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What you need to know when choosing a cabinet

The place of the closet in the house ...

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the cabinetTherefore, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be located. Calculate the height of the ceiling, the length that is necessary for the new furniture to fit without problems into your room and not cause discomfort. There are times when people do not calculate all this, but immediately go for a new purchase. In the end, it turns out that the cabinet was more or less than you would have liked. Even if you have little space in the room, but you need a roomy cabinet - this is not a problem. You can buy a wardrobe. If there are many places, any wardrobe will topodoed.

Today, the cabinet is able to perform manyFunctions simultaneously: it can be a mirror, and a place for storing clothes, and decorating the interior. If you select the closet correctly, it is not just good at the interior, but it helps to visually expand the room. As soon as you determine with such nuances, you can proceed to the next step before buying a new cabinet.

What you need to pay attention to when buying a cabinet

Always the first thing you need to pay toThe material from which the cabinet was made. Most often this practical and useful item is made from DPS, covered with laminate. The quality of the laminate is easy to determine. If it is thin, it means melamine. Melamine is a very delicate material, therefore it is susceptible to various mechanical damages. This laminate is significantly different from melamine - it is stronger and thicker, and looks more attractive, since it more imitates the texture of natural wood. By the same, very often the laminate is painted in various colors: blue, yellow or green. It looks beautiful and modern. It is worth noting that many types of modern laminate are in no way inferior in quality to their imported counterparts.

If you do not like cabinets made of laminate, then you can choose the closets from a natural array or veneered. They are affordable, good-quality and retro-style.

Be sure to pay attention to the profile ofPVC, which is installed on the ends of planes subjected to mechanical impact during operation. Due to the qualitative profile, the service life of the product is significantly increased. By color, it can differ, and its texture does not always match the texture of doors or shelves. But this meets only in those cabinets that are sold ready in the store. If you order a cabinet, then such nuances are agreed in advance and eliminated in the work process. But remember, you can not save on a PVC profile.

Doors at the cabinet can be made from a mirror inMetal frame, frosted glass or laminated DPS. When choosing a cabinet, take into account the fact that the laminated DPS seems heavy and does not fit everyinterior. If you have in the apartment and so many mirrors, then the cabinet with a mirror will be superfluous, so it is better to replace it with a cabinet with frosted glass. However, not all firms offer such a variety, so it may be necessary to look for the desired model. If you want lightness and spaciousness, and you do not want to see the contents of your closet, mattovestock can be glued with a special film that will give a metallized look. But this can not be done at home, only in the factory. Therefore, the given nuance should be considered immediately.

When choosing a manufacturer, it is very importantAttention is drawn to the quality of runners and rollers, thanks to which the doors move. There are some models of cabinets in which when you open the door there is an unpleasant rattling, acting on the nerves of all family members. Therefore, in order for the doors to work well, they must be installed on a special plinth, which eliminates the artiness of the floor. Rollers should ideally approach the grooves of the runners, and it is not free to hang around in them.

The door itself on the butt on one side shouldMust be covered with a felt brush, which when the door strikes against the side panel softens the impact and protects the contents of the cabinet from dust and debris. Sometimes the masters are lazy to do this detail and begin to tell their customers that microfibs and dirt accumulate in the felt, which is difficult to clean. But do not stop to listen, it's all not true.

Frame cabinet, which will also serve as a doorhandle (enclosure-compartment), can be made under a tree or made of metal of different shades. The more options such frames the firm-manufacturer offers you, the better.

Of course, the inner structure of the cabinet dependsfrom its purpose, height of ceilings and location. If the roof does not have a cupboard, you can arrange a mezzanine for suitcases and boxes under the ceiling. If the roof is still supposed, then the mezzanine is better divided into several sections. You can do this with the help of vertical partitions. In the peak of the roof is better to install point lighting, which will serve you additional lights are always useful.

The number of shelves can be different. But it's better not to choose a wardrobe, where there are too many. The average depth of the cabinet is from 55 to 60 cm. With such a depth, a small distance between the shelves will cause a lot of discomfort. The material from which the shelves are made can be different. Most often - this is the DSP, but the color of the laminate itself may be different. For example, it can be white. Due to this, the cabinet inside seems easier and its price is less. Shelves are lattice and metal, similar structures are mounted on special strong brackets. Instead of shelves, sometimes they use boxes made of particleboard, and sometimes in the form of metal baskets. Everything depends on the desire to save money from the appointment. Lattices and baskets will cost you more.

Let's sum up:

Since today more popularuse the closets, we will consider their pros and cons. The pluses include the fact that such a cabinet does not require a lot of space for installation, and its dimensions you choose yourself. Thanks to the sliding doors do not need to allocate additional space for hatching. The wardrobe is well suited to any interior thanks to individual planning. You yourself can choose the material, color, doors, panels and so on. You can also choose the necessary number of bottles, hooks, boxes. This makes it possible to optimally use the whole space.

By the minuses can be attributed only one factor - the price. Most often the price on the closet is higher than the usual. Everything will depend on the materials, the manufacturer and so on.

As you can see, it's better to buy a wardrobe. He wins in many ways. Thanks to him you can not only decorate your interior, but save space in the room, and also rationally use the entire interior space of the cabinet.

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