. The best are in France, Switzerland and Finland. There, the range of services offered is so huge that every member of the family will certainly remain satisfied. In addition to the pleasure of skiing, you can also enjoy beautiful winter landscapes, breathe in clean air, and in the evening, with a cup of your favorite hot drink, share each other's impressions that have accumulated over the day.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for recreation. The main thing is to determine what you want. It should be noted that the preparation and planning of trips are as fascinating and interesting as the rest itself. After all, it is possible for this occupation to gather in the evening in a calm atmosphere with the whole family, and enjoying a cup of coffee, to study maps of distant countries, to look at photo albums and dream adventuring adventures.

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